Awakened land (1977)

Film №40793, 1 part, duration: 0:09:02
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Gavrilova
Sound mixer:Zatulovskij E.


The film covers reforms in the Tumen area.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Siberian landscape, view of the river, forests, fields, various reservoirs (taken from above).

A large-old book.

Winter forest, there is a moose.

Snow, a small river flows.

Ice is moving on the river.

Swans are floating on the river.

Large - owl.

A sable is peeking out of a hollow in the tree.

A seagull is flying over the water.

Birds on the water.

Caught fish flutter in the nets.

A fisherman pulls a big fish out of the water.

A deer crosses the river.

A herd of deer migrates.

Part of the map of the USSR - the cities of Moscow and Tyumen are marked.

Oil workers ride on the roof of an all-terrain vehicle.

Platform, a high-rise crane is working.

A man is talking to a group of the indigenous population of the North.

The drill is working.

A woman in the oven on the street is baking bread.

There are loaves of bread on the table.

Workers at the drilling station.

Large - the drill is working.

Blizzard, snow - a truck is coming.

Large - the driver controls the car in the cab.

A truck is driving through snow and ice.

The faces of oil workers.

Fountain of oil.

Workers rejoice, shake each other.

Large - the hand scoops up oil.

The tractor transports the railway track.

Laying of the next section of the railway.

The new section of the railway is a grand opening.

The first train arrives with a banner "Glory of the CPSU".

The train is traveling on rails (view from the driver's cab).

There are new tractors on the platforms of the freight train.

Panorama of the city - new houses are visible (taken from above).

A building in scaffolding - a drawing on an industrial theme is visible.

Large - hand lays out a mosaic on the wall.

Large - the face of the artist.

The artist is working on a drawing on the wall.

The lobby of the building.

Restaurant - people are sitting at tables.

People are playing giant chess.

A girl plays the violin.

Two girls play the piano.


The plane is landing.

People board the plane.

Nizhnevartovsk airport.

Architectural bureau - employees discuss layouts of modern buildings.

Young people in painting classes, drawing at easels.

The drawing is a project of a modern building.

All-terrain tractors are driving through the snow.

Large - caterpillar tractor-all-terrain vehicle rides on the ground.

In the cab - the driver at the wheel.

The other driver is in the cab of his car.

The crane is working, the cabin is moving.

An all-terrain vehicle is driving, pulling a boat, people are sitting on the roof.

The helicopter is in the air.

A small plane takes off.

A passenger plane is flying in the air.

Panorama of the river, oil rig, road.

Drilling station.

Oil workers at work.

Panorama of the tower.

Equipment at the oil station.

A woman at the intercom panel, talking on the phone, switching buttons.

Panorama of oil tanks.

Oil pumping equipment.

The surface of the water.

Key words

Oil, nature, field, drilling station

Locations: The Tumen area

Seasons: Winter [823] Spring [825] Summer [824]

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