Anton Valek (1991)

Documentary №39483, 1 part, duration: 0:09:27
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Screenwriters:Didkovskij S., Levin A.
Camera operators:Maksimov V.
Sound mixer:Zatulovskij E.



On A.Ya.Valeke (1887-1919), an active member of the revolutionary movement in Russia, organizer of the underground work behind the white ...

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Red flags are flying.

Festive May Day demonstration.

Says Doctor of Historical Sciences Plotnikov I. F., next to him at the table sits the grandson of the revolutionary Anton Valek - Igor Valek.

Memorial to the heroes of the Revolution and Civil War in Yekaterinburg.

Large - flowers on the stove.

Valek's grandson is standing with flowers.

The name "Anton Valek" is stamped on the plate among others.

Large - Igor Valek.

Photo by Anton Valek.

Old photos - A. Valek with his family and associates.

Military chronicle of 1914-1917 - footage of the First World War.


Petersburg, the triumphal arch "Narva Gate".

Photo of A. Valek with his wife.

Photo of Nicholas II. Chronicle of the 1910s - the royal family, courtiers.

Photo of revolutionary soldiers with rifles.

Neva Embankment.

Chronicle of 1917 - soldiers with rifles on the street, a crowd of citizens, high school students, etc.


Petersburg, Tauride Palace.

Photos of 1917 - A. Valek with colleagues.

Memorial on the Field of Mars. A. Valek in a group photo.

The Field of Mars, the Eternal Flame.

Various paintings on a revolutionary theme.


Petersburg, Palace Square, Winter Palace.

Igor Valek is at the table in the archive, talking to an employee.

Large - magazine in hand.

Photos - White Women, General Radola Gayda.


Old b/w photo of Yekaterinburg.

Says the historian Plotnikov.

Panorama of the old building.

Large - a lantern on the building.

Photos with A. Valek.

Monument to Alexander III in Irkutsk.

Roman Catholic Church in Irkutsk.

A page from the "Appeal to the Population of Siberia" of the provisional government.

Portrait of Kolchak.

An excerpt from an old newspaper of 1871.

Antique office, desk, telephone, writing materials.

Igor Valek is in the archive, talking to an employee. A. Valek in a group photo with other revolutionaries.

Photo with Kolchak and the White Guards.

Chronicle of 1917-1919 - an armored train with guns, the offensive of the White Guards, soldiers go on the attack, a machine gun shoots, and so on.

Portrait of Kolchak.

Photos of 1919 - Yekaterinburg, the White Guards.

Says the historian Plotnikov.

Photos of Yekaterinburg, the underground committee.

A picture of a man with a club swinging at a monster with the heads of various political figures.

Photo of members of the Bolshevik underground (A. Valek in the center).

Yekaterinburg, Vaskina Gorka - the place of execution of revolutionaries.

Memorial to the heroes of the Revolution and Civil War in Yekaterinburg.

People with flowers at the Memorial.

The name "Anton Valek" is stamped on the plate among others.

Monument to Alexander III in Irkutsk.

Znamensky Monastery.

Barbed wire, the frozen Angara River is visible.

The temple, candles are burning.

Large - the face of an elderly woman.


The modern painting is the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The paintings are not about revolution, terror, etc.

Banner - "There is no alternative to civil consent."

May Day demonstration.

Key words

Revolutionary, memorial, Tauride Palace, Field of Mars, Palace Square, Winter Palace, monuments


Plotnikov I. F. - sovetskij i rossijskij uchenij-istorik

Calendar: 1914-1917 1910 1917 1917-1919

Locations: St. Petersburg [814] Yekaterinburg [886] Irkutsk

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

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