Our young adult children (1980)

Documentary №40312, 1 part, duration: 0:10:01
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Kireyeva
Sound mixer:Zatulovskij E.


A film about teenage problems.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Winter, the street, there is a group of young people.

Young people fool around, have fun, play snowballs, throw each other into snowdrifts, and so on.

A woman is sitting in the hallway.

Large - hands crumple the handkerchief.

Street lights are hanging, school bags are hanging on the fence and on the lanterns.

Teenagers climb over the fence, ride on the gate, play.

Large - a briefcase and a briefcase on the ground, two teenagers talking.

Two guys are reading a book near the fence.

Freeze frame - doctor Almazov B. N. On the screen there is an image of a Vitruvian man, as well as images of various buildings, monuments symbolizing different eras.

Animated image - a modern city, people, houses, highways, cars, etc.

The causes and consequences of acceleration are shown.

Class, a teacher enters, high school students at their desks.

The teacher leads the lesson.

The faces of schoolchildren.

The students respond.

Large - one student has a fashion magazine under her desk.

Recess - teenagers run out of the classroom.

Children fool around on the stairs, running, etc.

Large - on the table are a penknife, brass knuckles, nail scissors, lipstick, jewelry, cards, matches, cigarettes, etc.

There is a school magazine nearby.

Broken mopeds and motorcycles.

Large - a folder with a criminal case of theft.

The police leads two teenagers, puts them in a police car.

A teenager leaves school, lights up.

The sign on the door is "Psychoneurologist.

Teenage office".

The doctor is talking to a teenage patient.

The example of a teenager shows a complex process of maturation of the body.

The figure and graph explain the phenomenon of puberty jump.

A teenager measures height.

Large - scale with a mark of 162, 184. Teenagers stand on the scales.

The readings of the scales are 50, 60, 80. The teenager blows into the spirometer.

The readings of the instruments are written.

A teenager rides an exercise bike, sensors are attached to his arm, a doctor at the table records the readings.

Close-up - a hand with a stopwatch.

Large - the face of a teenager, he breathes with difficulty.

A cardiogram is written on paper.

Large - the readings of the device.

Checking the level of mental performance with the help of specially designed equipment.

Large - the face of a teenager.

A teenager performs a task.

Children's hockey match.

Books, textbooks on the table.

A teenager at a table in the library, studying.

The student answers at the blackboard.

Teenagers at the table, reading various notes of children.

A teenage girl is at the mirror, hairspray, perfume, cosmetics are lying next to her on the table.

The effect is that the mother is reflected in the mirror instead of the girl.

My father is sitting with a newspaper in front of the TV.

The exact same image of the son appears next to it.

Freeze frame - doctor Almazov B. N. School, hall, high school girls in white aprons, a girl with a guitar - children communicate, quarrel, laugh, etc.

The scene is a school band rehearsing.

The boy plays the guitar.

Teenagers dance at a disco.

Teenagers, parents are sitting in the hall.

Mom with her teenage son.

A guy and a girl are talking at the gate.

The father is walking along the road with his teenage son.

Different photos of father and son.

Key words


Seasons: Winter [823]

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