You serve? (1989)

Promotional №39618, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:27
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Romanenko
Sound mixer:Kazachishin V.


In a simple language, the film advertises the most advanced consumer services of various trade associations.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The streets of the city, the central department store, the main entrance, people enter and exit.

Parking of cars, shop windows of the Central Department Store, people stand in line, go shopping.

A man and a woman with a large box from the store try to negotiate with the taxi driver, the taxi driver does not want to take them, the couple quarrels with the taxi driver and the taxi driver leaves.

Leningrad, the building of the Passage department store.

The interiors of the Passage, buyers walk through the galleries.

The sign is "Service Bureau" (various services are provided for the storage and delivery of purchases, gift packaging, etc.).

Large - gift packaging.

Employees of the "Service Bureau" at work.

Customers in the "Passage".

Employees of the clothing atelier in the "Passage" at work.

Employees pack goods for sending by mail.

Large - the girl fills out the documents.

The sign - "Sale of goods purchased from foreign citizens."

On the spinning showcase - sets of foreign cosmetics, sunglasses.

There are various foreign goods on display.

The saleswoman shows the girls sets of cosmetics.

Girls sort through, look at clothes on hangers.

A man in the fitting room is trying on a jacket.

On hangers - imported sweaters, jumpers.

Showroom in the "Passage" - models demonstrate fashionable clothes.

The audience is sitting in the hall, the models are walking on the podium.

In the halls of the department store, people look, choose clothes., saleswomen help customers.

Fashion show in the "Passage".

A man and a woman come out of a department store with a large box.

Parking of cars.

Queue for a taxi.

The correspondent interviews a man who is looking for a car to take away his bulky purchase.

Queue for a taxi.

The man negotiates with a private driver.

A man and a woman carry a large box, load it into the trunk of a private driver, pay him.

Chelyabinsk, the building of the Shopping center.

Shopping center interiors - view of pavilions, shops.

Panorama of the shop windows.

A cleaning lady rides on a special washing device.

Morning cleaning of the premises of the Shopping center.

Top view of the Shopping center hall, shops, pavilions.

Shoppers come into the Mall.

Top view - shoppers in the hall of the Shopping center.

Department of children's clothing - buyers look, choose the product.

Key words

Passage, department store, shop, service sector, models, fashion show, Shopping center

Locations: Moscow [820] Chelyabinsk [885]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Shop, a girl tries on shoes.

Shoppers at the supermarket.

The sign - "Salon of services".

A customer at the window.

An employee of the store is packing a children's gift.

A little boy with his mother in the store.

The employee inflates and checks the beach mattress.

Children are watching, A view of the interiors of a Shopping center (in Chelyabinsk).

Signs - "Commission sale of radio equipment", "Shoe repair".

Shoppers at the Mall.

The sign is "Supermarket".

Luggage storage in a shopping center - a man puts a bag in a cell.

The sign is "Slot machines".

Children play slot machines.

Panorama of mannequins with clothes.

The general plan is a saleswoman wrapping up a purchase, a customer is standing next to her.

A showcase with dresses.

Shoe department - counters with shoes (taken from above).

The sign - "Tvs", a view of the hall of the Shopping center, an employee carries a box with a TV on a cart.

The driver closes the trunk of the pickup truck.

The driver communicates with an employee of the Transagency.

The correspondent interviews a woman who bought an electric fireplace and ordered home delivery.

Panorama of the Trading Center hall - top view.

The sign is "Burda Moden".

The sign is "Consultation on fabric consumption".

Salon-atelier "Burda Moden" - employees work with fabrics, patterns, serve customers, offer models from magazines "Burda Moden" and so on.

Panorama of a showcase with ready-made clothes from the salon.

Fashion show - models show clothes.

The visitors of the Shopping center are watching a fashion show.

The sign is "Burda Moden".

Sewing workshop in Chelyabinsk - employees work, sew. stroking and so on.

Panorama of ready-made dresses with price tags.

Fashion store.

A room with ready-made clothes.

The saleswoman behind the counter.

Customers walk around the hall, look, choose clothes.

The building of the Fashion store - customers come in.

Sewing company.

A woman draws patterns on a sheet of paper.

Patterns are displayed on the computer monitor.

The data on the monitor, the special device automatically draws on a large sheet.

Sewing production - a seamstress works on a sewing machine, an employee at a hanger with clothes, ready-made clothes, fabrics, blanks, etc. move on the conveyor on hangers.

Sewing workshop.

The showcase of a clothing store.

The hall of the store - mannequins with clothes, an employee near the hangers with clothes.

The customer is sitting in a chair, studying advertising information.

A woman near the mirror, trying on a jacket.

The vending machine is a reference in the store.

Clothing store, different plans - mannequins, hangers with clothes, showcases.

Collage and different still frames of previous videos.

Passage, gallery - people are walking.

Key words

Shop, department store, supermarket, Shopping center, storefronts, counters, fashion show, models, atelier, sewing production

Locations: Chelyabinsk [885]

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