Garmon. (1990)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: V.Proshkin

Script writers: Borisov

Operators: Yermolin

Composers: Kalashnikov


Elderly women get together, just as they did during the distant years of war, and sing their eternal widow song. The film uses various chronicles.

World War II | National culture

Reel №1

PNRM. snow-covered trees, rustic house.

Courtyard farmhouse geese in the snow, the dog runs.

The view from the windows of the house, a flower in a pot on the windowsill.

The house sit grandmother sing without musical accompaniment.

Hands grandmothers.

The face of the old woman, photo woman in a frame on the wall.

Chronicle wartime winter are soldiers of the Red Army, carry a gun (Rapid).

Grandparents sitting in silence.

Interview an elderly woman about wartime (synchronously).

Grandmothers sing.

In the corner of the room: icons, PNRM. grandmotherly under the icons.

Newsreel, 1941-1945 .: The soldiers in the trenches eats with a spoon from the pot, the soldiers sitting on the ground eating soup from the pot.

Soldiers smoking, sitting in the tank.

Grandmother in the house singing.

Funeral, people with flowers, garlands of flowers placed at the mass grave, crying women.

Grandma pours from a flat flask of vodka in a glass, drink.

Grandmother talk, memories of the war.

On a snowy yard walk geese.

Grandmothers sing.

Photos of the war years: the soldiers posing.

PNRM. with her grandmother on the table, it is worth a few empty stacks.




Sukhanovka Artinsky area [940]

Wars, conflicts and disasters

Reel №2

Chronicle of war: a view of the fresh grave, grave surrounded by a fence, graves with plates on sticks.

Cemetery in the winter under the snow graves.

PNRM. by burning candles.

Chronicle of different years are skipping soldiers Africans show receptions ownership rifles with jumps.

Chronicle of different years: parades different foreign troops come and go to the Germans, Indians, Japanese.

Chronicle of different years: American troops from landing craft, helicopters.

Chronicle of different years: the corpses on the ground, the wounded, stretcher with a wounded bear to the helicopter.

Chronicle of different years: the US Navy carry the coffin covered with the flag of the United States, carry coffins German and Soviet soldiers.

Chronicle of different years: in a round hole mass grave around the coffins lie.

Chronicle of different years: coffin with dead Soviet soldier covered with the cap.

Chronicle of different years: the stairs down Nazi officers carry the coffin.

Chronicle of different years: the coffin on a gun carriage, the funeral procession of the Nazis, the Soviet and American soldiers

Chronicle of different years: PNRM. the cemetery, rows of identical graves.

Chronicle of different years: the inscriptions on the gravestones "Unknown" in Russian and foreign languages.

Grandma sings.

A woman with a cane walking on snow-covered road.

Key words



Sukhanovka Artinsky village district of Sverdlovsk region.