Hand, Comrade PC! (1983)

Documentary №40855, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:59
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Berkut
Sound mixer:Belov V.



The film covers the development of Soviet electronic computing technologies and the problems of introducing them into the national economy.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Animation insert - human and computer.

Factory, gear mechanisms - the master works.

Large - a crystal on a stand, rays radiate from it.

A specialist near the equipment, presses the buttons.

Employees work with computers.

A box automatically moves across a large white table.

Specialists of the electronic computing center at work.

Close-up - the image on the monitor (dots appear randomly).

The dashboard, the lights are on.

The oil pump is working.

Employees at the computer console control the oil supply process.

Oil pumps are working.

Information is displayed on the computer monitor, a panorama on the dashboard, a hand presses a button.

A wall with buttons, diagrams, etc., the inscription - "Uryevskaya-3 NPS".

Animation insert - a stargazer at the telescope, a modern man at the computer.

Location station of space communication.

A special installation armed with a computer - an employee puts a plate on a stand, under the scanner.

Different color images appear on the monitor screen.

Hospital corridor.

Doctors are taking the patient on a gurney.

The image on the monitor screen.

A man on a ventilator.

Various medical equipment equipped with computers.

On the monitor screen - indicators of the vital activity of the human body.

Large - printout of computer data, hands pointing at the data.

A consultation of doctors.

Intensive care, various medical equipment, a doctor at the patient's bedside.

Large-color graphic image on the monitor screen.

Specialists in computer and laser technologies work - various devices, lasers, high-tech equipment, images on monitors, etc. are in the frame.

Production of flat lenses using a laser and computer technology.

Close-up - camera lens and lens.

Heavy hydraulic press plant in Novosibirsk - various equipment, devices, laser technologies, etc.

Employees work in the workshops of the plant, in the frame - various stages of the production process.

Large - numbers on the device, a laser beam.

Computer department at the enterprise, employees work, a woman types on the keyboard.

The device automatically draws a diagram, a panorama on the wall with the computer system blocks.

Animation insert - a caveman with bills, a computer in the office of a modern man.

Color graphic image on the monitor.

Computer, a woman inserts a cassette reel.

Computers, equipment, a woman typing on a keyboard, etc.


Hands on the keyboard, panorama on the monitor.

Large - in the hands of an integrated circuit.

The woman puts the diagram under the microscope, looks at it.

Enlarged image of the diagram.

BIS (large integrated circuit) - next to the scale is a 10 kopeck coin.

Monitors, next to the director of the Novosibirsk Institute of Automation and Electrometry academician Nesterikhin Yu. E. Says Nesterikhin.

Large - large integrated circuit.

Nesterikhin says, shows the diagrams.

Panorama of the computer room.

Animation insert - robbers rob an electrical goods store.

The numbers on the monitor.

Employees in the computer room.

The computing center of the plant.

Employees of the center work at computers, enter data, and so on.

Craftsmen repair computer machines.

Key words




Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A woman comes out of the building with folders, gets into a minibus, leaves.

There are minibuses on the road, one of them drives up to the building with a sign "Shop 47".

Stacks of sheets with information, the woman passes them to the head.

Large - hands take large sheets of data, tear them off, put them in piles.

Plant, equipment, various production processes in the shop.

Large - the part does not fit together.

Workers and management in the shop.

Computer room, equipment.

Large - hands take large sheets of data, tear them off, put them in piles.

Computer room.

An animation insert is a computer, an employee prints a pile of papers, carries them to the workshop, and so on.

The computing center of the enterprise, employees work.

The building of the modular building of the Institute of Automation and Electrometry.

A hall in a building with automated systems.

In the center of the hall is a large high-speed machine.

Frames with various equipment.

Large - snail.

Automatic writing device.

Employees at the monitors, typing on the keyboard.

A set of standard devices in the computer room.

Employees work with the equipment of the complex.

A classroom at the institute, where they study the standards of the computer complex.

Employees at the tables, the teacher at the blackboard, on which various diagrams are drawn.

The institute's screensaver appears on the monitor.

The employee is working on the keyboard, a hand-drawn character appears on the monitor, which gives comments.

Large - the employee behind the monitor.

Information is displayed on the monitor in figures and diagrams.

Panorama of equipment, monitors, hands at the keyboard.

An employee is working at the keyboard, an image appears on the monitor.

Close-up image on the monitor, various color schemes, etc.

Close-up - the employee's face, hands on the keyboard, the image on the monitor screen.

Computer room, employees work.

A graphic image appears on the monitor screen.

Says academician Nesterikhin Yu. E. Computer room, large - equipment.

Says Nesterikhin.

The general plan is a computer room, an employee is working.

Says Nesterikhin.

Computer room, computer equipment complex, employees work.

Large - hands typing on the keyboard.

The letters and numbers of the program appear on the monitor screen.

The rolling mill of the Novosibirsk Metallurgical Plant.

The letters and numbers of the program appear on the monitor screen.

Dashboard with buttons.

Metallurgical plant workshop - production processes.

Rolling mill.

Computer monitors.

The production process in the factory shop.

Dashboard with buttons.

The cover of the brochure is "Computer analysis program for calibrations of rolls of varietal mills".

Rolling mill.

A graphic image appears on the monitor screen.

Says Nesterikhin.

Panorama of the computing center.

Various devices and equipment of the computing complex.

Computer center.

Collage - walls, floor, ceiling of various circuits, devices, etc., in the center - a person.

Key words

Computer, computer, computer center, metallurgical plant, rolling mill, monitor, keyboard


Nesterihin Yu. E. - rossijski uchenij-fizik, doktor fiziko-matematicheskih nauk, akademik RAN

Seasons: Winter [823]

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