Soviet Ural Mountains 1990 № 2 The reference edge

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: T. Vasiljeva

Operators: A. Tregubov, A. Krugovih, V. Monastirskij


Wine Riot in Sverdlovsk. Workshop Deputies "For Russia a full-fledged" in Tyumen. Difficult living conditions in the slums of Chelyabinsk.

Social life | Domestic policy

Reel №1

December 29, 1989.

Wine Riot in Sverdlovsk.

A crowd of people in the square.

The inscriptions on the houses' Forward to Communism! "," Let strengthens friendship of the Soviet peoples. "

People in the crowd are outraged (voices in the frame).

USSR People's Deputy says Vasiliev about the unfair treatment of Russian (synchronously).

Winter, Chelyabinsk.

Embankments under the snow.

Man digging, carries a bucket to the ground.

Rolling town.

Children, old lucky sled.

Says USSR People's Deputy of the RSFSR Zuikov of lawlessness in political terms (synchronously).

Crush the square.

Police pushes protesters.

Tyumen, in November 1989.

Workshop of People's Deputies of the USSR. Deputies are registered, chatting in the lobby.

Deputies at the tables.

Behind the podium LL.D. G. Litvinov reads a report on the economic and social problems in the RSFSR (synchronously).

Older woman in a private home.

Sparse furnishings.

An old woman sitting on a bed.

Old woman drowns stove coal Pounds potatoes in a saucepan.

Old women talk about the horrific living conditions in town wagon (synchronously).

Children walk between residential cars.

USSR People's Deputy says Vasiliev (synchronously).

Women talk about their distrust of Deputies (synchronously).

Protesters in the square Sverdlovsk police.

Says lawmaker USSR Zuikov the necessity of equal rights to all republics of the RSFSR (synchronously).

Older women are clearing the railroad tracks.

MPs sit in chairs, talking.

MPs sit in chairs, talking.


S.Vasilev V.Zuykov G.Litvinova


Sverdlovsk Tyumen Chelyabinsk