Soviet Ural Mountains № 3 "Opening" (1992)

Newsreel №4064, 1 part, duration: 0:09:41


Special edition of the Festival of Documentary Film "Russia" in Yekaterinburg. Participants: Tolstoy, Lunkov

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Discloses a curtain behind him the movie screen.

The cameraman shoots camera shoulder.

People climb the stairs.

Groups of people: something to discuss, give interviews.

Carry boxes with bottles.

At the table, people clink glasses.

Table talk.

On the table are printed materials, calendar, newspaper and others.

Saleswoman sits on a chair.

Advertising Festival "Russia" in Yekaterinburg.

Titer "Destiny Kuzma Poklonova" (directed by Yu Malashin, Novosibirsktelefilm), images from the film.

A man with a beard in the fur hat - Big.

Snowy Forest.

A man rides a horse through deep snow with a gun behind his back.

Spectators on the discussion of the film, talking about life in Russia.

Speak to the audience listening to sit in a large room.

A collection of wooden spoons, PNRM. with them for a couple of bast.

Another speaker.

Listen to him, the man writes something.

Titer "Red drummer" (author-opreatora D. Salimov Uzbekkinohronika), images from the film.

A man walks on a drum track, play drums.

The man with the drum is on the street among other passersby, Drumming, communicates with people on the move.

Photo - boy in school uniform in full growth.

Drunk man standing on all fours.

Photo: two men in uniform in the drum.

Drunk hardly stands up, goes reeling, hands and face towel hanging on a rope.

Black cat sitting on the ground.

Spectators on the discussion of the film. talk about life in Russia.

Speak to the audience.

Operator with a movie camera.

Another speaker said standing.

Photos abstraktsionistskogo content.

Titer "Who mows the night" (directed by G. Degaltsev, Sverdlovsk Film Studio), images from the film.

On the wall hang two clocks with pendulums vintage.

Old man with long matted hair with eyes closed.

Snowscape, on top of the mast rotates meteorological instruments for measuring the wind speed.

Spectators on the discussion of the film. talk about the art of documentary filmmaking.

Speak to the audience.


Locations: Yekaterinburg [886]

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