Cave (1998)

Documentary №40573, 2 parts, duration: 0:14:59
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Vladimir Popov
Screenwriters:Vladimir Popov
Camera operators:Vyacheslav Evrilov
Sound mixer:Gennadij Erikalov
Other authors:F. Stremyakov, V. Savchuk


The film tells about the amazing connection that connects the Shaitan Cave, which served as a place of sacrifice for thousands of years, and the people who now live in the village of Shaitanka.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A girl is sitting at a stump in the forest on the river bank.

Summer landscape.

Panorama of the forest and part of the river (from above).

People at the entrance to the Shaitan cave.

View of a part of the cemetery.

A local resident Gottman A.D. tells about the burials at the cemetery (synchronously).

Panorama of graves, fences and monuments, the road through the cemetery.

Views of the village of Shaitanka, the houses of the village.

Women and children at the fence.

The loudspeaker of the Shaitan radio center on the roof of the house, the radio transmission begins.

Children with a bicycle pass along the street.

A man cuts off the bark from the trunks of a tree in his yard.

Girls with a cow on the street of the village.

Bulls butt heads on the street.

Types of the entrance to the Shaitan cave.

Members of the expedition at the entrance to the cave.

Making an inventory of ancient jewelry and archaeological finds found in the cave.

Archaeological finds discovered in the cave.

One of the archaeologists is conducting excavations.

The entrance to the cave.

View of the village of Shaitanka (from above).

A copy of Rublev's" Trinity " on the wall, a local resident tells about the history of the village, its inhabitants, the surrounding nature (synchronously).

Everyday life and everyday life of the residents of the village.

Gottman's family drinks tea in the fresh air.

The faces of an elderly woman and a man with a mustache.

View of one of the houses of the village.

Residents of the village are engaged in farming.

The girl's face.

Children are sitting on a motorcycle with a homemade stroller.

A man takes away children on a motorcycle.

A woman enters the gate of her yard.

A resident of the village of Olyovo M. M., standing at the gate of her house, tells about the Germans and Romanians who lived near the village of prisoners of war (synchronously).

Summer Ural landscape.

A man drives a cow.

Entrance to the village office.

Sheep graze under the fence.

People get on the bus.

A man goes to work.

A truck with a glazed body passes by.

Gottman's face.

Young birch trees that have grown on the site of cutting.

The stump left after cutting down.

Gottman stands holding on to the trunk.

Felling of the forest.

Panorama of a rare birch forest.

Olyovo M. M. tells about his life in the village and work at the logging plant after the war.

A bridge over a stream in the village.

People on one of the streets of the village.

A loudspeaker on the roof of the house.

Talking residents of the village.

A man walks past a closed store.

A girl is standing at the fence with a child in her arms.

People are leaving along the street of the village.

The dog is behind the fence.

The cat is outside.

Calendar: 1998

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Gottman is in his yard whittling a board with a plane.

A motorcyclist passes through the forest on the street.

Gottman puts together a wooden cross.

Gottman drills a hole in the cross with a twist.

Gottman's face.

Gottman hammers a wooden pin into the hole.

Summer rural landscape, the beginning of a thunderstorm.

A woman carries a bucket of water.

Residents of the village at the entrance to the office.

A loudspeaker on the roof of the house.

Women are waiting for the store to open.

Mothers carry their children in their arms along the street of the village.

People come into the store.

Gottman carries a cross on his shoulder to the burial place of Romanian prisoners of war.

Gottman digs a hole under the cross, Gottman's face.

Panorama of the burial place of Romanian prisoners of war, Gottman sets up a wooden cross.

An inversion trace from an airplane in the sky.

Forest landscape.

Gottman and his fellow villagers are sitting on the grass near the cross he installed and talking about preserving historical memory for future generations (synchronously).

Slicing bread with an axe.

Gottman and his neighbors open a bottle of vodka and remember the dead.

A tree lying across a forest road.

A piece of wrapping paper in a puddle.

Laundry is dried in the yard.

A woman carries bread in a string bag.

A man and a woman with bags in their hands are walking along the road.

An elderly woman is standing in front of the house.

Part of the road washed away by rain.

A view of a rare birch tree.

Gottman is standing on a hill, leaning on a stick, looking at the forest, a panorama of the forest.

Memorial candles on the walls of the Shaitan cave.

Children with candles in their hands stand at the entrance to the cave during memorial prayers read by adults in Russian and German, the faces of children.

Ural forest landscape.

A man stands in the entrance to the cave.

Calendar: 1998

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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