Moscow to Berlin. Tomorrow - the war. 4 series.. (2012)

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Producer Centrnauchfilm (CNF)

Director: Yu. Kuzavkov

Movie №1 Moscow to Berlin. Tomorrow - the war. 4 series.

All the great historical events had their eves.

And today, when we are trying to discern the root cause of a particular accident that changed the world, the eves are designated with such clarity, with an optical effect that seems - even a little bit ...

Touch your hand to the living history - and roll quite a different course ...

Who were these people have been together in mortal combat, most of the carnage of the twentieth century?

What did they live?

What dream?

And standing at the precipice, did not realize that already brought a leg to collapse in a terrible catastrophe.

Life does not involve death, it rolls under the laws.

But something in this pre-war time spilled in the air, something already "roused" from their seats ...

The fatal step has not yet been made.

We are still friends.

War tomorrow ...