Perestroika. New quality of life (1987)

Documentary №40562, 3 parts, duration: 0:28:16
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Trifonov
Sound mixer:Belov V.


The film covers the accomplishments in solving everyday life, social and cultural problems in the USSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Siberian tundra, oil rig, oil workers work on the rig.

The general plan is an oil field, a torch is burning.

View of the oil and gas production base - territory, buildings, pipes, etc.

Panorama of a new microdistrict of one of the Siberian cities.

View of the old district with one-storey barracks houses.

People are in the yard, discussing something.

Panorama of barracks, hanging laundry, etc.

A man, one of the residents of the barracks, gives an interview to a correspondent.

Panorama of dilapidated one-story houses, a woodpile with firewood.

A man gives an interview.

A woman gives an interview.

A view of the crowd of residents who tell correspondents about their housing problems, a panorama of old dilapidated one-story houses, in one house children's toys are visible in the window.

Different shots with local residents who give interviews, talk about their problems, a view of the territory, old houses, etc.

The general plan is old dilapidated houses, modern new buildings are visible in the background.

A road, a passing car, a panorama of new multi-storey residential buildings.

The cinema building, posters with films hang, a crowd of adults and children near the entrance.

Panorama of the box of a house under construction.

There are baby strollers in the yard, mothers with children are nearby.

Panorama of the polyclinic building.

Corridors of the polyclinic - children with their parents near the offices, waiting for an appointment.

View of the grocery store building.

People on the street are queuing for potatoes.

Panorama of the Lithuanian city (taken from above).

The streets of the old city, cobblestone pavement, people walking.

View from the window of the old house on the square.

Communal apartment in an old house - in the hallway near the door there are different shoes, clothes hanging.

Panorama of the shared kitchen - one woman is standing near the stove, trying soup, another woman is peeling potatoes at the table.

View of the communal apartment, rooms.

In one of the rooms, an elderly woman is sitting at a table, communicating with guests.

Shots with different tenants of a communal apartment.

Different shots with new neighborhoods, modern multi-storey residential buildings.

Near the entrance there is a truck - movers bring furniture into the house, a panorama of the windows of a multi-storey building.

New apartment - tenants are sorting things, furniture.

A small child walks around the room.

A man collects a sofa, a woman sits with a child in an armchair.

A young married couple with a child from Sverdlovsk talks about a new apartment.

Furniture is brought into the room.

Says a married couple.

Different shots with new modern neighborhoods.

Different shots of modern buildings in a new neighborhood of one of the Lithuanian cities.

Different frames of modern microdistricts - a road, an interchange, new residential buildings, a park, a square, etc.

The building of the Sumy Machine-building Scientific and Production Association.

Workshops of the enterprise - modern machines, equipment, machine tools work.

Different frames of the production process, the work of the company's employees is shown.

Says a young milling machine operator Vladimir Maznov.

The work of machines in the workshop is shown, large - drill.

Says Maznov.

A man, working at a machine, presses buttons on the control panel, the drill bit rotates large.

Says Maznov.

The territory of the kindergarten, the buildings of the buildings, the man leads the child to the group.

Kindergarten - children in the playroom, at the tables, children in the hall, dancing.

The territory of the kindergarten - children pick apples in the garden.

The recreation center of the enterprise is the entrance gate, vacationers walk along the alley.

Panorama of the territory, trees, buildings, alley.

Large - mountain ash branches with berries near the building of the boarding house.

The territory of the boarding house.

Outdoor swimming pool with fountains.

Swimming pool in the building - children are engaged in swimming.

Sumy city - city streets, new modern buildings, fountains, etc.

A children's town in the form of a medieval castle.

Children play on the territory of the town, ride cars on the tracks, etc.

View of the large fountain in the park.

Ulyanovsk - view of the river, bridge, panorama of the building of the Ulyanovsk aviation industrial complex.

Factory workshop - shows the production of aircraft (different frames of the production process).

Says locksmith Vladimir Kornienko (interview footage alternates with footage of the work of employees of the enterprise).

Key words


Locations: Sverdlovsk [876] Lithuania [128]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A new apartment with rough finishing - a man comes into the room, performs various finishing works.

View from the apartment window to the courtyard, new houses, construction site.

A man insulates windows with a special material.

Panorama of new houses in the neighborhood.


Square, new houses are visible.

Top view of the new neighborhood - a view of modern apartment buildings, a school, a square, etc.

There is an airplane monument in the park.

Panorama of the city (taken from above).

Sverdlovsk - view of the city, the river.

Youth Housing Complex (MZhK) - a view of new apartment buildings.

A boy rides a bicycle in the courtyard of an apartment building.

View of new houses, courtyards, playgrounds.

There is a TV on in the office, a panorama of a round table, young specialists are sitting at the table.

Managers talk about the structure of the housing and communal services, in the frame - the faces of young professionals who have become builders of their own housing for a while.

The new youth microdistrict - various information signs, buildings of new modern buildings are in the frame.

Panorama of buildings, infrastructure of the neighborhood.

Carpentry workshop - children are engaged in the manufacture of aircraft models.

Computer class - high school students have a class.

Different shots with the guys at the computers.

There are classes at the cutting and sewing courses - girls with a teacher are working on patterns.

TV studio - the program is being recorded with the presenter at the table.

Workshop - young people work with equipment, devices, solder circuits, etc.

Riga, view of the Daugava River, the bridge and the towers of the old city.

Old Town - small streets, old houses.

Shots of various old houses in the center of Riga, a church, etc.

Old restored houses in the Old Town, a panorama of the house in the scaffolding.

