Bashkir Reserve (1974)

Documentary №39506, 3 parts, duration: 0:26:53
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Dubrovin A., Morozov A.
Screenwriters:Homyakov O.
Camera operators:Mescheryagin R.


The film tells the story of the Bashkir State Nature Reserve.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the island in the middle of the river.

Over the river mist.

As the snow is roe.

Black grouse on the top of the tree.

Grouse on a lek.

Grouse responsible wood grouse.

A pair of deer.

Grouse flies.

Panorama Mountains.

Deer in the woods on the slopes.

The branches of the dead tree.

Top view of the river.

Moose on the beach.

A pair of moose walking along the trail.

Moose crossing the river.

Altai deer (deer) grazing on grass last year.

Elk walking on snow.

Deer run away into the forest.

Moose on the edge.

Moose come to the feeders.

Moose on maturation.

The river runs through the trees.

Reflection of trees in water.

Wagtail lapping at the shore.


Bloom chamber disclosed (sleep-grass).

Lizard peeping out of a hole.

Siberian Chipmunk.


Viper crawling on the branches and grass.

Lizard hiding in a hole.

Fox tries to dig a hole.

Chipmunk on a branch.

The head of a fox.

Viper crawls in the grass.

Teterka on the nest.

Fox is looking at the camera.

Teterka runs.

Fox tries to catch the bird.

Teterka soars.

Chipmunk runs.

Teterka on a pine tree.

The eggs in the nests.

Teterka returned to the nest.

Crooked Birch.

Over the river floating mist.

Herd of horses in the meadow.

Panorama Reserve.

Weather station.

Scientist examines station.

Reserve staff travel on horseback.

Houses on the cordon.

Man gets a horse stall.

Horse head.

Male horses were shod.

In the meadow foal runs.

Clouds over the hills.

Suspension bridge across the river.

Flowering trees.

Drops of dew on the plants.

Birch sap.

From the land of rising primroses.

Insects on the trunk of a birch.

The sprouts of grass.

From the eggs hatch a chick.

The chicks in the nest.

Hedgehog in the grass.

Newborn ezhata.

Cross the water.

Jay chicks.

Chicks goshawk.


Jay feeding chicks.

Past ant spider runs.

Grouse chicks emerge from the slot.

The ant drags a spider.

Nestling grouse shouting.

Teterka sits in the slot.

Snake in the water.

Riders climb the hill.

View of the forest.

In the meadow is the man.

Valeriana officinalis.

Botanist collects valerian.

Meadow grass and flowers.

The trunk of a pine tree.

Panorama Reserve.

Locations: Bashkiria [883]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The banks of the river.

The sun shines through the trees.


People are on the edge of the forest through the thickets of meadowsweet.

Web in the grass.

People in the meadow.

Bear tracks in the grass.

Zoologists are on the trail.

Dug anthill.

Bullies bear paws on the trunk of a pine tree.

Scientist examines a broken angelica.

Measurements bear footprints on the trail.

Man goes on the trail.

From under the driftwood gray-hen flies.

Hawk takes off from the nest.

The chick in the nest.

Zoologist studying traces of the bear.

The forest thickets.

Bear rummages in a fallen tree.

Hawk in nest with chicks.

A man looks out from behind a tree.

The bear stands on his hind legs and looks around.

Man hiding behind the branches.

Bear leaves.

Hawk nest.

Marten carries cubs out of the hole in the other place.

Hawk flies away from the nest.

Hawk in the sky.

Landscapes reserve.

A man near the tent.


Sunset over the hill.

Scientist examines a herbarium in the tent.


Solar flare on the river.

Fledgling Wagtails near the water.

The river is a rubber boat.

White River and the coast (shooting from the water).

Kapova cave.

People enter the cave.



The walls of the cave.


Bat washes.

With stalactites dripping water.

Bat on the ceiling.


A colony of bats.

Caver Reflection in water.

The bat crawling on the wall.


Flying bat in the dark.

People climb the rock.

Ancient rock paintings.

Scientists are studying the drawings.


Fish underground lake.

Waterfall at the exit of the cave.

Source of the river.

Meadow on the edge of the forest.

Locations: Bashkiria [883]

Seasons: Spring [825] Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Lily martagon.

On the edge of meadows go riders.

Riders in the forest.

Borteviki (gatherers of forest honey bees) examine the pine.

View of the crown of pine underneath.

People remove luggage from the horses and prepare tools.

Prepare smoker.

Bortevik up the trunk of a pine tree.

Man smokes smoker bees hollow (boards).

On a pine on a rope pull tuesok and tied to a branch.

Beekeeper inspecting hollow.

Cells taken out of the hollow and placed in tuesok.

Tuesok descends.

Bortevik on pine preparing a new board.

The bees on the flowers.

The experimental apiary of the Bashkir State Nature Reserve.

Scientist in protective clothing on a wooden platform at the bee hollow.

Man cut down the excess branches.

Bee swarm on the branch of a pine.

Scientists cut down and brought down a branch with a swarm.

Roy on the ground.

Beekeeper transplants swarm in the hive.

Bees learn new place of residence.

Scientists close to the hive.

Take out the cell from the hive.

Beekeeper cuts of hundreds of queen bee.

Queen bee moved into another hive.

The bee flies from flower.

The rows of hives in the grass.

By dripping pine tree trunk.

Ladybug creeps on mushrooms.

Honeycombs in tueski.

By crawling bee honeycomb.

The acorn lies on the oak leaves.

Foal running on the grass.

On Meadow riders go.

View of the river.

Drops of dew on the branches of cedar.

By water floating leaf litter.

Berry cloudberries.

Autumn scenery.

Ripe viburnum.

Raindrops on the leaves of bushes.

Yellow maple trees.

Crowns of trees against the sky.

Locations: Bashkiria [883]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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