Urbanism Russia (1988)

Documentary №39772, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:25
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Golotschapov
Sound mixer:Kazachishin V.


The film demonstrates how various problems of city planning may be solved and informs about architecture and building industry prospects.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Map of the RSFSR, the names of cities appear.

Panorama of new buildings, apartment buildings (taken from a helicopter).

The pilot is in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Panorama of apartment buildings.

City street, house, passing tram.

Construction of a house, a crane is working, concrete blocks are moving.

The car transports part of the wall of the house, a panorama of houses under construction, working cranes.

Cranes, a panorama of the house.

Balconies of the house, a panorama on the wall of the house, low-quality seams are visible.

Panorama of the house, stalls located nearby, small shops.

Different frames with the same standard boxes of houses, a school building, etc.

Panorama of an apartment building.

City street, pedestrians are walking.

Panorama of a typical apartment building, Parking lot.

Panorama of the house with balconies.

Photo of Poltoratsky E. M. - head of the architectural workshop "LenNIIproekt".

Photo Bibisheva M. Sh. - director of the house-building plant of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

Photo of E. O. Afanasyev, the chief architect of the Volga Pipe Plant.

Collage of photos.

A large -sized nest on the top of a tree, a flock of crows.

Rostov Kremlin - temples, various buildings, etc.

Gostiny Dvor, the city of Rostov the Great.

Panorama of the domes of temples and Gostiny Dvor.

The territory inside the Rostov Kremlin, temples, churches.

View of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir.

The roof of the temple, a panorama of the city, the river, a high-rise building.

Sverdlovsk, the building of the Palace of Creativity of Pioneers and schoolchildren.

Yaroslavl, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery.

Panorama of new buildings, the road (removed from the passage).

Street, panorama of an old wooden two-storey house.

Says Poltoratsky E. M. Panorama of new buildings, new neighborhoods of Leningrad (taken from a helicopter).

Leningrad, the building of the General Staff.

Bridge over the canal.

Architect Rossi Street.

Panorama of new buildings, new neighborhoods of Leningrad.

City street, people are walking.

City street, road, traffic, new modern houses are visible.

Panorama of new buildings.

Says Poltoratsky E. M. Photo of a new modern building on the embankment.

Panorama on the plan-the project of a new modern apartment building.

Panorama of a modern apartment building, a building and the territory of a kindergarten in the courtyard.

Panorama of new modern neighborhoods, monolithic houses, etc. (taken from above).

Panorama of houses under construction in a new neighborhood.

Flying over new buildings.

Modern neighborhood, river, houses under construction.

The sea embankment of Vasilievsky Island, modern houses.

The city of Leningrad, the building of the hotel "Pribaltiyskaya".

Key words


Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Vladivostok

Seasons: Spring [825] Winter [823] Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of new neighborhoods, new buildings (taken from above).

Panorama of the park.

People walk along the paths of the park.

A group of children on the playground - waving their hands in greeting.

Panorama of the children's town, children playing.

Decorative waterfall (spring) in Cheboksary.

Shooting from a helicopter - a panorama of the forest.

Yaroslavl, South Bridge across the river.

Bridge, traffic, panorama of the river, Yaroslavl Kremlin.

View of the roofs of houses, the church.

People on the streets of the city.

Panorama of the embankment in Yaroslavl, large pleasure boats (removed from traffic).

View of the embankment, River station.

The station building, a panorama of the clock tower and spire.

The center of Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya Square, the road, the domes of the temple are visible on the left.

View of the Ilyinsky Temple.

Modern buildings of state institutions on Sovetskaya Square.


Modern building, panorama of the Alexander Nevsky Chapel in Yaroslavl.

Moscow, the building of the hotel Metropol, a panorama of the nearby building of the hotel "Intourist".

Gorky Street (Tverskaya), view of the Intourist.

Tomsk, an old wooden house, a panorama of carved platbands on the windows.

Samples of wooden architecture - different frames with old houses.

The city of Naberezhnye Chelny, prospect, new modern houses (removed from the passage).

Says Bibisheva M. Sh.

Panorama on the scheme-map of the city.

Travel through the streets of the city, in a new modern neighborhood.

A construction site, a crane lifts concrete blocks, a panorama of modern apartment buildings under construction and ready.

Passage along the street of a modern neighborhood.

Says Bibisheva M. Sh.

City street.

Panorama of the courtyard, Playground, residential five-storey houses.

Panorama of a new, newly built five-storey house.

A five-storey house.

There is a bus going along the road along the house.

An outdoor swimming pool with a fountain, children are bathing, the building of the Batyr cinema is visible.

The building of the sports complex, a group of athletes is running.

Says Bibisheva M. S. Construction of a kindergarten, a tractor in the yard, an employee works with a level.

