Alexander Litvinov. Success and the drama of the Soviet filmmaker (1996)

Documentary №39474, 3 parts, duration: 0:29:18
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio


The life and works of the prominent Soviet film director, one of the pioneers of Russian ethnographic film A.A.Litvinova (1898-1977).

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A general view of one of the vaults of State Film Fund, the employee is suitable for shelves, which are boxes of film.

An employee takes from the shelf one of the parts of the film Litvinova A. "forest people", reads the title of the film on the label.

Film critic Dmitriev VY It gives interviews, talks about the creation of the State Film Fund, stored therein the movie "Forest People" (synchronous).

Panorama rack with film documents.

Small conference room, Ural Branch of the Union of Cinematographers in Yekaterinburg., On the walls hang portraits of Soviet and Russian cinema.

Portrait of the first chairman of department Litvinova AA

Membership Card Litvinov.

Dmitriev said the selection of documentary films for an international film festival shows in Nyon (Switzerland) (synchronously).

An article on Litvinov in Cinema Encyclopedic Dictionary.

Photo Litvinov in his youth.

Actor Photo Mozzhukhina I. Photo filmmaker Protazanov Ya

Photo Litvinov in his youth.

Graphic portrait of Far East researcher VK Arsenyev Book Arsenyev "Dersu Uzala".

Photo Arsenyev with Dersu Uzala during an expedition in the Ussuri territory.

Newsreel 1928 ode: is a passenger train.

Photo Litvinov and cameraman Mershina P. Newsreel 1928: railway, running through the hills.

Type one of the streets of Vladivostok.

People walking on the street.

It takes a porter-Chinese.

Trams are on the streets of the city.

Litvinov and Mershin during a conversation with Arsenyev.

Face Litvinov.

Face Arsenyev.

Arsenyev shows interlocutors card.

Arsenyev Hand with pencil over a map.

Tracing the route kinogruppy.

Arsenyev at the table over a map of the route.

Explore groups Soons Gionku.

Face Arsenyev.

Members of the film group on the river bank before loading the boat.

Gionku talking with one of the members of the expedition.

Members of the group dismantled items and video equipment.

People sail in a boat loaded with things.

People sit in the river boat.

Type shore from a boat.

The checkbox labeled "expedition Sovkino."

People loaded things in the boat.

Boats depart from the shore.

Boats sailing expedition along the Amur.

People in a boat.

Boats sail along the Amur.

Rowers working the oars.

The operator removes the coastal views from the side of the boat.

Forest animals.

Fawn runs into a thicket.

Bear eats leaves by the stream with tree branches.

Bear chews branches.

The operator rotates the handle cameras.

People come up to one of the trees.

The sign on the tree left Arsenyev.

The expedition members are considering a sign.

People with guns on their shoulders are on the river bank.

Users drag the boat through the fallen trees.

Launching of boats on the water.


Litvinov Aleksandr Abramovich - film director Vladimir Arsenyev Klavdievich - geographer, ethnographer, researcher of the Far East Dmitriev VY - Film critic

Calendar: 1928

Locations: Far East USSR [863]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel, 1928: Participants of the expedition "Sovkino" muddle through fallen trees.

The boat approaches the shore, Litvinov and Mershin sit in it.

Dmitriev told about the history of the movie "Forest People", compares the work with the work of Litvinov American director Flaherty (synchronously).

Stills from the film "Forest People": udegeets swims in a boat.

People in a boat floating on the taiga river, overcoming rapids.

People are floating on a boat.

Udegeets vaulter operating.

Panorama riverbank udegeets with fishing boats using a pointed stick.

Udegeets running paddle.

Udegeets fishing sharpened stick.

Women on the shore to the camp start to prepare the caught fish.

Women clean the fish, bring water, kindle a fire.

Women fish hung on poles to dry.

Udege eat soup with fresh fish.

Girl feeding fish dogs.

Udege ready to hunt, clean the guns.

Hunter hones spear.

Woman cut out animal skin.

The woman's face.

Woman cuts the skin.

Woman sews pieces of skins.

Udeghe shaman dancing in front of compatriots during the ritual.

Bells belt shaman.

Shaman dancing ritual dance.

