Who will dispel the clouds?. (1988)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: I.Persidskij

Script writers: Persidsky

Operators: Persidsky


The film tells the story of a catastrophic ecological situation in Nizhny Tagil and attempt to reach out to citizens and city leadership NTMK.

Ecology | Industry | Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

Nizhny Tagil, industrial landscapes.

Smoke from factory chimneys.

Says the woman with a small child on air pollution (synchronously).

Says the doctor at Children's Hospital of toxic emissions and childhood illnesses (synchronously).

Hospital ward, babies in cribs.

People go to tram.

Leaflet on the tram, go to the rally calling.

Photos from the rally against environmental pollution.

Residents of Nizhny Tagil with posters.

The voices of the speakers (behind the scenes).

The leaders of the city in the crowd (photo).

Nizhny Tagil city committee of the Komsomol.

YCL and the members of the initiative group Uralvagonzavod at the meeting.

Komsomol leaders say about the meeting and administrative obstacles (synchronously).

Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Combine.

Open-hearth furnaces, fire, smoke.

Steelworker, a member of the Central Committee of Komsomol Andrew Trubin.

Article Trubina in the newspaper.

Trubin oversees the work of the factory machinery.

Smoky shop.

Freight train leaves from the plant.

Andrew Trubin with his son on the river bank.

New 9th coke battery at the plant.

Fumes, smoke columns, pipes and metal structures.

Said Superintendent of Public mine technical supervision Nikolai Gavrilov (synchronously)

The production capacity of the plant.

Thick smoke emissions, burning.

Pipes, furnace, trolley.

Documents in the prosecutor's office.

Wall smog over the plant.

Smoggy city, transport on the streets.

Post office, filling letters.

Steel pouring from open-hearth furnaces.

The plant operates at full capacity.

Articles in newspapers.

Key words



A.Trubin N.Gavrilov


Nizhni Tagil

Reel №2

Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Combine.

Steelmakers in the open-hearth furnace.

Citizens on the waterfront.

Environmental Action Club "Purification".

Said a member of the club, turner (synchronously).

Photos and motivational pictures on the bench.

Poster encourages citizens to rally.

Citizens with children.

Member says in speaker (synchronously).

Citizens are collecting signatures.

June 5, the day of the meeting.

Let the area before NTMK, buses.

Says the woman with the child about the protest against the actions of management of the plant and the city (synchronously).

People close to the overlapped area of the rally.

The meeting of the initiative group in the Komsomol.

Says a member of the environmental club "Purification" (synchronous).

Protesters communicate in a factory park.

From the scene says CEO NTMK V.S.Novikov (synchronously).

Citizens on the benches.

Said party secretary NTMK N.D.Sharov about abusive to guide children's drawings of the plant (synchronously).

Hospital ward.

Children are connected to ventilators.

Children's drawings on the theme of ecology.

CEO says NTMK V.S.Novikov (synchronously).

City Square.

Felled trees in the alley.

Urban functionaries in the park.

Dried young trees.

Says the citizen (synchronously).

Rally in the square.

He said about the ecological catastrophe in the city of chronic diseases (synchronously).

Factory chimneys smoke.


N.D.Sharov V.S.Novikov


Nizhny Tagil [880]

Reel №3

Steelworker says Andrew Trubin (synchronously).

NMTK shop, open-hearth furnaces.

Steelmakers are working under a collapsed roof.

Operators at the control panel.

Molten cast pipe line.

Said a senior mill operator Veniamin Yarin Large-size plant (synchronously).

Moscow, XIX All-Union Conference of the CPSU. Yarin a speech at the podium (synchronously).

Ministerial officials at the plant communicate with the workers.

Heavy smoke.

Steelmakers are working in the shop.

Andrew Trubin with a partner is cast pipe.

Factory capacity of the furnace.

The molten steel is poured.

Types of fumed plant on top.


A.Trubin V.Yarin


Nizhny Tagil [880] Moscow [820]