Dialogue with the buyer (1983)

Documentary №39810, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:47
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Putintsev
Sound mixer:Zatulovskij E.


The film describes the experience of the Chelyabinsk regional trade centre in the sphere of introducing all-round interaction between various branches of industry in order to speed up the production.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Chelyabinsk regional shopping center.

The banner on the building is "VII Traditional fair of products".

The grand opening, people in the hall, speakers are speaking.

Panorama of the fair participants, people applauding.

Frames with different goods - clothes, dishes, fabrics.

Panorama of the shoe counters.

A girl tries on shoes.

Saleswomen in national costumes demonstrate the goods of enterprises of their republics.

Panorama of the hangers with dresses.

Large -colored fabrics.

A children's coat with a price tag, next to a poster - "Products of the through brigades of the Chelyabinsk sewing Association Silhouette are sold here."

Dresses with price tags.

Panorama of the trading floor, hangers with clothes.

Sales workers gathered at a set table to discuss the problems and challenges of their industry.

Different shots of people at the table.

Panorama of the shoe department of the store - shots with different models of women's shoes.

A woman at the counter chooses crystal, a panorama of crystal products.

Large - the faces of the customers.

A showcase with fur coats.

Shoppers in the hall of the shopping center (taken from above).

A crowd of shoppers at the counter, the saleswoman takes out the goods.

Crowds of shoppers in the mall.

The camera moves away from the central doors of the shopping center - a view of the building.

Panorama of the central glass doors of the shopping center, there is a crowd of people waiting for them to start launching inside.

The opening of the shopping center - a crowd of people runs inside, runs along the trading floor.

Continuation of the meeting of sales workers at the table.

Different representatives of the industry speak.

Chelyabinsk shopping center, hitting the camera on the sign "Guarantee".

One of the shoe departments of the shopping center, the sign "Guarantee" is visible.

Shoe department, there are different women's shoes on the shelves - boots, shoes, customers choose goods, try on different models.

The saleswoman shows the woman a pair of high red boots.

Shots with women's boots - the reverse process of their production is shown.

Boxes of shoes, a panorama of a shelf with women's boots and shoes, a sign at the top - "Shoes made by Lyudmila Bedritskaya's brigade are sold here."

In the frame - Lyudmila Bedritskaya in the production of shoes.

Shoe factory, conveyor works.

Employees of the Bedritskaya brigade work in the shop.

Large - plate "Link of the 5A procureers".

There are members of the end-to-end quality team at the machines - they check the work, study the production technology, and so on.

Large - processed pieces of skin.

Large - hand fills in the warranty passport.

An employee with a blank made of leather, makes entries in the warranty passport.

An employee of the factory squeezes pieces of skin, makes a blank.

Large - warranty passport of the product.

Large - an employee of the factory at work.

Large - the warranty passport is filled in.

Shop, shoe department - sellers, buyers.

Large - the face of the saleswoman.

Shoe manufacturers in the store, communicate with sellers.

Large - the face of the saleswoman.

Customers on the counter fill out questionnaires.

Large - hand fills out the questionnaire.

Saleswomen serve customers, pack the goods, take the completed questionnaires.

Large - printed questionnaires.

Large - printout with data, figures.

A stand with indicators of different teams.

Factory, a leather processing machine is working.

Factory shop, employees work with leather.

Large - on a leather cloth the stamp of the OTC is put.

A fashion designer draws a sketch on paper.

Various sketches of shoe models hang on the wall, fashion designers and shoe designers work at the tables.

An employee cuts out a blank.

There is a tailor's tool on the desktop, a shoe master is working.

The employee grinds the sole of the shoe.

The company's employees are discussing sketches at the table.

Large - the "Commonwealth Agreement" form, various frames related to the production of shoes appear on it.

Key words


Locations: Chelyabinsk [885]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Says a representative of the shoe industry.

Chelyabinsk regional shopping center - shopping areas, different sections, departments, shoppers go.

The cashier is at the checkout, the buyer pays for the purchase.

Different shots of people carrying purchases.

At a meeting with trade representatives, the buyer expresses his opinion about the design of the Etalon store, the display of goods, advertising, etc.

Large -scale advertising poster of the company "Etalon".

The office of the Etalon company - employees work in the office, talk on the phone, etc.

View of the store of the company "Etalon" in the shopping center on the second floor.

Shots with different models of clothes in the store.

Warehouse, women look and discuss fabrics.

Fashion designers, production employees, look at fabrics, take measurements, etc.

Catwalk, models show clothes.

The visitors of the shopping center are watching a fashion show.

A woman in the hall is writing something on a piece of paper.

Large - forms of questionnaires.

Large - a sewing machine is working, the hem of a red dress is being sewn.

Seamstresses at work.

The general plan is a sewing workshop, employees work at sewing machines.

In the store, the saleswoman shows the dress to the customer.

A woman comes out of the fitting room in a red dress.

The saleswoman packs the dress, puts it in a box.

Stairs in the shopping center, a panorama of the sign "Etalon".

Meeting-a meeting of trade workers at a set table.

Saleswomen of the shopping center.

Panorama of the department with pavloposadsky shawls.

A saleswoman in the outerwear department helps customers choose and try on different models.

The customer leaves the department, talks to the saleswoman.

Large - hands measure a decorative ribbon.

The saleswoman shows an umbrella.

A woman chooses clothes.

The saleswoman behind the counter shows the goods to customers.

Young people near hangers with clothes, a saleswoman helps a young man try on a jacket.

The saleswoman shows the woman different models of dresses.

Trade representatives discuss various problems of their industry at the table, talk about the stress that sellers are experiencing, and so on.

Packaging department - an employee packs a purchase.

The hall of the shopping center, a sign is visible - "Salon of services".

Trade representatives speak.

View of the building of a shopping center in Chelyabinsk.

Panorama of a table with cups and vases with flowers, empty chairs.

Shopping center, panorama of the hall, departments, sections.

Saleswomen at their workplaces, preparing for the opening of the store.

Large - signage, the arrow is lit.

Glass doors of the shopping center

Key words

Trade, shopping center, shop, fashion show, mannequins, sewing workshop

Locations: Chelyabinsk [885]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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