Resort "Ust-Muscled" (1972)

Documentary №40092, 1 part, duration: 0:09:42
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio


An advertising film about a resort in the Perm Region in the village of Ust-Kachka.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A motor ship with passengers sails to the pier.

Vacationers arrive at the Ust-kachka resort.

The doctor reads the letters of people who rested in the sanatorium.

Panorama of the mountains surrounding the resort.

Types of nature of the Perm region.

The boat is sailing on the Kama River.

River pier.

The territory of the resort.

An old photo from 1935, the creation of the resort.

Photos of the first buildings of the resort.

Portrait of one of the founders of the resort, Professor Yasnitsky.

Photo of Professor Modestov.

Filming of Professors Golshmit and Golushchavin.

A well for the extraction of mineral water.

Drawings of the ancient sea that existed in ancient times on the site of the resort.

Swimming pool in the sanatorium.

Cartoon depicting the constituent elements of the mineral water of the Ust-Kachka resort.

The elements contained in mineral water are highlighted on the periodic table.

Experience with plants.

Panorama of the resort.

People walk along the alleys of the park in the resort area.

Vacationers gather near the buildings of the sanatorium.

Children's rheumatology sanatorium "Orlyonok".

Children play under the supervision of doctors.

Kids are doing exercises.

Adult vacationers communicate in the park.

Gastrointestinal department of the resort.

Walking in a pine grove.


People go for procedures.

View from the grove on the new buildings.

A set table in the dining room of the sanatorium.

Dining room with covered tables.

Large-hand pours mineral water.

The well pumps mineral water from underground.

The laboratory assistant collects water for analysis.

Analysis of the mineral composition of water.

Sharko's shower.

Mineral bath.

Gymnastics in the pool with mineral water.

Vision check.

Checking the patient's health while taking a mineral bath.

A room with mineral baths.

Walking along the recommended routes.

Vacationers play volleyball.

The beach on the banks of the Kama River.

Vacationers sunbathe in the sun.

Ball game on the beach.

Children swim in the river.

Vacationers go water skiing.

People pick berries in the forest.


Sunset on Kama.

Evening walks along the Kama embankment.

Motor ships at the pier.

Key words

sanatorium treatment.
mineral water.


Yasnickij Petr Alekseevich, professor. Modestov Vasilij Kornilovich, professor.

Locations: Perm Krai [763]


Ust-Kachka resort

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