Kasli art castings (1980)

Documentary №40001, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:02
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:N.Nikiporenko, E.Kvaskova
Screenwriters:Sergeev V.
Camera operators:Nikiporenko N.


The film is dedicated to the art of Kasli casting.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The title is the Kasli art casting.

A rustic landscape - a field, a river, a forest and the domes of a temple can be seen in the distance.

Morning, the sun is reflected in the river.

Village street - river, wooden house, two boats on the shore.


Cows are walking down the street.

The domes of the temple are visible behind the house.

Group photo - Kasli masters of artistic casting.

Portraits of Kasli masters at work.

Liquid red-hot metal is pouring.

The master shaper prepares the mold for casting, covers the figure with sand, compresses the mold, taps it.

The master takes out the finished form, completes it.

Hot metal is pouring out of the bucket.

The master taps the form with a hammer.

Large-in a tin cup of special tools (coiners), for working on metal, the master coiner takes one and with the help of a special hammer makes the coining of a horse figure.

The master takes the coinage and processes the figure in the form of a sleigh.

A large-metal figure in the form of a sleigh with peasants sitting in them, a horse is harnessed to the sleigh.

Large-the hands of the master who makes the glazing and painting of the finished figure.

Large-the master paints a figured metal vase.

Hitting the camera on the shelves with figures.

The exterior staircase of the house has openwork metal patterns at the base.


Portrait of the sculptor-academician-Mikhail Denisovich Kanaev.

Photo - the city of Kasli, a panorama of a white building.

Large-various samples of Kasli casting (figurines).

Portrait-sculptor Pyotr Karlovich Klodt.

The sculpture of the fabulist Krylov in the Summer Garden in St.


Large-yellow autumn leaves on a tree.

Panorama of the details of the Krylov sculpture.

The general plan is a sculpture of Krylov.

Anichkov Bridge in St.

Petersburg, the famous sculptures of horses (different plans from different points).

Cabinet sculptures by Klodt (sketches for equestrian groups), cast in the city of Kasli.

Portraits of sculptors-Liberich, Lancere.

Sculptures of a bear, a dog, a soldier with a woman on a horse, soldiers on horses.

Paintings - rural landscape, work at the factory.

Portrait-Academician of sculpture Nikolai Romanovich Bach.

Rural landscape - a horse harnessed to a cart is riding along the road, a river, mountains in the distance, the sun is setting.

Large-red lilies, a panorama of the tombstone.

A figure made of cast iron - scenes from the life of animals and birds.

Portrait - Robert Bach, sculptor, brother of Nikolai Bach.

Sculptural busts by Robert Bach-Krylov, Lermontov, Tchaikovsky, Rubinstein.

Figures of Mephistopheles, Don Quixote (works of the French sculptor Gaultier).

Figurines of Gogol's characters (works of the sculptor Solovyova).

Large-cast-iron bas-reliefs on the theme of the Patriotic War of 1812 (copies of the works of Fyodor Tolstoy).

Various openwork metal products - dishes, a box, a chain.

A small figure of a dog lies on the palm of your hand.

There are small animal figures on the table.


Klodt P.K., Bah N.R., Bah R.N., Kanaev M.D.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Various figurines and sculptures on ancient themes are shown.

Large-portrait bust of a girl.

A figurine of a master minter at work.

Group photos of the Kasli masters.

Hot metal flows from the bucket and is poured into molds.

The work of the masters is the preparation of forms.

An old woman is sitting on a pile of rubble near the house.

A woman with a rocker leads a cow into the yard.

Sculpture of an old woman with a spindle.

Sculpture of a peasant at the plow.

Sculpture of a man on a sleigh with a horse.

Sculpture of a master at work.

Sculpture of a man with a box on his back.

The sculpture is a scene from rural life.

Rural landscape - forest, river.

The Kasli cast-iron pavilion, restored in the 50s of the 20th century by the descendants of the Kasli masters-samples of works.

Monument to the fighters for the revolution.

Sculpture of Lenin.

Portrait bust of Lenin.

The bas-relief depicts N. G. Tolmachev, a revolutionary, a military commissar.

Bas-relief with the Rose of Luxembourg.

Sculptural images of three heroes.

Samples of genre sculptures.

Bare branches of trees, birds are flying.

The works of sculptors Balandin, Anikin, Gilev - figurines of a woman with a rifle, soldiers, sailors.

Eternal flame.

Monument to the Unknown Soldier.

Moscow, Kievskaya Metro station, a train is going over the bridge from above.

Various elements of Kaslin casting on bridges, grilles, fences in Moscow.

Panorama of the Historical Museum in Moscow.

The halls of the museum.

Cast-iron figures adorn the locks of the Volga-Don Canal.

Forest, morning.

Rural landscape - a field, a forest can be seen in the distance, a cart with a horse is driving.

Village street.

The sculptor's workshop.

Sculptor Alexander Vasilyevich Chirkin at work.

Samples of the sculptor's works from the cycle "In the Old Urals".

The openwork box is on the table.

Samples of the works of the sculptor Gilev, the chief sculptor of the Kasli plant.

The sculptor is engaged with students.

Young artists at work.


Figurines, cast by Kaslin masters.

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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