Restoration work is underway to update the facade - a view of the house in scaffolding, a fence.

A crane is working, a panorama of the building in the scaffolding.

Says engineer Janis Zomers (head of the MZhK detachment).

Panorama of the building, which is being restored by the Zomers brigade.

Says Somers.

View of the building, various construction and finishing works performed by the team of the Housing and communal Services (leveling floors, putty, laying tiles, etc.).

Stanevich family in a new apartment - view of the kitchen, living room.

The Stanevichi are sitting at a table in the living room, looking at photographs.

Top view of modern apartment buildings.

Different shots of modern residential buildings in new neighborhoods.

Panorama of the market in one of the neighborhoods (taken from above).

Different shots at the market - visitors, sellers fry and sell kebabs, wooden pavilions, sell vegetables, etc.

A state farm settlement in Lithuania - a man is riding along the road, there are modern two-storey cottages along the road.

Different shots with houses, schools, cultural and wellness centers, well-groomed territory of the village, etc.

Panorama of a beautiful multi-tiered chandelier made of colored glass in the foyer of the House of Culture.

Interiors of the House of Culture - foyer, fountains, winter garden, etc.

Swimming pool with waterfalls in the wellness center.

Panorama of cottages and the surrounding area.

Men with horses are walking along the road.

Different shots of cottage houses.

Says the state farm mechanic.

A mechanic with his family on the lawn in front of his house - talks about how he built the house.

Panorama of the greenhouse, the lawn in front of the house.

In the frame - the wife of a mechanic with a child in her arms.

Young guys are resting on the lawn on the grass, a foal is standing next to them.

View of the road in the village - a car is driving, a guy on a moped.

Ural village.

Winter, snow, view of an abandoned village with old wooden houses.

Old abandoned buildings overgrown with weeds.

A dilapidated house.

Panorama of the interiors of an abandoned house.

Different shots of old abandoned village houses.

A group of locals in the courtyard.

Says an elderly woman.

Women are standing near a dilapidated house, talking about what happened before and why the village became abandoned.

The women's stories alternate with plans of old abandoned houses.

View of an abandoned village, a river in ice, old buildings, etc.

Key words

Perestroika, microdistrict, new buildings, housing and communal services, residential apartment buildings, cottage settlement

Locations: Ulyanovsk region [810] Sverdlovsk [876] Riga [969] Lithuania [128] Ural [920]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A village near the city of Sumy - a view of an asphalt road, village houses.

The construction site is a pile of white bricks, the buildings of two-storey cottages under construction are visible in the background.

Builders at the facility - a crane is working, builders are laying bricks, etc.

Panorama of the new cottages in the village.

Says a local resident.

Panorama of a grocery store, farm buildings, etc.

Says a local resident.

View of the village pond with geese.

Panorama of cottages, front gardens, village street.

Combines are working in the field.

A man on horseback, talking to a correspondent.

A herd of cows is grazing on the field.

Pig farm - panorama of pigs in pens.

View of the farm buildings in the state farm.

Processed feed is loaded into the truck body by a special conveyor.

A herd of horses is grazing on the field.

Garden partnership - view of houses and plots.

Dacha village street - houses are standing, vacationers are walking along the road, children are riding bicycles.

Summer residents work in the garden beds, a view of country houses, bushes with berries, etc.

Says the man.

Children pick berries from a shrub on their plot.

A man shows a cherry, a currant on his plot.

Large - red currant berries on a branch.

Says the man.

Large - berries of garden raspberries on a branch.

Summer residents collect berries from bushes on their plots.

A large - ripe cherry on a branch.

On the way there are workers on shift, to the factory.

Uralmash plant.

Workers enter the central checkpoint.

The workshop of the plant - different personnel of the production process, machines, equipment, etc. work.

Says the foreman of Uralmash Anatoly Korolev.

Different frames of the production process - shows the work of machines, modern equipment, in the frame - employees of the enterprise.

Says Korolev.

A young worker watches the work of the machine.

The general plan is the workshop of the plant.

The building of the Research Economic Institute.

Large - a sign on the building.

Says the director of the Institute Kostakov V. G. of the plant's workshop, various stages of the production process are shown, the worker performs welding work.

The worker of the enterprise presses the buttons of the control panel on modern equipment.

The work of industrial robots (automatic welding works) is shown.

Says Kostakov.

Riga, embankment, Daugava river, view of the towers of the old city.

City center, tram rides.

Large - a sign on the building of the "Employment Bureau".

The office of the employment bureau - employees receive visitors at the tables.

Panorama of the office, file cabinet, employees at the tables and visitors.

The employee takes out a pack of cards, goes through them, looks for the right option.

The deputy head of the bureau, A. F. Skobelev, is in the office, receives a visitor, communicates with him, writes something in the documents.

An employee is in the office at the computer, typing on the keyboard.

Says Skobelev A. F. Large - hands are sorting through cards from the file cabinet of the employment bureau.

Says Skobelev.

An employee at the table, communicating with a visitor.

Large - hands fill out the card.

Large - the employee is on the phone.

There is a work book on the table, an employee fills out a card.

The employee at the table passes the documents to the male applicant.

An employee at the table fills out a card.

Large - a hand with a ballpoint pen looks through a magazine with a list of contacts of enterprises.

An employee of the bureau is working at a computer, typing text on the keyboard.

An employee at the table gives the completed documents to the applicant.

Says Skobelev.

Key words

Perestroika, village, cottages, construction site, herd of cows, pig farm, garden partnership, Uralmash plant, employment bureau

Locations: Ukraine [229] Ural [920] Riga [969]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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