Eternal Russia (1991)

Documentary №39277, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:37
Production: West-Siberian newsreel studio
Director:Yakubovskij N.
Screenwriters:Yakubovskij N., Kolpakova K.
Camera operators:Shuplyakov Yu.


The film deals with the fate of Russia in the XX century and the problem of preserving the historical memory of the people and of Russian national culture.

Reel №1 Eternal Russia

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Chusovaya river, spring break.

A man smokes on the banks.

An elderly man.

The flood in the village.

Abandoned houses.

Smiths apart the tools in the yard.

Blacksmith working in the forge.

The alternation of melting metal worker-metallurg.

Factory construction.

A memorial stone.

A woman cleans a memorial Board.

The Monument To Vladimir Lenin.

Sculptural group (rear view).

Chusovoy, traffic flows and people on the streets.

Old wooden houses.

L. D. Postnikov goes in front of the house.

Panorama of the city.

L. D. Postnikov straightens wood in the fireplace.

Interview with L. D. by Postnikova.

Says an elderly woman.

In the yard there is a sledge, the village people go (view from under the canopy).

From the stables of output horse.

A horse harnessed to a cart.

A cart passing on the street.

Types of villages.

Natural scenery.

The river is a boat.

The rocky shore.

River view with hills.

L. D. Postnikov sitting on the grass.

Alternation: L. D. Postnikov campfire, illustration.

The cross on the top of the monument to Ermak.

The Image Of St.


General view of the monument.


Postnikov, L. D.-Honored worker of culture of RSFSR, the honourable citizen of Perm Krai, founder and chief curator of the Ethnographic Park of the Chusovaya river history., the Director of sports school of Light.

Locations: Ural [920] Perm Krai [763]

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A village house.

The pictures on the walls.

Chusovskoy the exhibits of the Museum.

Abandoned village, destroyed houses.

In the fireplace the fire burns.

Interview with L. D. by Postnikova.

The abandoned Church.

The view of the river.

Panorama village.

Alternation: children collect water in the well, girls with a baby on the bench.

The Museum exhibits.

The territory of the ethnographic Park, the restored wooden buildings.

Wooden bridge across the river.

L. D. Postnikov enters the bridge.

L. D. Postnikov visiting the exhibits in the Museum store.

Wooden Church on the banks of the river.

Kids club "Scarlet sails", a girl reads a poem.

The girl's face.

The window blind.

The emblem of the club house.

Sculptor at work, L. D. Postnikov watching.

Sculpture in the Park.

People visiting the abandoned Church.


A view of the village from the hill.

View of the Church inside.

Restorers restored wooden Church.

The river flows.

Church on the beach.

The man rings the bell.

Altai anemone blooms.

River in the forest.

A view of the village from the water, drifting ice.


Postnikov, L. D.

Locations: Ural [920] Perm Krai [763]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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