Alexey Stakhanov (1973)

Documentary №39308, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:26
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Tchurikov N.
Screenwriters:Churikov N.
Other authors:1974


Film - chronicle nationwide socialist competition in the USSR in the 30s of the 20th century.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel beginning of the 1930s: industrial landscape.

Panorama towers chemical plant.

Workers in the iron foundry plant.

The rally on the occasion of the issuance of the first iron smelting.

Those workers.

People at the rally in the shop.

Pours molten iron.

Panorama coal plant.

Coal on the conveyor belt.

Flowing oil.

The meeting at the Stalingrad Tractor Plant.

Hood first tractor came down the assembly line.

The tractor leaves the assembly line.

Construction of the railway.

The rally on the occasion of the solemn bows on the construction Turksib.

People shake their best workers.

Speaker SM Kirov Turksib builders go on the first train.

Bridge on the Turksib.

Local residents watch the train.

Camel sniffs rails.

Those locals.

View of the locomotive.

People jumping riding the train.

General view of the dam the Dnieper.

General view of the meeting on the occasion of the launch of the Dnieper.

The solemn procession through the streets of Donetsk in the Miner's Day.

There is a brass band.

Street view from the window of Donetsk moving bus.

Bus stops.

From the bus go miners veteran.

People greet out-of-bus AG Stakhanov Fluttering flags on flagpoles.

Presidium of the solemn meeting devoted to the Miner's Day.

Stakhanov in the presidium meeting.

Chairman of the meeting read out the welcome speech.

People in the hall listening to the Chairman.

It performs one of the meeting participants.

Stakhanov applauding sitting in the presidium.

The people in the hall applauded.

AG Stakhanov, Borisenko GK Petrov KG, Kontsedalov DM Go into the room and sit on the chairs.

Persons Petrova, Borisenko, Kontsedalova.

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Kontsedalova person.

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

The landscape outside the train car.

Photos of people are employed on the mine in the early 20th century.

Preserved old houses of the miners.

Mine waste heap with a lift.

A newsreel of the 1910s: the miners working in the mine, extracting coal by hand.

Shakhtar-tyagalschik at the bottom.

Miners poured trucks loaded with coal.

Industrial scenery outside the train car.

Newsreel, 1920: miners go to work.

Miner pushes a trolley loaded with coal.

Photo horses harnessed to the cart.

Newsreel 1920: konogon leading horse harnessed in trolley.

Borisenko gives interviews (synchronously).

Kontsedalova person.

Face Stakhanov.

Face Petrova.

Key words

The first five-year plan in the USSR

Calendar: 1910s 1920s

Locations: Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1920 beginning of the 1930s: the miners sent to slaughter.

The miners working in the mine.

Miner operating a jackhammer.

Coal pours into the truck.

Face Stakhanov.

Stakhanov passes the qualification examination for working with a jackhammer in refresher courses.

Stakhanov disassemble and assemble a jackhammer.

Details jackhammer.

Member of the examination committee signs the certificate of competence to the Stakhanov.

Stakhanov receives a certificate.

Face Stakhanov.

Qualification Certificate of Stakhanov.

Awarding certificates graduated from courses miner.

Stakhanov conducts classes for remedial work.

People listen to the explanation of Stakhanov.

Stakhanov explains device jackhammer.

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Photo Stakhanov.

Newsreel, 1930: miners are sent to slaughter.

On drift ride trucks loaded with coal.

A train loaded with coal.

Industrial landscape.

Petrov gives interviews (synchronously).

Stakhanov listening to Petrova.

Petrov gives interviews (synchronously).

Kontsedalov listening Stakhanov giving interviews (synchronously).

Street in the mining town.

Photos Stakhanov.

Newsreel, 1930: miners working in the mine jackhammers.

Coal on the conveyor belt.

The meeting of the party committee of one of the mines.

Petrov Borisenko listen Stakhanov.

Interior view of the living room of a miner.

Alarm clock on the table.

Newsreel, 1935: miners are sent to slaughter.

Miners enter the lift cage.

The cage is lowered.

Petrov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1935: Stakhanov worked in the mine.

Fray chipped coal.

Stakhanov chips coal seams.

