Stories about the industry of the USSR. (1989)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
On request

Director: Schelokov V.

Script writers: Karaulova G.

Operators: Dackevich A.


Despite numerous problems in the country's economy, the industry of the USSR has made outstanding achievements in several branches of science and technology.

Restructuring | Industry

Reel №1

Collage of promotional materials of the country's leading companies.

Pages of newspapers.

Tells V.I.Rybin.

Operators in the control room.


The conveyor car factory.

Construction site.

Electric welding.

Recording equipment.

Machine-Tool Plant named after Sergo Ordzhonikidze Moscow.

Factory shop.

Stella-pointer at the entrance to Uralmash (UZTM).

The movement of vehicles, type of the plant.

factory gates.

Computer Operators.

Road construction machinery.



Uralmash Museum.

Promotional booklets.

Past pointer trolley rides.


Sverdlovsk Streets.

Runners at the stadium.

Sumy Frunze.

Factory shops and facilities.

Allocation of funds for the coin example.

City streets.

Children's park.


Flock of geese.

farm type.

Tells V.I.Rybin.

The international exhibition of consumer goods "Consumexpo-89" (clothes, shoes, household items, souvenirs, electrical, plumbing, etc.).

Fashion show at the exhibition.

Alternation: V.I.Rybin, automobile factory shop.


Rybin VI - Doctor of Economics, professor, Academy of Natural Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences, a public figure.


Moscow [820] Sverdlovsk [876] Ukraine [229]

Reel №2

Newspaper article.

Blue minibus plant "RAF" is selected director.

Director V.A.Bossert.

Congratulations to the winner.

Tells V.I.Rybin.

Paton Institute of Electric behalf of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Specialist working with the workpiece.

Samples of the finished parts.

IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" in Moscow.

People come out of the service van.

A man comes into the hall.

Patients IRTC. Says SN Fedorov.

Alternating with operating a conveyor, parts of operations on the monitors, foreign experts are watching the progress of the operations.

Information stand.

IRTC Corps.

SN Fedorov at the opening of the Sverdlovsk branch.

The new operating.

SN Fedorov gives interviews.

Viewing write operations.

Exhibition of products and tools.

Diplomas and certificates.

The books on the table.

Tells V.I.Rybin.

Ivanovo machine-tool software (Ivanovo Heavy Machine Tool Plant).

The workers on the shop floors.


Diplomas and medals.

Animation: trade relations between the CMEA countries.

The influx of photographs of various industries.

Animation: the emblem of the joint venture "Homatek".

Working JV "Homatek" build CNC machines.

Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR, a copy of the rocket "Vostok-1" in front of the pavilion "Space".

pavilion halls, exhibition space technology.

Launch at startup.

Satellite in space.

Astronaut crew "Soyuz-Apollo".

Space station.

Models of spaceships.

Tells V.I.Rybin.

Managers at the console.

Power station.

metal smelting.

Crane carries a concrete slab.



Start a space rocket.

The rocket rises into the sky.


Rybin VI SN Fyodorov - Ophthalmologist, eye microsurgery, Academy of Medical Sciences and Natural Sciences, Hero of Socialist Labor, the USSR.


Riga [969] Kiev [933] Moscow [820] Sverdlovsk [876] Ivanovo region [776]