Baikal limnologists (1974)

Documentary №39501, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:27
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Stremyakov
Sound mixer:Urusov S.


A film about the scientists of the Siberian subdivision of the USSR Academy of Sciences who explore lakes and water reservoires.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Lake Baikal.

In the frame - employees of the Institute engaged in the study of lakes and artificial reservoirs of Siberia.

The building of the Institute.

The sign is "Limnological Institute".

Scientific vessel "G. Yu.


People in the mountains, looking at the lake from a height.

Various frames - lake, plains, hills, rocky ground, field, etc.

Large - a branch of a coniferous tree with cones, bagulnik, Daurian rhododendron, autumn trees, sandy plain.

Panorama of the Baikal Mountains, research scientists climbing up the mountains.

A rock on the island of Olkhon on Lake Baikal.

Scientists on the ship are engaged in research work.

Large - the hand scrapes a piece of rock with a knife.

Panorama of the lake, the skeleton, the shores.

A man on a big stump by the water.

Scientists are clearing the trunk of the tree at the bottom, sawing off part of the trunk.

Close-up - the hand points to the annual rings on the trunk section.

Shooting from above - a lake, rocky ramparts on the banks.

Scientists are working on a rocky shore.

Angara River, Bratskaya HPP. Lake, Baikal Mountains.

A mountain river flows.

Large - curly lily (wild lily).

A branch of alder.


Stones in the water near the shore, they are visible plaque of mineral salts.

Water samples are taken.

A small river flowing into the lake.

Panorama of the lake, a scientific vessel in the distance.

View of the lake and mountains.

Scientists are working on the ship.

A box with different water samples in test tubes.

A container is lowered to the bottom to take water from a certain depth.

Laboratory, on the table bottles of Baikal water from different depths.

Laboratory staff pick up and shake beakers with liquids.

A woman on a boat drinks water from Lake Baikal.

Water is poured into cans.

A special cage is taken out from the depth.

In the laboratory, various microorganisms from the lake are examined under a microscope.

Shots with different endemics of Lake Baikal - sponges, crustaceans, fish, seals.

Viviparous golomyanka fish.

Sturgeons swim in clear water.

Scientists conduct experiments, research with fish.

Fish on the table.

A specialist limnologist, examines the fish, weighs, measures.

Large - caviar on the scales.

Specialists look at the eggs through a microscope.

Macro shots of caviar, fry.

Specialists take fry from the water with a large laboratory pipette for study.

Large - fry in the water.

Spawning of sturgeon.

Fishermen catch omul with nets, nets.

Different shots with fishermen and caught fish.

Key words

Limnologists, scientists, Lake Baikal, scientific vessel, Bratskaya HPP, laboratory, endemics, fish

Locations: Baikal

Seasons: Spring [825]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Scuba diver dives into Lake Baikal, to a depth of.

Different shots of underwater shooting at depth.

Scuba divers collect plant samples.

Scuba diver with special equipment for filming.

On the ship, scientists are watching underwater surveys on the monitor.

The underwater inhabitants of Lake Baikal are in the frame - crustaceans, gobies, various fish.

A scientist looks at a seal in the monitor.

The seal is fishing at a depth.

Scuba divers at depth are engaged in research, watching the seal.

The seal swims next to the divers, plays with them.

In early spring, scientists observe a seal with cubs, specially disguising themselves and the camera.

Seals get out of the hole on the shore, on the snow.

A large-scale scientist in a white camouflage coat looks through binoculars.

A scientist makes notes of observations in a notebook.

View of the frozen Lake Baikal.

A scientist at the ice hole, taking measurements.

A baby seal in the snow.

The scientist strokes the cub, takes it to the hole.

There is a storm on the lake, a ship is sailing.

A group of scientists makes their way through the forest, it's raining.

Large yellow flowers, various plants.

There are insects on the stone and on the ground.

Chicks on the rocks.

The scientist has grown-up chicks in his hands.

Large - chicks.

Stone island on Lake Baikal, birds nest.

The scientist looks through binoculars.

Panorama of the lake, mountains.

Key words

Lake Baikal, scuba diver, seal

Locations: Baikal [922] Siberia [926]

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825]

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