Borisenko timber-man sets buckles.

Stakhanov worked in the mine.

Coal on the conveyor belt.

Stakhanov Chips another coal seam.

Stakhanov Borisenko and finish work.

Miner calculates the amount of coal mined per shift Stakhanov.

Flyer calculations.

Stakhanov considering leaf.

Stakhanov among miners after rising from the bottom.

Outside view of the hoist shaft.

Honoring Stakhanov at the meeting after the change.

Miners welcome Stakhanov.

Stakhanov with a bouquet of flowers.

Miners congratulate Stakhanov.

Stakhanov with a bouquet of flowers.

Those participants in the rally.

Face Stakhanov.

Key words



Stakhanov Alexei G. - miner miner, Intermediate Borisenko, K. Gabriel - miner timber-man

Calendar: 1930s 1935

Locations: Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Petrov gives interviews, read the decision of the party committee of mine about the record Stakhanov (synchronously).

Stakhanov sitting at the table and listening to Petrova.

Petrov reads the text of the resolution (synchronously).

Face Stakhanov.

Kontsedalova person.

Petrov gives interviews (synchronously).

Kontsedalova person.

Petrov says about the beginning of the competition in the mines and subsequent records Stakhanov (synchronously).

Face Stakhanov.

Petrov read the text of a telegram from the Ordzhonikidze GK Newsreel 1935: Meeting at the mine on the occasion of the beginning of the socialist competition.

The demonstrators applauded.

Challenge Red Banner.

NK Krupskaya It appears in the Kremlin.

Workers foremost in the forge plant.

Smith Gorky Automobile Plant A. Gagarin at work.

Ready crankshafts.

Machinist Krivonos P. inspects locomotive before departure.

Kryvonos climbs into the cab of the locomotive.

Kryvonos in the cockpit.

Switchman sends a signal to the administration.

Kryvonos in the locomotive cab.

Kind of a passing freight train (above).

There is a freight train.

Weaver Vichugsky factory Evdokia and Maria Vinogradova for service looms.

The shop shoe factory "Skorokhod" in Leningrad.

N. Smets at work.

Finished products are shoe factory.

Steel plant factory.

Intermediate-person steelmaker Mazaya M.

The girl on a motorcycle drove up to the trailer tractor brigade in the field camp.

The girl behind the wheel of the tractor.

Brigadier tractor Angelina P. instructs subordinates.

Girls are preparing to leave the tractor in the field.

M. Demchenko beet growers collect their harvest beets.

Those girls beet growers.


Nadezhda Krupskaya - state, political, and revolutionary leader

Calendar: 1935

Locations: Moscow [820] Leningrad [848] Bitter [979] Ukraine [229] Ivanovo region [776]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1935: Stakhanov wagon looks out the window of the train.

Scenery outside the window of the car.

General view of the Kremlin.

Military buglers give a signal before the parade on Red Square on the 18th anniversary of the October Revolution.

Face Stakhanov.

Evdokia Vinogradova and Maria at the guest bleachers.

KE Voroshilov It leaves on a horse out of the gate of the Spasskaya Tower.

Voroshilov receives a report from the commander of the parade.

The troops on parade.

Voroshilov begins detour troops.

Sailors and soldiers shouted "Hurrah."

People at the guest bleachers.

The demonstrators carried banners.

Demonstrators are models of airplanes.

The demonstration moves on the streets of Moscow.

Types of towers of the Kremlin.

GK Ordzhonikidze Union Conference opens Stakhanovite in the Kremlin November 14, 1935, sitting next to MI Kalinin, Andreyev AA

The people in the hall applauded.

Stakhanov standing on the podium.

People applauded.

Voroshilov and Stalin IV applaud, sit down.

Stakhanov of the floor.

People applauded.

Voroshilov and Stalin applauded.

Krivonos P. applauding Stakhanov.

Kryvonos of the floor.

The people in the hall applauded Krivonos.

E. Vinogradova of the floor.

People applaud Vinogradova.

A. Gagarin of the floor.

People applaud BUSYGIN.

Weaver Tchistov of the floor.

People listening to the finishing.

Tchistov continues his speech.

Delegates at the meeting applauded finishing.

