Soviet Ural Mountains 1990 № 29 "...To the ground.And then ...? "

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The meeting at the place where the royal family was executed.

Reel №1

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: is a group of royal officials.

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: marching soldiers on the parade ground.

Titer - "Keeping pace with the world imperialism has stepped Tsarist Russia."

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: Tsar Nicholas II system bypasses soldiers on the station platform.

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: the crowd, waving his cap.

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: factory whistles.

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: meetings, demonstrations, performance oratorshi bear posters.

Titer - "Fourth of March people learned about the abdication of Nicholas the Bloody."

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: the crowd waving his arms, hats.

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: removed from the wall of the house signboard "Supplier of the court of His Imperial Majesty."

Above the crowd two hands holding a portrait of Nicholas II. The picture about the shooting of the royal family.

People in the area where the house was Ipatyevsky candles.

Rally speech a man in a suit and tie, he urged to build a temple on the site of the death of the royal family.

Another speaker said.

Girl 3-4 years trying to light a candle for her man waves his hand and says, about the shooting of the royal family.

It takes a priest.

Burning candles.

The priests conducted the funeral service.

Portrait of Tsar Nicholas II (photo).

Portrait of Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna (photo).

Portrait of four daughters of the king (photo).

Portrait of Tsarevich Alexei (photo).

Portrait of the royal family (photo).

A woman in a scarf crosses and bows.

Church in scaffolding.

Candles burning in the hands, palms cover the flames.

Candles and flowers on the ground.

Portrait of Nicholas II. Pre-revolutionary newsreel: the demonstration, carrying placards about freedom, equality and socialism.

Chronicle: Lenin stands in the room.

Modern Poster: Lenin speaks, the person listening.

Pre-revolutionary newsreel: the crowd, waving his cap.

Portrait of Yakov Sverdlov in the hands of people at the rally.

The general plan of the city square with the rally.

Figure, which shows the Ipatiev house.

Speakers of the decision of the party leadership of the country to shoot the royal family.

Travel to the number (в„– 14) brick house near the square.

The sign "Street.

Sverdlov" PNRM. from the bottom up on the monument, which were only feet.

The upper part of the statue of Lenin lies on the ground separately.

Firefighters on the roof dismantle the slogan of the big letters, which left "Forward to a ...".

A crowd of people in the square with bw

People communicate.

The police are watching.

Meeting with the speakers.

Portrait of Nicholas II. Photo Ipatva basement in the house after the shooting, bullet holes on the walls.

Newsreel: Lenin says - Major.

View: monument, which were only feet on the pedestal.

Poster "The authorities do not give power to take."

Boris Yeltsin greets, shaking hands.

Grandmother carries a picture of Yeltsin with the words "Vote for Boris Yeltsin."

Boris Yeltsin speaking at the microphone.

Grandma shouts of "Hurrah!", A still picture.

Shots storming of the Winter Palace (from Eisenstein film "October")


BN Yeltsin - Soviet statesman, first President of the Russian Federation.





Domestic policy; The revolutionary events of 1917; History