Soviet Ural Mountains 1991 № 9 "Deadline"

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Special edition of the Yarkovsky House Veterans labor.

Social life

Reel №1

Gates made of metal with a sign above them, "Welcome!" On winter road people with shovels to clear snow.

Older people are walking in the snow.

Two dogs looking into the camera.

The monument - a bust of Lenin under a cap of snow.

Older people are at the porch of the house.

Signboard "Yarkovsky house labor veterans."

Signboard "Director.

Reception on personal matters, Monday 15 to 17 hours. "Feet in slippers, beat time.

A man plays the accordion and sings about cornflowers.

Grandma in chairs listening to a song on the wall above the grandmothers picture: young girls in bikinis on the beach.

A group of grandmothers who knit and sing.

One of the grandmothers spins the thread.

Interview grandmother about the war, about his experiences.

Faces, hands grandmothers.

Group grandmothers knit and sing.

On the street on a snowy road walking elderly, dogs running.

Sparrow on snow.

Dining room, eat soup grandmother.

At tables eating elderly.

Lonely grandma goes on snow-covered road.

Alarm clock (clock 7-20) - the largest.

Interview grandmother in a white kerchief on her life.

Flower in a pot.

The icon of the Madonna and Child.

On the street on a snowy road walking elderly, dogs running.

Old man sitting on a bench on the porch, standing next to snow shovel.

Flowers in pots on the windowsill.

Sit at the table of a mature man and a woman talk about their lives.

Samovar on the table.

Bed linen with lace.

On the table are cups, candy apples.

On the wall hangs a tear-off calendar.

Grandma is standing on the street - posing for the camera.

Grandpa smokes a cigarette through a mouthpiece, making a welcome gesture to the camera - Big Grandma hard down the porch steps grandmother Another difficulty comes down the front steps, talking, leaning on a stick on a snowy road.


Tyumen region