Recognize each other (1992)

Documentary №40799, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:48
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:A. Morozov
Screenwriters:A. Morozov
Camera operators:N. Zagorodskih
Sound mixer:E. Zatulovskij
Other authors:L. Eglit


The film tells about insect predators, representatives of the arthropod species, which bring undoubted benefits by destroying all kinds of herbivorous insects.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The beetle gets out of the ground.

Types of forest, tree trunks and a stream.

Arthropod insects on the upper layer of the soil.

An insect on a grass stalk.

A water-skimmer beetle on the surface of the water.

Raindrops fall from leaves and needles.

A worm on a leaf.

The beetle gets out from under the lumps of earth.

Representatives of the arthropod class.

The larva of the May beetle eats the plant.

The ground beetle makes its way to the larva through loose soil.

Ground beetles eat the larva of the May beetle.

A slug on a leaf of the root crop tops.

The ground beetle attacks the slug.

A black ground beetle in the ground.

The ground beetle hunts for the wireworm, eats it.

Putting an inscription on a ground beetle.

Entomologists in the forest near tents and a canopy, a reptile slides down the oilcloth.

A ground beetle in human fingers.

An insect on a flower.

Phytophagous insects eat the green leaves of plants.

Butterflies eat leaves.

Types of various harmful insects-plant eaters.

The caterpillar eats a green leaf.

Caterpillars in the grass.

The ground beetle lies in wait for the victim.

The larva of a ground beetle eats a green caterpillar.

Sand wasps destroy pest caterpillars.

The sand wasp builds a dwelling in loose soil.

The sand wasp drags its prey into a burrow.

Birch tree view (from bottom to top).

Paper wasps build a nest out of construction paper made by them from wood.

The wasp lays larvae in the nest and feeds them with a gruel of small insects.

The chicks are in the nest.

Fish at the bottom of the reservoir.

Frog in the stream.

View of the forest lake.

Ladybug on a flower.

Aphids on a green leaf suck the juice from the plant.

An ant among aphids on a leaf.

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ladybug destroys aphids.

Ladybug larva on a plant leaf.

Goldeneye eats aphids.

The larva of goldeneye cleans the stem and leaves of the plant from aphids.

Acryda on the stem of the plant.

Akrida eats fresh greens.

A grasshopper eats a caterpillar.

A grasshopper kills an acrid.

An entomologist in the forest collects insects with a net.

Young people roast locusts on a fire, eat it.

A beetle in the grass.

View of a forest stream.

View of the part of the river behind the trees growing on the shore.

A predatory bug on the stem of a plant eats a herbivorous bug, sucking its contents with its proboscis.

View of a part of a potato field.

A Colorado potato beetle on a potato leaf, larvae of a Colorado potato beetle eating a leaf.

The predatory bug moves over the larva of the Colorado potato beetle without harming it.

An anthill in the forest.

Ants eat the larva of the Colorado potato beetle.

Podizus bug on a plant leaf.

Podizus bugs pierce the larva of the Colorado beetle with their proboscis.

Podizus larvae emerge from the eggs and begin searching for a hunting object.

A young podizus attacks a Colorado potato beetle larva, punches it with its proboscis and begins to suck out its contents.

Podizus suck the larva of the Colorado potato beetle.

An adult podizus bug pulls off a Colorado potato beetle larva from a leaf.

Potato tops eaten by Colorado potato beetles.

Podizus bug, sand wasp and other insect predators on the leaves and stems of plants.

Bronze beetles take off from the flower.

Flowers in a forest clearing.

Summer landscape (panorama).

Calendar: 1991

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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