Project "visit." (1978-1984)

Documentary №39132, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:31
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:V. Ivanov
Screenwriters:V. Ivanov
Camera operators:A. Marcishevskij
Sound mixer:L. Scherbakova
Other authors:E. Razdorskaya



The film tells about the ways to solve the problems facing science for the implementation of flights to the Moon and Mars.

Reel №1 Project "visit."

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fragments of the 1934 x / film about the flight to the moon.

Interplanetary space station "Luna-9" on the surface of the Moon (animation).

The descent of the space station to the surface of the Moon.

Luna-9 station on the surface of the Moon.

View of the hall of the Mission Control Center (MCC).

A map with the flight path of the station.

The face of one of the scientists, maps of the solar system on the table.

The image of the research station on the monitor screen.

Operators at the remote control are watching the TV broadcast from the surface of the Moon.

The building of the Institute named after

Vernadsky, engaged in the study of planets.

The head of the laboratory of Planetary Geochemistry, Professor Surkov Yu.A., talks about the creation of the laboratory in 1961 on the initiative of Academician Keldysh, talks about the main direction of the laboratory's work, about the creation of equipment for the study of the lunar surface (synchronously and behind the scenes).

Photos of laboratory staff at the camera they created for taking pictures of the moon's surface.

Photo of Academician Vinogradov with a container containing samples of lunar soil.

The Institute's staff is discussing ways to solve another scientific problem.

View of the moon in space.

The meterologist launches a weather balloon.

A rover with a research station on board is moving on the surface of Mars.

Diagram of the trajectory of the Earth-Mars flight (animation).

Sending embedded penetrator probes to the surface of Mars, the entry of penetrators into the atmosphere of Mars (animation).

Penetration of the probe head into the Martian soil.

The process of exploring the surface of Mars with a penetrator probe (animation).

Determination of the elemental composition of the Martian soil using a gamma spectrometer (animation).

View of the space research station.

The process of drilling the soil on Venus to take samples for research (animation).

Views of the surface of Mars.

The work of an X-ray spectrometer installed in a penetrator that penetrated into the depths of the Martian soil.

The spectrometer is in the laboratory.

Study of the bedrock of Mars using an X-ray spectrometer (animation).

Scientists conduct scientific experiments in the laboratory.

One of the scientists in front of a computer monitor.

Photograph parts of the surface of Mars and the Viking-2 seismometer.

The scheme of the study of the surface of Mars using seismometers penetrators (animation).

A scheme for determining the water content on Mars using a neutron detector (animation).

Photos of areas of the surface of Mars with folds resembling dried riverbeds.

Photos of sections of the polar regions of Mars, where, according to scientists, large reserves of water are hidden.


Surkov Yurij Aleksandrovich -- cosmochemist

Calendar: 1978-1984

Locations: Moscow [820] Space [204]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Scientists are working on improving the design of a thermosonde that studies the heat flow coming from the bowels of the planet.

Scientists are discussing the work of a magnetometer and an accelerometer to study the surfaces of planets.

Persons of the meeting participants.

Preparation of the product for full-scale tests.

Charging the penetrator probe into the breech of an artillery piece to simulate the probe entering the Martian soil.

View of an artillery piece, shot by a probe.

Dropping penetrators from aircraft.

Preparation of the penetrator for introduction into the ground-analog on a special stand.

Imitation of penetration into the ground is an analogue of a probe-penetrator by dropping from a height.

Extraction of the penetrator from the ground.

The building of the Institute named after

Vernadsky, where the "Visit" project is being implemented.

Professor Surkov Yu. A. for the development of the next section of the project.

View of the building of the scientific testing center named after


A design engineer at work on the design of the orbiter.

Scientists discuss the new design of the penetrator, the faces of the participants in the discussion.

The technical director of the Visit project, Dr.

Roald Kremnev, during the discussion.

Foreign scientists conduct joint experiments within the framework of the project.

Director of the Institute named after

Max Planck Wenke holds a presentation of the project.

Views of the Moon's surface.

A painting depicting planets in space.

Photo of an asteroid.

An asteroid in space.

View of the Earth from space.

Images of sections of the Earth's surface from space.

Winter mountain landscape (panorama), a view of part of the territory of the weather station in the mountains.

Space Research Station in flight (animation).

The station takes photographs of the surface of one of the planets (animation).


Surkov Yurij Aleksandrovich -- cosmochemist

Calendar: 1978-1984

Locations: Moscow [820] Space [204]

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