Meet the sun (1980)

Documentary №39700, 1 part, duration: 0:08:50
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Trifonov
Sound mixer:Belov V.


The film tells the story of Dmitry Butorin - a man coming from a coast-dweller's family.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sunrise, shore, sea.

The sea is covered in ice.

The ship goes through the ice.

View of the nuclear icebreaker "Siberia".

People on the deck of an icebreaker, looking at the sea in the ice.

The general plan is the nuclear icebreaker "Siberia".

Sky, clouds.

The sea, a boat is rocking on the waves near the shore.

Seashore, wind, storm clouds.

Nets are drying on the shore, fishermen are walking towards the sea.

The general plan - fishermen are walking in shallow water.

A fisherman inspects the boat.

A boat is sailing, fishermen raise the sail.

The general plan is a boat with a sail in the sea.

In the frame is a hereditary Pomor, a sailor Dmitry Butorin on a boat.

The general plan is a boat with sails in the sea.

Butorina is on a boat, near the sail, telling something.

The general plan is a boat at sea.

Various b/w photos with Dmitry Butorin.

Large - map, marked the first campaign of Butorin.

Says Butorin.

Chronicle of the 1960s - Butorinskaya boat "Schelya" is sailing, sea view.

The sea at sunset.

Says Butorin.

Large - books on the table, a book with the title "Toponymy of the seas of the Soviet Arctic" opens, a page of the book is shown where "Cracks" are mentioned.

Says Butorin.

Shore, ice, rocks in the snow.

Various b/w photos with Dmitry Butorin and his team during the expedition.

The sea, a lonely ice floe floats, the mainland is visible in the distance.

The sea is covered in ice, birds are flying.

An icebreaker and another vessel are sailing, ice floes are floating in the sea.

A helicopter rises from a special platform on an icebreaker.

Top view of the icebreaker, sea, ice floes.

Says Butorin.

The seashore, a helicopter is flying over the water, wooden crosses are installed on the shore.

Large - an inscription on an old wooden cross.

Says Butorin.

Drawings, engravings - ancient Pomeranian ships.

Says Butorin, shows a wooden eight-pointed cross.

An old wooden cross on the seashore.

Says Butorin.

Chronicle of the 1960s - Butorin on the boat "Schelya", Butorin and the team are met on the shore, congratulated, and so on.

The sea, floating ice floes, icebergs.

Sea view from above.

Panorama of the autumn forest, trees, domes of a wooden church.

An old wooden tower.

Top view of a swampy area, swans flying in the sky.

Deer are swimming in the river.

The river, seagulls fly over the water.

A large bird's nest, eggs, chicks hatch.

Chicks in the water, on the rocks.

Seashore, fishermen playing with a dog.

Sunset, sea, shore.

Nuclear icebreaker "Siberia" in the ice.

Top view of an icebreaker at sea.

The captain and his assistant are in the control room, giving commands.

The icebreaker breaks the ice.

The sailor works with the map, makes calculations.

Panorama of the sea, shore, ice.

The general plan is a caravan of ships at sea.

Photo - Butorin's house, next to the house there is a boat covered with a tarpaulin.

Photo of Butorin.

Butorin laughs, tells something.

Seagulls over the water.

Key words

Pomors, sea, fishermen, icebreaker, expedition

Calendar: 1960

Locations: The North Sea

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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