Crews "Soyuz" - "Apollo". (1974)

Film №39181, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:22
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Makarov N.
Screenwriters:Makarov N.
Camera operators:Alejnikov T., Smirnov B.
Anouncers:Hmara L.
Other authors:Aipov N., Atamanova L.


The film tells about the work of Soviet and American specialists in the preparation of a joint experiment in outer space.

Reel №1 Crews "Soyuz" - "Apollo".

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of 1973: views of Washington streets.

Entrance to the White House.

The motorcade is approaching the entrance to the White House, US President Nixon R. meets Leonid Brezhnev.

The signing of the Soviet-American agreement on the prevention of nuclear war, Brezhnev and Nixon put their signatures, shake hands.

View of the White House.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR Gromyko AA and US Secretary of State Rogers U. signed an additional interstate agreement on joint exploration of outer space.

Docking of Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft (animation).

American and Soviet experts exchange scientific and technical information.

Astronaut David Scott talks with Soviet and American scientists.

Specialists of the USSR and the US are discussing the issues of the forthcoming joint flight on models of docked spacecraft.

Newsreel November 1973: views of the square of the 50th anniversary of October in Moscow.

General view of the hall of the press conference on the forthcoming Soviet-American flight.

Shatalov V. presents to the journalists the heads of the Training Center and participants in the flight - Leonova AA, Kubasova V.N. and their backups, the commander of the American crew, Thomas Stafford.

Stafford presents his assistant Eugene Sernon, Donald Slayton, Vance Brandt and their doubles, faces of the crew members.

Meeting on joint flight, faces of Soviet cosmonauts and American astronauts.

Leonov familiarizes the crew members with the integrated simulator and the Soyuz spacecraft on the layout, the Americans ask questions and specify the details.

Members of the crews on the mission for flight life support, the face of American astronauts.

Crew members study various systems and knots of ships on mock-ups.

Morning jogging participants in the joint flight.

Studying the device of the docking assembly.

The crew members during the rest in the cafe, drink tea, discuss the issues of the forthcoming flight.


Brezhnev Leonid Ilich - statesman and politician Nixon Richard is an American statesman and politician Gromyko Andrey Andreevich - state and political figure, diplomat Rogers William - American statesman and politician, diplomat Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich - the pilot-cosmonaut Kubasov Valery Nikolayevich - the pilot-cosmonaut Stafford Thomas - American astronaut Sernon Eugene is an American astronaut Slayton Donald is an American astronaut Brandt Vance is an American astronaut Shatalov Vladimir Alexandrovich - pilot-cosmonaut

Calendar: 06.1973 11.1973

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Washington [852]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel November-December 1973: media workers are reporting from the last joint session of the Soviet and American space crews.

Tasting of space food, Shatalov VA treats journalists.

Leonov among journalists.

Press representatives discuss the quality of space food.

Soviet cosmonauts play snowballs with their American colleagues, they rest in the winter forest.

Leonov, Stafford and other crew members are hovering in the bathhouse, jumping into the pool.

The tourist bus rides on the highway.

View of Kaluga from the window of the bus.

Laying flowers on the Eternal Flame in Kaluga.

View of the Tsiolkovsky's House Museum

A plaque on the wall of the house.

The crew members listen to the guide while they are visiting the Tsiolkovsky House Museum, inspect the exhibits.

Laying a wreath at the grave of Tsiolkovsky.

Visiting crew members of the Cosmonautics Museum.

Tsiolkovsky in Kaluga, inspection of the museum exhibits.

Inspection of stands and exhibits dedicated to the exploration of outer space in the United States, faces of American astronauts.

Members of the crews during a trip to Vladimir and Suzdal, an inspection of the Dmitrovsky Cathedral and other monuments of architecture, a panorama of the part of Suzdal.

Astronauts and astronauts visiting the cathedrals of the Moscow Kremlin, Faceted and Armory Chamber.

View of the Red Square with the Lenin Mausoleum.

Participants in the upcoming Soviet-American space flight visit the mausoleum.

Members of the crew inspect the necropolis of the Kremlin wall, plaques Koroleva S.P. and Gagarin Yu.A.

Records left by American astronauts in the book of honorary visitors to the cabinet of Yuri Gagarin in Star City.

Members of the crew during a solemn event at the All-Union Theater Society (WTO).

Artist Zharov M.I. welcomes guests from the stage, faces American astronauts.

Leonov tells of his impressions of going into open space, Zharov and Shatalov listen to his story.

Eugene Sernon from the stage talks about landing on the moon, the face of the artist Gogoleva E.N.

Academician Petrov BN opens the final press conference of Soviet and American space crews, the faces of crew members and journalists.

American astronauts answer questions from journalists.

Seeing American astronauts at Sheremetyevo airport after the next stage of preparation for a joint space flight.


Stafford Thomas - American astronaut Leonov Alexey Arkhipovich - the pilot-cosmonaut Shatalov Vladimir Alexandrovich - pilot-cosmonaut Gogoleva Elena Nikolaevna - actress of theater and cinema Zharov Mikhail Ivanovich - actor and director of the theater and cinema Sernon Eugene is an American astronaut Petrov Boris Nikolayevich - scientist, expert in the field of automatic control

Calendar: 11.1973-12.1973

Locations: Moscow [820] Moscow region [788] Kaluga region [779] USSR [863]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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