Sobriety in the home and at work (1986)

Documentary №39872, 1 part, duration: 0:05:02
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Voronkov A.
Sound mixer:Suslov V.


The film points out the crucial importance of sobriety in aviation.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The plane takes off.

There is a group of pilots.

The car is near the entrance, the man gets out.

The man puts a cap on the girl's head.

The company gets into the car, leaves.

The queue outside the liquor store.

Large - street clock, shows the time of 2 pm.

The queue at the liquor store.

The correspondent interviews a man who is going to get in line, asks him questions.

The man leaves.

The correspondent is talking to another man.

People in line.

The man answers questions about alcohol, about whether drinking interferes with work, etc.

Then the man and his friend leave.

People from the queue at the liquor store - different shots.

Airfield, plane on the tarmac.

In the frame - various employees of the airfield, equipment, etc.

Employees repair, check aircraft engines, landing gear.

Employees, dispatchers in a special room, with devices, monitors, etc.

An elderly employee checks the plane.

Large - a document, signed.

The correspondent talks to an elderly employee, Nikolai Alekseevich, asks him questions about marriage at work.

Repair shop, a man takes out a hidden stash, drinks, snacks, leaves.

Large - a hand with a screwdriver, it is not immediately possible to tighten the part.

The man's tense face.

Sheets of the wall newspaper "Lightning" - it is written about drunk employees.

Drunk people are unloaded from the police car, taken to the detox.

There is a very drunk man who was talking to a correspondent shortly before.

The sign "Medical detox".

A man is led into the detox by police officers under his arms.

Teenagers on the playground - drinking, smoking, playing guitar.

The sound of a police car siren is heard, teenagers run away.

On the ground, an unfinished bottle of alcohol, cigarette butts.

An empty playground.

The queue at the liquor store.

A happy family is relaxing in nature, running on water.

The plane takes off.

Key words

Drunkenness, alcoholism, detox, liquor store, airfield, airplane

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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