Why do people reach for the stars? (1991)

Documentary №39128, 6 parts, duration: 0:58:12
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Nugmanov A.
Screenwriters:Nugmanov A.


The film is about the launch of the first Kazakh cosmonaut Aubakirova TO, problems of profitability of space research for the needs of the national economy.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

General view of the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Start spacecraft.

View of the Champs Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

View of the Eiffel Tower.

High-rise buildings in the modern district of Paris.

The flags of the participating countries of the International Air Show, entering the airfield La Bourget.

Flies aircraft.

Rotating radar antenna.

Spectators watch the flight of the plane.

Samples of air and space technology, presented at the air show.

Fighter of "stealth" and other combat aircraft exhibited at venues.

Entrance to the Soviet pavilion.

The pavilions of the participating countries airshow.

Samples of space technology in different countries of the pavilion.

People view the exhibits.

Stands with the exhibits and models of equipment.

View of American pavilion.

Sample the American space technology.

Part of the space ship "Apollo", exhibited in the pavilion.

People visiting the American show.

Newsreel 28 January 1986: a space shuttle "Challenger" at the start.

View of the control center.

The engine is running shuttle.

Rise "Challenger".

The shuttle flight. "Challenger" exploded.

People on the ground watching the catastrophe.

Shuttle exploded in the sky.

People look at what happened.

Falling debris of the shuttle.

Assembling the Soviet spacecraft.

General view of the spacecraft.

Inside view of the department of scientific and production association "Energy".

General Designer Yuri Semyonov gives interviews (synchronously).

Type part of one of the shops.

Spacecraft "Buran" in the shop.

Parts of the engines of spacecraft in the shop. "Buran" after the withdrawal of the workshop.

Key words


Calendar: 01/28/1986

Locations: USA [851]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos of individual parts of the territory of Kazakhstan and Central Asia from space.

The map on the computer screen.

Cosmonaut P. Popovich viewing satellite images.

An employee demonstrates Popovich maps made on the basis of pictures from space.

Popovich gives interviews (synchronously).

People create draw the card to a computer.

Popovich gives interviews (synchronously).

Horses graze in the Kazakh steppe.

Harvest combine.

Government building in Almaty.

Dome of the mosque.

The pattern on the dome.

View of the building of the mosque.

Shop tire factory.

The solemn procession during the festival in Almaty.

Those marchers.

Students go on roller skates.

Types streets of Alma-Ata.

Monument to the Conquerors of Space.

Monument SP Korolev Baikonur.

Index reading "Baikonur".

People on the streets of the city.

Nazarbayev NA and his entourage during a solemn ceremony in honor of the 30th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

Panorama event.

General view of the event (above).

Spacecraft "Buran" at the site.

Nazarbayev during the inspection "Buran".

Pavilion with samples of space technology.

Cosmonaut A. Birch gives interviews (synchronously).

Cosmonaut Talgat Musabayev held general space training.

The capsule with astronaut inside is lowered into the water from the ship.

The capsule in the water.

Head of training gives the command by radio.

Astronauts Musabaev and Aubakirov leave the capsule and jump into the water.

Musabaev water signals using colored smoke bombs.

Astronauts float the ship.

Face Aubakirova TS Aubakirov during training at the Cosmonaut Training Center.

Astronauts during underwater training.

Cosmonauts Leonov AA and VV Ryumin Speaking about the results of reducing the cost of space exploration (synchronously).

Build spacecraft in one of the shops "Energia".

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Members space crews at a meeting of the State Commission.

Astronauts await the commission's decision.

Chairperson of the Commission.

The meeting of the commission, the presidium sits Leonov AA

Leonov acts.

Astronauts await the commission's decision.

The meeting of the commission.

Awarding certificates astronaut Aubakirov TS Those members of the commission.

Awarding certificates astronaut Msabaevu T.

Astronauts congratulate each other to produce certificates.

Chairman of the State Committee, Colonel General Ivanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Aubakirov accepts congratulations of the committee members.

Ivanov gives interviews (synchronously).

View the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin.

People on the ground near the mausoleum, the panorama of the Red Square.

Astronauts Aubakirov and Musabaev on Red Square before leaving for Baikonur.

People stand at the mausoleum.

Cosmonauts on Red Square give interviews, cameramen are shooting.

Astronauts with their families at the Red Square.

Plane at the airport of Baikonur.

Astronauts descend on the plane.

Those of astronauts.

Street in the town of Baikonur.

Hotel spaceport.

Decoration of the facade of the hotel.

View of the spaceship "Soyuz TM-13".

The astronauts climb into the ship, standing in the hangar to continue the training.

General view of the spacecraft.

Aubakirov during another workout.

The crew during training.

Doctors carried out tests on the health of astronauts.

The astronauts in spacesuits during a medical examination.

Musabaev other cosmonauts undergo tests on simulators.

The astronauts during medical examinations.

Aubakirov puts on the suit.

Astronauts during training talk to each other.

Cosmonaut Klimuk P. talks to astronauts.

Those of astronauts.

Klimuk talks with astronauts.

Leonov talking with Aubakirov sitting in the desert.

Aubakirova person.

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flag waving of the USSR, Kazakhstan and Austria.

Girls in national Kazakh dress greeted the astronauts.

The astronauts are on track.

Girls gives astronauts bread and salt and flowers.

Parting ceremony of the astronauts in flight.

People applauded.

Girls dancing Kazakh national dance.

Astronauts are on the carpet.

Banquet in honor of the astronauts and cosmonauts sit at dastarkhan.

