Beyond the visible (1981)

Documentary №39871, 1 part, duration: 0:09:08
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Makeranetz



The film shows how the man, using the power of his mind, has been moving apart the borders of the invisible.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Pass through the woods, a ray of sunshine.

The bright light of the sun through the leaves.

Green leaves growing on a branch (multrabota).

Sprouts grow from the ground (multrabota).

Slow movement of the wings bees (Rapid).

Movement of cells under a microscope.

A photograph of a star cluster.

Etching: vintage monks and scholars.

Drawings of the structure of human muscle.

Picture: man looking out the window through a lorgnette.

Opening flaps world's largest telescope.

The elements of the telescope.

Scientists at the telescope.

Antique microscopes in the museum.

Electron microscope, a scientist at the microscope.

Fly Drosophila is placed under the microscope.

Image of Drosophila in the microscope.

Spinning radar radar.

The screen shows the operation of the radar.

The plane flies in the sky.

Woman looking at the device (imager).

Picture taken with a thermal imager.

Investigation of patients using the device of radioisotope assay.

Job computed tomography.

Pictures taken tomography.

Vintage pattern.

Examination of the pictures using ultraviolet, infrared and X-rays.

Example of restoration of ancient icons.

Shooting from space made by infrared rays.

Camera, removes millions of frames per second.

Examples of application of this camera - there is a light in the lamp, shots of a quantum of light, the bullet pierces right through the balloon.

Using high-speed cameras to determine the stability of structures.

Scientist looking into a microscope.

Growth of crystals in the light beam.

Blooming tulip bud (Rapid).

View of the solar corona, using a special survey.

The picture stars in space.

Figure depicts the profile of the person and the globe.

Figure: man against the sun.

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