A colored mosaic is laid out on the building.

The kindergarten building.

Large - plate "Secondary school No.44".

Buildings of the new school.

A glass ceiling in the building, a panorama of the winter garden, employees watering plants from a watering can.

Large - a plant, a flower.

Different shots of modern apartment buildings.

Panorama of the school building in the courtyard, residential modern houses.

Modern high-rise residential building.

Abstract sculpture-monument in Naberezhnye Chelny.

A large city fountain with a swimming pool, children are swimming.

A road, a passing car, a panorama of a bridge and a multi-storey tower under construction (residential building).

A tower house under construction, a panorama of the city fountain with a swimming pool.

Cheboksary, panorama of the river, the shore.

View of the modern building of the Opera and Ballet Theater in Cheboksary.

Construction site, cranes are working, concrete slabs are being lifted, a panorama of the building under construction.

Builders are working at the construction site.

Various frames of the monolithic construction process.

View of modern monolithic buildings.

Panorama of a multi-storey new building.

Specialized department of finishing works - employees work on sketches.

A large 0 hand with a brush draws patterns of ornament.

Embankment, fence in the form of an ornament, panorama of the river, the shore, the building of the Palace of Pioneers.

Foyer, stairs, chandeliers in the Palace of Pioneers.

In the frame is a children's dance group.

The general plan is a foyer, a dance group is rehearsing, a panorama of the parquet floor.

Foyer, tubs with plants.

Says Bibisheva M. S. Panorama of new buildings.

Key words

Architecture, new buildings, cultural monuments, temples, Intourist, construction site, monolithic construction, Palace of Pioneers.

Locations: Cheboksary Yaroslavl Moscow [820] Tomsk [846] Naberezhnye Chelny

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Monument (sitting woman).

Artists with easels and paintings in the open air.

Says Bibisheva M. S. View of the temple with the chapel.

A mock-up of a temple and a nearby modern building.

Street lights, a panorama of the road, new modern houses.

Bridge, traffic, camera hitting on modern new buildings.

The city of Tynda, city streets, modern houses, neighborhoods.

Panorama of new buildings, modern school building.

The area of the city with old dilapidated one-story houses panorama of the houses and the surrounding area.

Modern residential districts of Tynda, a panorama of high-rise buildings.

The Yakut village of Aikhal is a stele-a pointer at the entrance.

Panorama of a rocky slope, a building under construction in the distance.

Panorama of the construction site - new modern buildings, high-rise cranes are working, concrete slabs, building materials, etc. are stacked on the territory.

Large - a crane moves a concrete slab.

The city is Successful - a new neighborhood, five-story buildings, a truck is driving along the road, a panorama of houses, thickets of bushes.

Houses in Udachny, which were connected by one through gallery.

Kindergarten, playground, children play.

A room in a kindergarten, children play with toys, a ball, etc.

A swimming pool in a kindergarten, children swim, play ball, dive under the supervision of a teacher.

An apartment building, windows without balconies, a bicycle and a sled hanging outside the windows.

Panorama of apartment buildings in Udachny.

The general plan is five-storey modern houses, a bus and cars are driving along the road along the house.

Panorama of a stunted forest, new houses can be seen in the distance.

The city of Volzhsky, a stele at the entrance.

Panorama of the city street, modern buildings, the road, decorative shrubs with flowers by the road.

View of modern multi-storey residential buildings.

Says Afanasyev E. O. Layout of a modern village with individual houses.

Close-up of the house.

Says Afanasyev E. O. The layout of houses in the village.

View of the new brick two-storey houses in the village - construction is coming to an end.

Builders are working at the facility.

Panorama of the construction site, unfinished boxes of houses without a roof.

Vladivostok, people on the street of the city.

Sea, embankment.

View of the Golden Horn Bay, port, ships, yachts.

View of moored boats, yachts, panorama of modern houses on a hill.

Panorama of a modern neighborhood, multi-storey buildings, a road with heavy traffic.

The stepped arrangement of buildings in the city - different frames.

The territory of the pioneer camp "Ocean" in Vladivostok.

View of Vladivostok from the sea.

Says Poltoratsky E. M. Panorama of new neighborhoods, new buildings - taken from a helicopter.

Says Bibisheva M. S. Panorama of new neighborhoods, new buildings - taken from a helicopter.

People on the street of the city.

Various shots with modern buildings, among them - the Marine Station in Leningrad, the Youth Theater building in Yaroslavl, the station building in Tynda, the publication of the Academy of Social Sciences in Moscow, etc.

Key words

Construction site, apartment buildings, new building, kindergarten, cottage settlement, microdistricts, modern buildings, architecture

Locations: Cheboksary Tynda Successful Volzhsky Vladivostok [951] Leningrad [848] Yaroslavl Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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