First fight against fascism. (1989)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: N.Mikitasj

Script writers: Podyma

Operators: Dolinsky

Composers: Gromov


The film tells about the Popular Front in Spain and the Republic of 1936-1939, describes the activities of international brigades. The film uses various chronicles.

Foreign War | International cooperation

Reel №1

General view of the meeting in Madrid.

View of the center of Madrid (top).

People walking on the street.

One of the streets of Madrid.

Newsreel 1930: Valencia-Madrid highway from the car window.

Mean streets of Madrid.

Monument to Don Quixote.

Demonstration in support of the Popular Front in 1936.

Meeting in Madrid.

Participants of the rally argue among themselves.

Popular Front activists out of the car.

Points of the program of the Popular Front.

Spanish farmer tills the soil.

Photograph of members of the Spanish government.

Newsreel: are the Spanish military.

The streets of Rome.

Meeting in Rome.

B. Mussolini on Nazi rally.

Map of the Mediterranean.

Newsreel 1930: Hitler A. welcomes stormtroopers.

Women greet Hitler.

Map of the surroundings of Madrid, the hand with a pencil puts crosses.

Spanish artillery fires.

General Franco F. observes the actions of the troops.

Phalangists ride in trucks.

Republicans are firing at the enemy because of the barricades.

Medics are wounded.

Soldiers reinforce the barricade with sandbags.

A car with a machine gun passes n street.

The machine-gunners in the car.

Spanish Navy warship.

Ocean waves lapping on the shore.

Photo of General Franco.

Newsreel: The Spanish Foreign Legion soldiers sit in a transport plane.

The plane begins to run.

Spanish volunteers are recorded in the republican army.

Sergeant trains recruits.

Face Republican fighter.

Soldiers clean weapons.

Recruits learn firearms.

Officers at the observation post.

Artillery crew firing at the enemy.

Commanders are looking into the telescope.

Parade Phalangists.

German and Italian aircraft at the airport.

Italian gun on parade Phalangist forces.

Map of Southern Europe.

Newsreel: The view from the top of the railway bridge.

The bridge explodes from getting the bomb.

View of Madrid.

Posters on the streets of Madrid.

People stand in queues.

Are refugees, carry things and lead by the hand of children.

Women run across the bridge.

View of the beach of one of the French resorts.

Holiday-watching Spanish refugees in telescopes.

People are fleeing across the bridge.

Phalange rally.

Franco out of the building, sits in the car.

Cavalry rides.

Statue of Christ bear the solemn Mass.

Flying German bombers.

Burning buildings.

Flying bomber.

Burning buildings.

People take out of the ruins of an injured child.

The burning wreckage of the building.

People are standing over the body of the victim.

Women cry over the bodies of those killed in the bombing.

Photo of General Cisneros, commander of the Republican Air Force.

Newsreel: demonstration in support of Republican Spain.

A general view of Red Square.

The rally in Red Square.

Republican fighters in the sky over Madrid.

People watching the planes. falls downed aircraft.

The view from the cabin air gunner.

Republicans are watching the progress of air combat.

Drop downed aircraft.

The captain's face Soviet ship.

Spaniards welcome the Soviet ships.

Feed steamer "Zyryanin."

Spaniards on the dock welcomed the Soviet sailors.

Photos of Soviet people looking for events in Spain.

Newsreel: Soviet tankers volunteers stand in formation.

Funeral Soviet volunteer soldiers carry the coffin coffin through the streets.

Women stand at the windows with their fists.

People stand on the sidewalk and looking at the funeral procession.

The soldier's face Republican.

The face of an old woman.

Zalka M. at the council.

Writer Ehrenburg IG talking with the officer-Republican.

Journalist Koltsov ME talking with the soldiers on the front line.

Writer E. Hemingway speaks with fighters.

Key words

Antifascists The Spanish Civil War


Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and politician Adolf Hitler - German statesman and political figure Francisco Franco - Spanish statesman and political figure Cisneros and Lopez de Montenegro Ignacio Hidalgo - Spanish captain Mate Zalka (Bela Frankl) - the international revolutionary activist, writer Ehrenburg Ilya G. - writer Koltsov Fradkov - writer, journalist Hemnguey Ernest - American author




Spain [205] Madrid [873] Moscow [820] Western Europe [911] Rome [874]


Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Foreign War; Air force

Reel №2

Newsreel: recruits in the streets of Madrid.

