Exchange - Volcano! (1982)

Documentary №40588, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:42
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:A. Morozov
Screenwriters:Yu. Gurvich
Camera operators:V. Kireev, R. Anisimov
Sound mixer:A. Gromov
Other authors:L. Eglit


The film informs about the exploration of Kamchatka volcanos.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sea waves.

A ship at sea.


Dolphins overboard.

View of a part of the shore.

Faces of volcanologists-members of the expedition to explore underwater volcanoes.

Launching of inflatable rubber boats with members of the expedition on board.

View of Atlasov Island.

Members of the expedition in a boat sail to the island.

Volcano on the island of Atlasova.

Processing of caught fish on board the ship.

Cleaning the ship, washing the deck with a hose.

A cloud of ash over the volcano.

Surf near the shore.

A navy seal on the coastal rocks.

Members of the expedition approach the shore.

The members of the expedition are moving towards the volcano.

Panorama of part of the island, clouds of ash rise up from the crater of the volcano.

Volcanologists lay out the collected samples of frozen lava on the litter.

The release of volcanic ash into the atmosphere.

Members of the expedition conduct surveys and studies of the eruption of the volcano with the help of special equipment, a cloud of ash over the crater of the volcano.

Volcanologists in a tent during lunch, the faces of volcanologists.

Newsreel: the eruption of Mount Etna on the island of Sicily.

The lava flow engulfs the trees.

Destruction of buildings caught in the path of volcanic lava.

The collapse of the walls of buildings.

People save their property, load it on hand carts.

The destruction of an ancient aqueduct in the path of lava.

A volcano in the Cascade Mountains in the United States.

Photos of the eruption of Mount St.

Helens in the spring of 1980 and the consequences of the eruption.

Places of active volcanoes on the map.

Views of Kamchatka volcanoes, clouds of ash erupt from the craters.

Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano.

Panorama of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (top).

Stones thrown by the Avachinsky volcano, on the streets of the city.

Panorama of the territory of the Institute of Volcanology.

Processing of data and information about the state of volcanoes in Kamchatka in the laboratories of the Institute.

Scientists-volcanologists observe one of the volcanoes with the help of special equipment and devices.

View of the volcano.

The scientist climbs onto the observation tower.

The scientist records the displacement of the surface using a light-emitting diodes.

Internal view of the light-measuring post.

The process of determining the magnitude of the resulting deformation of the earth's surface.

Volcano eruption sequence (animation).

Newspaper articles about the eruption of the Tolbachik volcano.

An expedition of volcanologists, delivered by helicopter to the awakened volcano.

Members of the expedition are observing the volcano.

The beginning of the eruption of Tolbachik, the appearance of the first fire fountains.

Lava flows bursting to the surface.

View of the extinct Tolbachik crater (top).

Frozen lava flows.

Views of the new volcano cones (top).

Volcanologists examine the area for the presence of chemical reactions inside the volcano.

Samples of rock ejected by the volcano.

Volcanologists collect samples.

Calendar: 1982

Seasons: Summer [824] Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Smoking volcano exits.

The pilot in the cockpit of the expedition plane.

Volcanologists are searching for the boundaries of hot fields from the air.

Conducting aerial photography with a thermal imager.

The heated areas in the image.

Volcanologists examine the images taken.

Creating a thermal field model using an analog machine.

The face of one of the scientists.

View of the analog machine part.

Mountain Kamchatka landscape, a group of volcanologists walking along the mountainside.

Members of the expedition at the crater of the Mutnovsky volcano, a panorama of the crater.

Volcanologists wear gas masks.

Volcanologists begin to descend into the crater.

Jets of steam gushing out of the ground.

Sampling from wells.

Volcanologists explore the nature of hot springs.

View of one of the hot keys.

Volcanologists conduct research on geothermal sources.

Volcanologists are changing their location.

Panorama of the lake in the crater of the volcano (top).

A piece of chalk begins to dissolve in the water of the lake.

Pieces of volcanic rock on the ocean shore.

Sea surf.

Flora and fauna of the sea floor.


A seagull in the sky.

View of the deck of the research vessel (top).

Special equipment on board the ship for the study of underwater volcanoes.

Preparation for the operation of the bottom seismic station.

Descent of the bottom seismic station from the ship.

A flexible hose with seismic sensors inside is unwound.

Scientists process the data obtained.

Diagram of an active underwater volcano, drawn by the recorder.

An outpouring of basaltic lava from the middle ridges on the ocean floor (animation).

The explosion of an underwater volcano.


Marine volcanologists lower a dredge overboard to collect samples of bottom volcanic rocks.

View of the deck of the research vessel (top).

Gulls on the bulwark of the ship.

Extraction of rock samples from the sea floor from the grid.

Samples of underwater volcanic rock in a wooden tray.

Scientists look at the pieces of rock found.

The gull's head.

Dolphins at the side of the ship.

The beginning of the eruption of the volcano.

Clouds of volcanic ash rise into the sky.

Deciduous and coniferous trees on the site of lava flows, Kamchatka landscape.

Calendar: 1982

Locations: Kamchatka Krai [760]

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