Pilot of God (from the series "the Face of modern warfare"). (2002)

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Producer Lennauchfilm (LNF)

Director: Krinicin B.

Script writers: Krinicin B.

Operators: Solodov A.

Other authors: Gurkalenko V.


The film is dedicated to the commander of the 325-th separate military transport helicopter regiment, hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Russia Colonel N. With.Maidanova.

Wars, conflicts and disasters | The War in Afghanistan | Army | Defense and internal security

Movie №1 Pilot of God

Flocks of pigeons in the Park.

A Muslim mosque.

Soviet tankers.

The commander made a speech.

Soldiers sit on the ground.

The alternation of the movement of military equipment, a band, soldiers inside tanks.


Helicopters over the mountains.

Afghan soldiers shot the prisoners.

Soldiers display the card on the ground.

The faces of the people.

Charging machine-gun belts.

Afghan soldiers in the mountains.

Vantage point.

The plane in the sky.

The attack aircraft from the ground.

The fighting on the ground.

A shot of stinger.

The soldier claps his hands.


A burning helicopter on a rock.

The wall of the gorge.

The wreckage of the helicopter.

The fire on the ground.

Helicopters over the mountains.

A column of BMP.

The Soviet soldiers.


Burning appliances.

The slain soldiers.

Wounded on the slope.

Fighting involving infantry fighting vehicles and artillery.

The helicopter flies away.

The Soviet soldiers.

Fighting in the ruined city.

Chechen terrorists.

Burning houses.


Banknotes in ruins.

Soldiers write letters.

Dead on a stretcher.

Discussion of flight plan back at headquarters.

Clouds (the view from the window).

The mountain ridge.

Mountain view through the sights of a machine gun.

Helicopter over snowy peaks.

The pilots in the cockpit.

Unloading ammunition, landing.

The helicopter flies away.

The soldier goes on a plateau.

The helicopter flies to the signal (shot from the cabin).

The helicopter on the ground.

Bullet holes in the sides.

N. With.

Maidan at the helm.

The alternation of fire area from the air and from the ground.

The helicopter comes in to land.

N. With.

Maidan at the helm.

Soldiers out of the helicopter.

Soldiers talk on the helipad.

Says Colonel A. Makarenko.

Soldiers on theoretical studies.

The helicopter on the ground in the foreground grasses.

Says A. I. Dzyuba.

A helicopter flies over the base.


Says the Colonel Timokhin.

Timokhin shows..



The helicopter on the ground, bullet holes on the windshield.

The soldiers near the helicopter.

Tell major Yu.

Derevianko and Umarov.

Says the Colonel Prokop'ev.

The gunner at the door of the helicopter, the view of the mountains.

Gunner at the window.

The pilots at the helm, the mountain view from the cockpit.

Landing the group at the Windows.

Helicopters hang over the forest.

The evacuation of the soldiers from the battlefield.

Attack the enemy from the air (shot from the cabin).

Says the Colonel Prokop'ev.

Soldiers marching on base.

A sentry on duty.

The wind ruffled the branches of the tree.

Soldiers repairing uniforms.



Soldiers with a cat in her arms.

Soldiers fold the form.

Building in the barracks.

Folded shape in the chairs.

Bunches of Rowan in the snow.

The cross on the dome.

A man cleans the walkway.

View through the bars on the Windows.

The service at the Church of Boris and Gleb (the village Agalatovo).

T. P. maidanova, the widow of the pilot.

Bunches of Rowan, the dome of the Church.

Century-old spruce.

View of the Church from the road.

Alternation: says V. N. Nikolaev, the pages of the book.

N. With.

Maidan talking to colleagues.

The soldiers are on the ground.

N. With.

Maidan in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Alternation: says V. N. Nikolaev, photos.

Hand toggles switches.


The pilots in the cockpit.

Amphibious group.

The pilot sends a signal to the operator.

The helicopter flies over the forest.


The film A. I. -- air force Colonel, the chief of air fire and tactical training of the North Caucasian military district, Hero of the Russian Federation. Nikolaev (Knyazkin) V. N. -- major stock, prose writer, member of the Union of writers of Russia. Maidan N.With. -- air force Colonel, the commander of the 325-th separate military transport helicopter regiment, hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation.


1980е-1990s 29.01.2000 31.01.2000


Russia [1] Leningrad region [785] The Chechen Republic [756] Afghanistan [250]


Winter [823]