History of the disease. (1988)

Documentary №39419, 5 parts, duration: 0:48:32
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Schwartz L.
Screenwriters:Polonskij D.
Camera operators:V. Kolyushev


The film raises the question of medicine in our country; relationship between doctor and patient work of doctors and visiting nurses, etc.

Reel №1

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On the problems of national health care, compassion and moral health medicine and society.

In kinokonsiliume on "How sick medicine" was attended by academicians and rural paramedic, priests and professor, was repressed by "the doctors", the nurse and the doctor Chekhov.

Calendar: 1988

Reel №2

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Medical staff carries a gurney with a patient through the corridors of the hospital.

The operating room of the heart transplant clinic.

An operation is underway.

A meadow with a grazing horse is visible from the operating room.

Kidney dialysis department.

The queue of patients at the Burdenko Institute.

Patients are being taken along the corridors of the institute.

Bypass doctors.

Children's department.

A consultation of doctors at the Burdenko Institute.

The nurse calms the child.

The woman in labor is moaning in pain.

The head of the clinic talks about the state of maternity hospitals in the USSR.

About the provision of equipment.

There is an operation in the maternity ward.

A child was born.

The child is taken away from the operating room.

Maternity hospital in Central Asia.

Mommy is lying on the bed, relatives look into the ward through the window.

Three newborns are lying in a special tray.

The nurse distributes newborn babies to moms for feeding.

A woman washes a white robe in the river.

A rural paramedic goes on a call.

Key words

problems with organ transplantation.
maternity hospitals.

Calendar: 1988

Locations: Moscow [820]

Reel №3

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A rural paramedic is preparing to receive patients.

People are waiting for the reception to begin.

The paramedic examines the child.

Grandma is sitting on a bench.

The paramedic talks about his problems.

Doctor Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's office.

Internal equipment of the paramedic station.

People praise their paramedic.

Patients in a rural hospital.

The yard is in the hospital.

A doctor who suffered from the case of doctors in the 1950s.

Newspaper articles about the doctors' case.

The doctor tells about the atmosphere of those days.

The doctor tells about the doctors of the war years.

Panoramic shots of an art object.

Key words

Paramedic station.
rural hospital.
the doctors' case.

Calendar: 1988

Reel №4

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A room with books.

The doctor talks about health problems.

The doctor shows the prosthetic vessels.

Due to the lack of necessary prostheses, doctors have to stitch the existing ones.

An operation is underway, such a vessel is sewn into the patient.

The doctor looks at the head shots.

The doctor examines the patient's lungs.

Drawings on the topic of medicine with Soviet slogans.

Footage from the graduate medical institute.

The patient comments on the state of the hospital.

Patients in a ward for 12 people discuss paid medical care.

The doctor deals with the patient.

The medical worker leads the patient up the stairs past the peeling walls.

The doctor tells about the presence of one bathroom for 50 patients.

The priest talks about mercy.

Orthodox nuns organized patient care in the hospital.

The work of the Orthodox Sisters of Mercy.

Key words

health problems.

Calendar: 1988

Reel №5

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The Orthodox sister of Mercy talks about her work.

The nurse takes tests from the patient.

The doctor talks about the work of junior medical staff.

Elderly patients in the hospital.

A bright city outside the walls of the hospital.

An elderly woman is in the hospital.

The nurse puts the system with medicines.

A doctor and a nurse perform the procedures.

The sisters are making the beds.

The doctor before the operation talks about the state of medicine in the country.

An operation is underway.

Relatives are waiting for the result of the operation.

Doctors are walking down the corridor of the clinic.

Streets of the city.

An ambulance is coming down the street.

The doctor examines the patient.

The wall of the house with birdhouses.

The patient suffers, his wife takes care of him.

An art object.

Key words


Calendar: 1988

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