Waving a red flag.

Foreign volunteers arrive in Madrid.

International Brigade fighters take positions.

Tank comes to the line of attack.

Gunners load a gun.

Cars drive on the streets of Madrid.

Republicans are boxes of ammunition.

General Miaja H. discusses combat situation.

Soldiers of the 11th Brigade nominated for the position.

Officers at the observation post.

Gunners firing at the enemy.

Gun commander gives the command.

The gun shoots.

Barricades in the streets of Madrid.

The slogan "Do not pass" stretched between the houses.

View of Madrid from afar.

Mussolini's fascist welcomes the participants of the event.

The personnel of the Air Legion "Condor" passes in front of Hitler, ahead-Richthofen.

Richthofen gives Hitler the report.

Troops in the area of Berlin.

German bombers over the target.

Bombs are flying down.

Collapsing houses.

Photo of German pilots receiving a combat mission.

Newsreel: planes drop bombs.

Person laughing women and children.

Types of Guernica, which was destroyed in an air raid, fragments of paintings by Picasso.

Portrait of Picasso.

Newsreel: The evacuation of Spanish children.

Passenger ship at the pier.

Map fighting near Madrid.

Newsreel: Phalangists marching through the streets of the city.

Italian troops in Spain.

Republican tankers running to combat vehicles.

Tank comes to the fighting position.

Republican fly airplanes.

On the road passing light tank.

Galloping cavalry.

The machine-gunners and artillery firing at the enemy.

Helmets Phalangist piled in a heap.

Persons prisoners Phalangists.

Republicans are considering trophy flag with skull and crossbones.

Women look like soldiers on the wall overwritten surname Hitler.

Republican troops on the streets of Madrid.

Soldiers Brigade Orchestra are on the streets of Madrid.

People greet soldiers standing on the balcony of the building.

Participants of a parade go by road.

Buildings in Madrid.

Residents of Madrid welcomed the participants of the International Congress for the Defense of Culture.

Writers A. Seghers, AN Tolstoy speak at the congress.

Members of Congress listen to speakers.

Soldiers go through the field.

Turn on the streets of Madrid.

Employee of the Spanish police keep order. employees of the funeral home next to the body of a man who died at the airstrike.

Destroyed buildings.

Map fighting in Spain in 1937-1938.

Newsreel: Franco go to the beach.

Warships at sea.

Ocean waves lapping on the shore.

The cavalry rides in the attack.

Soldiers Republicans sit in a boat to cross the river Ebro.

Fighting the river Ebro.

Photos of the head of the Republican government Negrin H.

Newsreel: Nazi activities in Germany.

Torchlight processions.

SS march through the streets of Berlin.

Map of Europe.

Newsreel: children fleeing through the snow-covered mountain passes.

Spanish refugees on the French border, the French searched refugees.

Brigades fighters are on the streets of Barcelona before leaving Spain.

Ibárruri D. welcomes fighters.

Residents of Barcelona welcome fighters.

Republican soldiers on position.

Panorama of Madrid.

General Franco bypass operation sailors.

Franco welcomes people gathered in the square.

Republicans prisoners.

Republicans lay down their arms.

Franco riding in a car, accompanied by an escort of cavalry.

Newsreel 1960: military parade in Madrid, on the street riding tanks.

Franco rides in the car on the streets of Madrid, accompanied by an escort of cavalry.

Soldiers with dogs marching down the street.

Monument to soldiers Brigades, established in Madrid after Franco's death in 1976.

Demonstration in Madrid in support of democratic change.

Types of streets of Madrid.

Cross reconciliation, set in the Escorial.

Republican in the trenches.

Photos of Guernica and modern Madrid (top).


Flamenco dancer performs.

Photos streets of Madrid during the Civil War and today.

Key words

The Spanish Civil War


Jose Miaja - Spanish captain Benito Mussolini - Italian statesman and politician Adolf Hitler - German statesman and political figure Francisco Franco - Spanish statesman and political figure Wolfram von Richthofen - German military pilot Pablo Picasso - Spanish painter, sculptor Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy - Writer Anna Seghers - German writer Juan Negrin - Spanish statesman and political figure Dolores Ibarruri - Spanish revolutionary and politician




Madrid [873] Barcelona [875] Rome [874] Berlin [821] Guernica


Summer [824] Winter [823] Autumn [826] Spring [825]

Foreign War