The First World War (1914-1918)

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Scene №1 The First World War

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Chronicle of the First World War: Serbia, column Austro-Hungarian soldiers, cavalrymen, horses pulled uphill guns, soldiers are wounded, are soldiers with the wagon train.

Lord Kitchener visited the Western Front, awards soldiers.

Military action, explosions, soldiers running across the field, firing guns, load a gun.

Huge numbers of people lie and sit on the street.

German generals, General Hindenburg map with marked Koenigsberg.

Column of soldiers.

A crowd of soldiers heading upstairs (filmed from behind).

The people welcomed General Hindenburg.

Story military standing in the woods.

Girl accompanies her husband to the front - a soldier of the German army.

Story of German soldiers in helmets.

By City is a formation of soldiers, from the windows of them waving women (posed picture).

Pulls the train from the windows waving people on the platform mourners waving.

Kaiser on military maneuvers, looking through binoculars, walking around the officers.

Sultan Mohammed generals a wagon train.

Soldiers of the Christmas tree, jump up from the table run to arms.


General Gidenburg and Emperor Wilhelm II out of the building, get in the car.

General Ludendorff - Assistant Hindenburg - sits in the car.

Italy: Ruined countryside near the river, there is a column of soldiers on the bridge, destroyed bridge across the river.

Prince Frederick Wilhelm II and German generals talk with the soldiers.

Maps showing the city of Verdun.

Generals in the headquarters of the card.

The village, a man on a horse plow, boy runs up to him, giving the agenda, the man goes, the boy gets his stead (staging).

Seamstress at the typewriter (large feet, hands).

Plow boy on horseback.

Soldier in helmet misses queuing women turn to the grocery store.

Hands knife scrape a piece of black bread, hands holding chunks of black bread.

President Wilson's office says the entry of America into the war.

Plane takes off, aircraft and balloon in the sky, a man jumps out of the basket of the balloon.

The soldiers are killed.

A long convoy of trucks traveling on the field.

Skip soldiers, American soldiers marching order by field commanders watched.

Explosions, large tank.

Riots in Russia (April 1917), a crowd of people on the street are demonstrators carrying banners.

Russian delegates A.A.Yoffe and Trotsky and others arrive in Brest-Litovsk peace treaty for signature.

The peace treaty of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany R.fon Kühlmann.

Kaiser and Getman Skoropadskyi stand on the porch of the palace, smoke.

System goes Ukrainian soldiers.

Long operation of German soldiers on the field.

Gidenburg crowd welcomes the Hindenburg.

Soldier's Cemetery with high crosses, the rider rides.


Soldiers in the barracks to help the wounded.

The square enters crew R.Puankare French President lays a wreath at the monument, around people.

Cavalry parade on the square in Paris.

Are soldiers with American flags, stand cavalrymen are soldiers with rifles on their shoulders, with flags, military leaders riding the parade.

Marshals Foch and A.Peten to muster.

Night procession with torches and glowing banners, fireworks, fireworks on the bridge on the river bank.

Parade at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.


Gindenburg, Paulj fon -- German military and political leader Lyudendorf, Erih -- German Colonel-General Viljgeljm II -- German Emperor Puankare, Rajmon -- French statesman Peten A. -- French soldier and statesman

Calendar: 1914-1918

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