Navigation (1979)

Documentary №40278, 5 parts, duration: 0:49:50
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Trifonov


The film shows the heroic labour of Polar sailors struggling to prolong the navigation down the Northern sea way.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Arctic Ocean is covered in ice.

A ship in the ocean.

A caravan of ships in the ocean.

Sailboats of the 16th century (figure).

Portrait of Peter I.

Portrait of V. Bering.

The history of the development of the Northern sea route in drawings.

Portrait of A. Nordenskiold.

The way of the icebreakers "Vaigach" and " Taimyr "(animation).

Monument to Peter I in Arkhangelsk.


Arkhangelsk port.

An icebreaker in the ice.

Unloading of incoming cargo.

Kharasaveyskoye gas field.

Port of Dudinka.

A quarry in Norilsk.

Mining of ore in the mine.

Metallurgical plant in Norilsk.

Nadezhdinsky copper-nickel plant.

Swimming pool.

Indoor ice rink.

Children in kindergarten.

Flower shop.

The Khanty hydroelectric power station.

Power lines.

Key words




Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Streets of Murmansk.

Printing house.

Murmansk port.

The transport vessel "Captain Myshevsky".

The nuclear-powered ship "Siberia".

The captain of the nuclear-powered ship "Siberia" V. K. Kochetkova (synchronously) about the upcoming flight.

B. A. Krutskikh (synchronously).

The nuclear-powered ship "Siberia" is paving the way in the ice.

Cleaning of the ship's premises.

Galley (baking bread).

Preparing lunch.

The history of the creation of icebreakers in drawings and animation.

Icebreaker "Ermak"(chronicle).

Engine room of the icebreaker "Siberia".

The electronic computing center of the icebreaker.

The captain and his assistant at the helm.

The ship's dining room, the women set the table.

"Siberia" breaks the ice.

Kravtsov Yu. F. (synchronously).

Ice through the ship's porthole.


Kochetkov V.K. -kapitan atomohoda "Sibirj". Kruckih B.A.-zamestitelj nachaljnika ekspedicii po nauke Kravcov Yu.F. -zamestitelj nachaljnika ekspedicii po kosmicheskomu obespecheniyu plavaniya

Locations: Murmansk region [789]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The satellite determines the coordinates of the vessel.

Instrument readings.

Meeting on board the icebreaker.

Chronicle of 1932-the icebreaker "Alexander Serebryakov" goes on a campaign.

M. I. Shevelev (synchronously)

Chronicle of the 1920s pilot B. G. Chukhnovsky -the first polar pilot.

The IL-14 aircraft.

Yu. F. Kravtsov (synchronously).


A set of equipment that receives satellite signals.

Images taken from Space.

The pilot is in the cockpit of the aircraft.

Discussion of the choice of the optimal course.

The helicopter rises into the air from the platform on the ship.

The icebreaker is moving through the polynya.

A polar bear swims next to an icebreaker.

Swimming pool on an icebreaker.

The officers are in the mess hall.


Head of the Administration of the Northern Sea Route K. N. Chubakov (synchronously).


Majnagashev B.S. -nachaljnik ekspedicii. Shevelev M.I. -letchik polyarnoj aviacii, nachaljnik Polyarnoj aviacii Glavnogo upravleniya Severnogo morskogo puti Kravcov Yu.F. -zam. nachaljnika ekspedicii po kosmicheskomu obespecheniyu plavaniya Chubakov K.N.-nachaljnik administracii Severnogo morskogo puti.

Calendar: 1920-1930

Locations: Arctic [941]


The Arctic

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo by F.Nansen.

Space photos of the Arctic Ocean.

The Great Northern Polynya on images from Space and on the map.

The village, women with strollers adapted to the Arctic cold.

Ships on the dock.

Polar bears near the housing.

Men run out of the bathhouse for blocks of ice.

Arctic weather station.

Launching the probe.

Photos of the expedition by F.Nansen.

Chronicle of 1037: pilots Babushkin and Vodopyanov.

The expedition of O. Y. Schmidt landed on the drifting ice.

The Soviet flag in the Arctic at the drifting station SP-1.


Scientists are making observations.

Diving divers to explore the ice under water.

Underwater shooting.

The radio operator transmits a message.

Electronic computing center of the Main Hydrometeorological Center.

Processing of the received information on the ship.

Yu. F. Kravtsov (synchronously).


Kravcov Yu.F. -zam.nachaljnika ekspedicii po kosmicheskomu obespecheniyu plavaniya.

Calendar: 1937

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

On the TV screen, the flight of the icebreaker "Arctic".

Photo by R. Piri.

The expedition of R.Piri 1908 (photos).

Portrait of G.Sedova.

Chronicle of the 1912-1914 Sedov expedition.

Grave crosses on the ocean shore.

The Arctic on a geographical map.

A mock-up of a shallow-seated icebreaker.

Icebreaker "Captain Sorokin".

Meeting of a caravan of ships in Dudinka.

B. I. Kolesnikov-director of the Norilsk Combine (synchronously).

A caravan of ships in the ocean.

B. S. Mainagashev on the importance of a high-latitude flight (synchronously).

Completion of the experimental flight of the icebreaker "Siberia".

Farewell of the captains.

The captain of the transport vessel "Captain Myshevsky" T. F. Krivokhizhin.

Captain of the nuclear-powered ship "Siberia" V. K. Kochetkov.

Arctic from a helicopter.

Calendar: 1912-1977

Locations: Arctic [941]

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