Face Voroshilov.

Pichugin Railroader of the floor, sitting on the podium Postyshev PP, SV Kosior, AI Mikoyan, Kalinin and Ordzhonikidze.

Kalinin, Ordzhonikidze Postyshev applauded speech Pichugin.

Persons Stakhanov, Vinogradov.

Stakhanov Kalinin gives the Order of Lenin February 5, 1936.

Face Stakhanov.

Go awarded the Order of the miners-foremost.

The woman's face.

General view of the meeting in honor of Stakhanov.

Awarded miners welcome the rally participants.

Rally in honor of the miners foremost.

Stakhanov and Kontsedalov on the podium.

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel, 1936: entrance to the "Industrial Academy" in Moscow.

Stakhanov and Kontsedalov walk down the hall of the Academy, conversing with each other.

Stakhanov lesson.

Face Stakhanov.

Stakhanov and other students during the preparation of homework.

The miners working in the mine at the time of the Great Patriotic War.

Stakhanov from the tape conveyor at the coal mine in the Karaganda.

Slide rule in the hands of Stakhanov.

Coal on the conveyor belt.

Stakhanov, a miner shows how to shoot down the coal seam.

Miner working in the mine.

Coal fray on a conveyor belt.

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Petrov Borisenko listen Stakhanov.

The meeting of the Donetsk branch of the Soviet Peace Committee.

People in the hall listening to the speakers.

Stakhanov in the presidium of the meeting room.

Stakhanov examines the layout of a new mine.

Panorama layout.

Engineers are advised to Stakhanov.


Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin - statesman and political figure [842] Kliment Voroshilov - statesman and political leader, military leader Grigory Ordzhonikidze - statesman and political figure Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin - statesman and political figure Andrei Andreev - statesman and political figure Postyshev Pavel Petrovich - statesman and political figure Stanislav Kosior Vikentievich - statesman and political figure Mikoyan Anastas Ivanovich - statesman and political figure Stakhanov Alexei G. - miner miner, Intermediate Borisenko, K. Gabriel - miner timber-man

Calendar: 1935-1936

Locations: Moscow [820] Karaganda Ukraine [229]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Students in class mining vocational school.

Stakhanov is occupation.

Students are sitting at their desks.

Solemn ceremony at the Polytechnic Institute.

Students welcome the members of the Veterans Hall.

Stakhanov is sitting in the presidium.

Students listen to the speaker.

Stakhanov presents diplomas to graduates of Polytechnic Institute.

Stakhanov graduate says parting words.

Stakhanov presents diplomas.

Graduates applaud Stakhanov.

Stakhanov, accompanied by engineers and managers of mines examines new models of mining equipment.

Stakhanov removes from the stand jackhammer.

Students listen Stakhanov.

Stakhanov with a jackhammer in his hands.

Stakhanov conducts a tour with students on the territory of one of the mines.

General view of the hoist shaft.

The scale of the hoist.

Miners in the high-speed cage.

Spin the wheel of high-speed elevator mine.

Miners go to slaughter.

Coal-mining in the mine harvester.

Job combine.

Coal on the conveyor belt.

The miners working under the protection of powered support.

Shoring moves slaughter.

Coal mining mechanized.

Remote-controlled part of trolleys loaded with coal.

Stakhanov tells students about the work of the central control room at the mine, the panorama control room.

Those students.

Fragments of the scheme in the mine control room.

Those students.

Manager of the remote control.

Electronic computers in the control room.

Stakhanov gives interviews (synchronously).

Text of report Brezhnev LI, devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union and published in the newspaper "Izvestia".

There is a train.

Leaders meet miners foremost emerging from slaughter.

A solemn meeting on mine.

Face Brigadier miners Murzenko B. People congratulate the miners with a new record.

Stakhanov among miners.

People applauded.

Stakhanov congratulates the hero of the 9th Five-Year Plan B. Dovbish Dovbish with a bouquet of flowers.

Stakhanov Shrugs Dovbish hand.

Stakhanov speaks of the development of socialist competition in the Donbas.


Stakhanov Alexei G. - Miner-Intermediate

Calendar: 1973

Locations: Ukraine [229]

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