Soviet Ural Mountains № 2 "The holiday, which is always ..." (1991)

Newsreel №4031, 1 part, duration: 0:09:58

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flying a hang glider.

Rolling in the snow in the ski and buggy tire track.

The indoor hall playing volleyball.

Rolling in the snow in the ski and buggy tire track.

Playing volleyball, fans react immediately glider dog sitting on snow-covered ground.

Glider soars.

Rolling in the snow in the ski and buggy tire track.

Award winners at the street in the winter.

Awarding of the winners in the hall.

The man on the air photographs.

Winners: happy faces in the air and in the hall - large.

Airplane moving on the airfield.

Type in the window of the plane in flight.

Village on the river bank with the airplane.

Flood floods.

Helicopter on the ground, spinning propeller.

Unloading handmade bags with food.

Group: women and children look into the camera.

View from the helicopter taking off, the people on the ground, the river.

City streets, traffic.

Gutter hatch on the road, potholes on which the wheels of cars passing.

The car performs an exercise on driving: slalom detour obstacles.

Bus performs an exercise on driving: slalom detour obstacles.

Truck Driving performs exercise: slalom detour obstacles.

Passenger car on the road in front inhibits open hatch.

Cars driving on a road with potholes.

View on the road from traveling car.

Outdoor exhibition of flowers, fruits, vegetables.

Passers considered exposed.

The driver behind the wheel of a car.

View from the drive to the pine along the road.

From the gates of a village house woman rolling out a bike, plant, sits down, goes through the village.

Woman (E.I.Pushvintseva) photographed in nature. E.I.Pushvintseva looking through binoculars.

Plastic bag with advertising Pepsi-Cola in the hands of women.

The snow lies dead wolf around people, women, children, dog. E.I.Pushvintseva talking with the hunter.

Hunter picks up killed wolf, bear, puts it to the fence.

Dog in the snow next to the killed wolf.

A sign at the entrance to the house, "Trinity Veterinary Institute."

A man in a white coat looking through a microscope.

Scientists in white coats discussing something.

Three men on nature in a fallen tree.

The man with the movie camera is shooting handheld.

Scientists in white coats in a laboratory study cast off the scent "Bigfoot".

Car winter rides on city road.

In the cockpit of the helicopter pilot and flight engineer.

The view from the helicopter: the people on the ground looking up, they stand around the crater in the ground.

People at the crater in the ground from a fallen meteorite discussing natural phenomenon.

Man in protective suit special measure radiation.

Scientists are washed in a pool of pieces of the meteorite.

The man at the center of the funnel shows a raised hand piece of the meteorite.

People view the fragments of the meteorite.

View from a helicopter taking off.

Helicopter pilots in the cockpit.

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Locations: Bashkiria [883] Perm Krai [763]

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