Tree in an old house (1993)

Documentary №39851, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:36
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:L.Kozireva, O.Cherkasova
Screenwriters:Kozyreva, Sterengarts
Camera operators:Romanenko


The film describes Russian Christmas traditions. Traditional Christmas decorations are reproduced at the State United Museum in Yekaterinburg.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


An old wooden two-storey house, lights are turned on in the windows.

Panorama of the house, children and adults walk in the door.

Children from the street are looking out the window, waving their hands.

In the hallway, parents undress children, comb their hair, prepare for the holiday.

Children look in the mirror.

Reconstruction - children in costumes of the early 20th century in a room, near a large mirror in a gilded frame.

A woman comes down the stairs, enters the room, greets the children.

Children climb the stairs.

The woman turns to the children.

Children are sitting on the stairs.

A woman tells children about Christmas.

Different shots with the faces of children.

Reconstruction - the beginning of the 20th century, the family and servants in the house are preparing for Christmas, washing, cleaning, decorating the house, sewing costumes, etc.

The grandmother-cook in the kitchen rolls out the dough, the children are spinning nearby, the cook takes out a baking tray with ready-made cookies, the children grab cookies, sit under the table.

The cook puts a bowl of kutya on the windowsill, stirring it.

The woman continues to tell the children about the traditions of celebrating Christmas in Russia.

Reconstruction - late evening, the servant opens the door, a large Christmas tree is brought into the house, they lift it up the stairs, they bring it into the hall.

A boy and a girl watch as they decorate the Christmas tree.

The woman leads the children into a small hall where there is a decorated Christmas tree.

Children look at the Christmas tree, listen to the woman, answer questions.

A woman shows children an ancient instrument - a harmonium.

Reconstruction - a lady plays the harmonium, adults and children dance at the Christmas tree, lead round dances from room to room, have fun and so on.

Children on holiday, near the Christmas tree.

Evening, a Christmas tree with a garland, dim lights, empty rooms in the house.

Panorama on different wall clocks.

A woman leads the children into a room with toys, opens a chest, starts music.

Key words

Christmas, holiday, museum, Christmas tree

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Reconstruction - a large music box is playing, a boy and a girl look at how it is arranged, look at toys, moving figures.

Children tell a scary fairy tale, fantasize.

Shots with dolls.

A boy and a girl climb under the table.

Shots with a moving doll.

Different shots with dolls, a rat, soldiers.

A rat is caught, put in a cage, and a boy and a girl are called to the table.

Panorama of the old rooms in the house - furniture, toys, interior items, a covered festive table, a Christmas tree, etc.

Vintage Christmas tree toys, decorations.

Panorama of the Christmas tree, the festive table.

Family at the festive table.

A woman calls a boy and a girl to the window.

Outside the window - children and girls are playing, caroling.

Carolers come into the house, arrange a performance.

Large - the dog looks at the carolers, starts barking.

Carolers, family members, guests, children have fun, sing folk songs, dance.

A woman distributes treats to carolers.

Faces of children.

A man comes out in a sheepskin coat and with a stick and announces that the performance begins.

A puppet theater is playing.

Children with candles in their hands are watching the performance.

The shown puppet show on the theme of Christmas.

The faces of the children alternate with shots of a puppet show.

The children blow out the candles, a mummified bear appears, starts scaring the children.

Children and adults get into a round dance, do not let the bear out, then the bear breaks out and takes the woman with him.

Firecrackers are shooting, everyone lights sparklers, starts dancing, having fun, leading round dances.

Christmas tree, a little girl removes toys from the tree.

Freeze frame - b/w photo of a little girl.

In the frame - old b / w photos, vintage Christmas cards.

Reconstruction is a group photo of a family.

The holiday is over, the woman blows out the candles, leaves the room, closes the door.

Key words

Christmas, holiday, Christmas tree, caroling

Seasons: Winter [823]

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