People look at the dance of the shaman.

One of the hunters continue the ritual dance.

People sit around the campfire at night.

Bear moved across the creek.

Hunter sneaks up behind the bear through thickets of bushes.

Bear chews a tree trunk.

Hunter picks up a spear.

Lance hits the bear.

Fighting the hunter and the bear.

Hunter finishes bear spear.

The dead bear.

Udegeets swims in a boat to the shore.

Dmitriev talks about working on the film Litvinova "forest people" (synchronous).

Photo of the working time of filming the movie.

Page story Prishvina MM "Ginseng".

Photos Prishvina Litvinov.

Poster of the film "Cabin old Louvain."

Photos German actress Ennings H. Photo writer Dubson M. Litvinov, the poster feature film "Girl from Kamchatka."

Trailer of "The Girl from Kamchatka."

Photos of Soviet pilots Grizodubova VS, MD Raskova and Asipenka PM in the newspaper "Red Star".


Litvinov Aleksandr Abramovich - film director Mershin Pavel - cinematographer Dmitriev VY - Film critic

Calendar: 1928

Locations: Far East USSR [863]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel, 1937: the railroad tracks.

Part of the station building in Novosibirsk.

General view of the city avenue.

An article in the magazine "Cinema Art" of repression in 1937 Moscow among filmmakers.

Photos repressed figures of cinema.

Boxes of film on the shelves in the store Gosfilmofond.

Dmitriev says about repression in the Soviet cinema.

Photos Litvinova working moments filming.

Newsreel 1939: Yakut deer graze.

Yakuts read the newspaper.

The bas-relief on the pavilion at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of Yakutia.

Samples of fur and antlers from Yakutia.

Samples of food from Yakutia.

Poster "Motherland Calls!".

Photo Mershina operator P., who died at the front.

Photos Litvinov and his colleagues during the Great Patriotic War.

Postwar photographs Udeghes their everyday life and everyday life.

Newsreel, 1948: one of the streets of Sverdlovsk.

Photo city block where the Sverdlovsk Film Studio.

A sign of the Sverdlovsk film studio.

Photos Litvinov while working at the Sverdlovsk Film Studio.

Newsreel, 1930: There is a train.

Udege build a log house.

Girls loose earth hoes.

Women feed the pigs and chickens.

Dmitriev talks about the dangers of breaking the traditional life of the small peoples of the USSR (synchronously).

Newsreel 1928: Udege sailing boat on the taiga river.

The boat was at the land, women are helping to unload the boat.

People are mining, boxes and bags of flour in a yurt.

Udegeets carries a bag of flour, enters the tent neighbor.

The girl at a fire lighting his pipe.

Hunter stick on the boat to the shore, coming out of it.

Hunter goes to his dwelling, he is met by his wife.

A woman coming to the shore, sits in the boat sailed from the coast.

Woman floating on a boat.

The woman hit the beach, pull the boat ashore.

A woman walks in the woods.

A woman wades through a thicket.

The woman goes on a log over a stream.

A woman walks through the forest.

Woman finds husband killed a wild boar.

Women cut wood near the yurt.

Wrapped in a blanket baby.

Women cut firewood.

The woman nursed children.

The girl cradles an infant.

Woman scratching skin.

A man sits at a tree and smoking a pipe.

Building yurts for mothers in Udege camp.

The man at the entrance to the tent overall.

A woman goes to give birth in a separate tent.

Udegeets sit on the riverbank and smokes a pipe.

A woman carries maternity water.

Woman puts a bucket of water and puts the wood in the tent mothers, closes the entrance and exits.

A mother with a newborn baby comes out of the delivery of the yurt and goes into the tent to her husband.

People welcome the young mother.

Litvinov with a camera in his hands.

Mershin operator rotates the handle cameras.

VK Arsenyev the desk.

Portrait of Litvinov.


Litvinov Aleksandr Abramovich - film director Mershin Pavel - cinematographer Vladimir Arsenyev Klavdievich - geographer, ethnographer, researcher of the Far East

Calendar: 1928 1937 1939 1948

Locations: Moscow [820] Novosibirsk [949] The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) [750] Far East

Seasons: Summer [824]

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