For themselves and posterity (1968)

Documentary №39816, 1 part, duration: 0:10:14
Director:G. Livanov
Screenwriters:G. Livanov
Camera operators:A. Dekach


The film is about the need to protect nature in the urban environment.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscape: trees, flowers in the meadow.

Little child standing on a meadow.

Wildflowers, butterfly on a flower.

Landscape with the river, the bridge in the background.

Swans on the water.

Lilac blossoms.

View of Manors building with columns.

Coniferous forest.

Cut tree falls.

Tree stump on the ground.

The branches of the trees in the meadow.

Trees reflected in water.

Factory chimney smoke.

PNRM. on earth cracked by drought.

Watering the lawn watering machine in town.

Tractor driven watering installation.

Flowering trees.

The alley of the park walking women with prams.

PNRM. by tall trees.

Ran children.

Green urban area, trams go.

Flowers on a city lawn.

Woman relaxing in the park on a bench.

Collect flowers.

On a river near the lattice parapet are two girls looking at the water.

Trees on the shore of the pond.

Woman on a park bench.

In the city there are trees along the streets.

Flowers on trees.

In the park walking people.

The buses on the street.

PNRM. by park greenery.

Shrubs with flowers.

PNRM. on transparencies "Lenin live forever" and greenery of the park to the poster portrait of Lenin.

Book with the title "The Law on the Protection of Nature in the RSFSR," Through pages (multrabota).

Children on an excursion in the park.

Female tour guide at the booth, listening to children.

A man standing on a ladder, trim saws tree branches.

Earthworks: a tractor with a bucket, people with shovels.

Watering the flowers out of the hose.

Female tour guide and the children at the stands on the protection of nature.

Poster dedicated to greening the city.

PNRM. the block of urban brick houses.

Children at the playground: swinging on a swing, play ball, jump.

Woman on a park bench with a baby stroller.

Watering flowerbeds hose.

On a bench in the hospital, patients are sitting in a bathrobe.

Children go to school.

Young people are engaged in gymnastic exercises.

Green areas in the territory of the industrial enterprise.

Detail of the animated movie: smoke from factory chimneys goes towards the residential district of the city, between the industrial facilities and buildings arise rows of green trees.

Trees on the shore of the pond.

In the field of dandelions grow.

A pile of debris near the tree.

Inscriptions carved on a tree trunk.


The land affected by drought.

The bus in the countryside exit of passengers.

Poster: "The Forest - national wealth.

Protect him from the Fire! "Rest on the meadow, adults and children sitting on the grass, playing with the ball.

Schoolchildren plant trees around the school building.

Women put plants.

The vegetation on the banks of the river bridge.


Girl picking flowers in the meadow.

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