Aubakirov for dastarkhan.

Representatives of the villages dastarkhan.

Aubakirov thank people for the farewell.

General view of the banquet.

Astronauts at dastarkhan.

Common types of banquet, guests say the speech.

Aubakirov, Musabayev and other astronauts portrayed robes and skullcaps.

Astronauts in donated their coats.

Aubakirov sits on the horse.

Aubakirov in the saddle.

Joining nodes spacecraft at Baikonur.

Face the head of the assembly.

Connection steps spacecraft.

Astronauts during a conversation about the philosophy of space.

Astronauts during a press conference.

Announcement by the State Commission.

Committee Chairman Colonel General Ivanov read out the commission's decision.

Announce the names of Volkov Aubakirova, Austrian astronaut Fibeka, they stand up one by one.

A man holds a portrait Aubakirova.

Aubakirov sitting in a chair.

General view of the press conference of astronauts.

Spaceship taken out of the hangar.

Transport ship to the launch site by rail.

People stand near the railway line, a spaceship on a railway platform.

People stand near the railway line.

Transportation spacecraft to the launch site.

Types of individual parts of the ship.

Installing the spacecraft into a vertical position at the start.

Officers guide the process of recovery.

Check nodes ship.

The rise of the spacecraft to the launch pad.

The ship at the start.

Technicians at the sites checked the readiness levels of the ship.

Cosmonaut Vladimir Shatalov gives interviews (synchronously).

The astronauts left their autographs on the hotel room door.

Cosmonauts Volkov Aubakirov, Fibek Leonov in the bus.

The bus enters the territory of the cosmodrome.

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The spacecraft at launch.

Volkov and Aubakirov pass medical tests before the flight.

Doctors carried out tests.

Aubakirov in a spacesuit during the test.

Volkov and Aubakirov sitting behind glass, to answer questions.

President of Kazakhstan NA Nazarbayev and Austrian Chancellor Vranitzky F. among the guests before the start of the spacecraft.

Astronauts report on readiness for the flight.

People applaud astronauts.

Astronauts welcome guests.

Astronauts go to the bus.

Astronauts took seats in the bus.

The bus leaves (synchronous sound biographical data of astronauts).

Astronauts Aubakirov, Wolves in the bus.

The bus stops at the start.

General Ivanov at the start.

Astronauts get off the bus.

Are the members of the press.

Astronauts begin to climb to the ship.

Elevator goes up.

Panorama of the radio part of the "Saturn" Baikonur ".

Commander Colonel complex Muhamedkaliev B. Nature of satellite dishes.

Liaison officers for the remote control.

The officer's face.

Nazarbayev and his entourage pass to the viewing platform.

General view of the launch pad.

Nazarbayev on the observation deck offers a start among spacecraft.

The spacecraft before launch.

The officer at the command post watching the launch pad at the periscope.

Operators at the control panel.

The face of one of the operators.

The young officers of the remote control.

The ship at the start.

Teams start Colonel Yuri Zorin at the periscope.

The spacecraft at launch.

Hand operator presses the button on the remote.

Nazarbayev among the guests at the observation deck.

General view of the ship at the start (synchronous sound start command).

Nazarbayev start watching.

Start of spacecraft "Soyuz TM-13".

Nazarbayev and guests watch the flight. "Soyuz TM-13" in flight.

Nazarbayev F. Vranitzky and watch the flight.

Nazarbayev down from the lookout.

Passes Nazarbayev and his entourage.

Correspondents on the go take Nazarbayev interview.

Nazarbayev, sitting at the table, answers questions from the press and presents gifts to the Chancellor of Austria.

Nazarbayev made a speech during the press conference (synchronously).

The camel is standing at the yurt.

Nazarbayev continues his speech (synchronously), the interpreter translates into German.

"Soyuz TM-13" in orbit.

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

People in the square watching the performance artists during the festival, dedicated to the flight of the first Kazakh cosmonaut.

People drink tea, sitting in a yurt.

Festive horse racing.

Those viewers.

Map of the route of the spacecraft in the Mission Control Center (MCC).

General view of the hall of the Centre.

Guests and members of the press are watching the work to adjust the trajectory of the spacecraft's orbit.

"Soyuz TM-13" in orbit.

Correspondents are photos and video in the Mission Control Center.

The spacecraft and the station "Mir" on the screen MCC.

People look at the screen, applauding docking occurred.

Part of the interplanetary station.

Aubakirov and Wolves go into the compartment of station "Mir".

The astronauts aboard the station conducting research and delivering images of the earth's surface.

Aubakirov says into the microphone.

Austrian cosmonaut Fibek holds medical experiments aboard the station.

The astronauts aboard the station.

Flight Director cosmonaut Vladimir Solovyov gives interviews (synchronously).

The astronauts aboard the station say goodbye to departing crew to Earth.

Solovyov watching the astronauts on the screen in the MCC.

Flies a helicopter.

The pilot in the cockpit of the helicopter.

Landed spacecraft.

Helicopters fly to the place of landing astronauts.

People run to have landed lander.

Astronauts selected from the lander.

Cosmonauts transferred to a chair in her arms.

Aubakirov after landing.

People stand at the landed lander.

View of the helicopter.

Veterans astronauts greet Aubakirova, Artsybarskogo and Fibeka in Star City.

Astronauts laying flowers at the monument to Yuri Gagarin in Star City.

Monument to Gagarin.

Astronauts lay flowers.

Cosmonauts Leonov AA, VV Tershkova Veteran space and flown astronauts.

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