Exodus (Russian wife). (1990)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Kozireva L.

Script writers: Komarovskaya G., Komarovskij L.

Operators: Makeranec V., Smirnov E.


The film tells about the life of Russian women who have married foreigners and left Russia forever.

Social life

Reel №1

City park in autumn.

Adults and children rest in the park.

On the road passing cars.

Two women talking.

Elderly woman sitting on a bench.

Along the path are a woman with a child and a dog.

Woman takes dog on a leash.

People on the garden path.

Photos of characters in the film: L.Vёller, L.Mizgina (Tsarev) and V.Mizgin, V.Payzh, L.Kovach, Z.Kolbe, L.Angelova, N.Maraya.

Consulate General of the USSR in Leipzig: Interview with V.S.Orehovym.

Border post.

On a post worth soldiers raised the barrier.

Border post.

The border guard looks at the camera.

Of all cars on the bridge (shooting from the car).

Multi-storey houses (shooting from the car).

Pit on the road and bushes in front of the house.

Girl playing the piano (view from the street through a window).

Questions are answered L.Vёller, Z.Kolbe, L.Mizgina, V.Payzh.

Visitors at the tables in summer cafe.

People walking on the street, stop at the shop windows.

Traffic on the streets.

Working on the reconstruction of Petrovsky Passage.

The Ministry of Construction in the southern regions of the RSFSR. Reconstruction of hotel "Metropol".

TV reporters talk with foreign workers.

View of the city from the construction site.

Moscow skyscraper.

Building under construction.

Church dome in scaffolding.

Old house behind a stone fence.

Cars driving on the road.

Group of people on the porch.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №2

People come and go through the checkpoint.

The man smiles and signs to the operator.

Woman catches a car.

High-rise building.

Tell L.Kovach, L.Vёller, L.Mizgina, L.Angelova.

People relax on the beach.

Adults and children to swim and sunbathe.

Vacationers swim in the pool.

The street passing phaeton.

People on the streets of the spa town.

Group of people in the same shorts.

Children's amusement park.

Beach Area: parasailing behind a boat.

Country road, top view.

Bridge over the river.

Designation border on the bridge.

Lowers the barrier.

Cars on city streets.

Stack of books on the table.

View from the window into the street.

L.Kovach says.

Women make out the book.

Garden at home.

The family at the table.

L.Mizgina says.

V.Payzh says.

Visitors at the tables of summer cafe.

Passport control at the border.

Border guards check documents.

A line of cars.

Boundary markers on the bridge.

View from the bridge over the river.

Room, various pieces of furniture.

Girl sings and paints.

View of the city.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №3

People are on the field flock of sheep.

Sheep at watering.

L.Angelova says.

Cluttered yard.

Z.Kolbe says.

People at the table.

V.Mizgin says.

L.Vёller says.

Photos L.Vёller at home.

Z.Kolbe says.

View from the window into the garden.

Fragments of rooms, furniture. Z.Kolbe reading a newspaper.

An elderly woman in the hallway.

Children watching television.

Parents with a child sitting at the table.

Elderly man.

An elderly woman prepares food.

Details kitchen environment.

Tell N.Golovina (Maraya) and her family.

Man playing with the children.

Pictures on the walls.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №4

Tell N.Golovina (Maraya) and her family.

Children sit on a parent's lap.

People walk in the park.


Photos and notes on the walls.

Family N.Golovinoy.

Parking in the yard, the top view.

Parents with children sit in the car and leave.

Traffic on the streets.

Portraits of famous women who have left their home country.

Tell L.Vёller, L.Angelova.

Border guards check documents.

Border post.

View of the back roads through the mesh.

High-rise building.

Showcases fashion and grocery stores.

People stop at the window, looking at the goods.

People on the streets of the city.

Vegetable shopping arcade.

Cherries in a bowl on the table.

Z.Kolbe says.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №5

L.Mizgina says.

Berry bush.

Swing in the yard.

Tables under umbrellas in a summer cafe.

The streets of towns.

L.Angelova says.

People walk down the street.

Group of young people having lunch sitting on the sidewalk in front of McDonald's.

V.Payzh says.

Multi-storey residential building.

Portrait of Vladimir Lenin on the building.

Tram rides.

Antennas on the roof.

Female quartet sings a cappella.

Streets urban-type settlements, private houses.

Mailbox on the fence at the entrance to the site.

Front porch.

The Kitchen.

Staircase to the second floor.

Living Room.

View of the next room through the bamboo curtains.

V.Payzh says.

Vehicles on the streets.

A man buys a newspaper at a kiosk.

View of the church from the opposite bank of the river.

Rural landscapes.

On the suspension bridge is a woman, her dog runs.


There is a service in the Orthodox cathedral.

Interview with Father Theodore.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №6

Z.Kolbe says.

People in the church.

Vehicles on the road to the temple.

The building of the Orthodox Cathedral.

L.Vёller says.

Images from the everyday life L.Vёller.

Family drives a flock of sheep in the yard.

L.Angelova says.

Woman working in the garden.

Tell Z.Kolbe, L.Kovach, L.Mizgina.

Rose bushes behind the fence.

View of the house from the side of the fence.

Swing in the yard.

Border guards check documents and puts a stamp.

Turn machines (shooting from the car).

The barrier rises, the car enters the bridge.

Of all cars on the bridge.

On a post worth soldiers barrier is lowered.

Female choir sings a cappella.

L.Kovach says.

L.Kovach daughter talking on the phone.

Woman answers the questions of TV journalists.

Stack of books on the table.

People walk on a pedestrian crossing.

Daughter L.Kovach other.

Footage of everyday urban life.

People walk through the streets.

Visitors at the table of summer cafe.

Man singing with a guitar.

Spectators on the benches and on the edges of lawns.

Applause from the audience.

A group of teenagers with a drink sitting on the foundation.

Baby in the stroller.

Many people snack on the go.

Street cafes.

Sale of flowers.

A man in a phone booth.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]

Reel №7

Mature woman feeding birds in the park.

Elderly man crossword puzzles.

Monument JSBach in Leipzig.

The Church of St.


People on the benches and flowers in decorative flower beds in front of the church.

The sun shines through the trees.

Church domes.

The grave in the old cemetery.

Park alley.

Line at the embassy.

Issuing forms.

People in line to answer questions of TV journalists.

Portrait of Vladimir Lenin on the building.

Children climb on the tank.

Festivities in the square.

People in line in the administrative corridors.

Elderly woman with bags over their shoulders walking down the street, leaning on his stick.

Storefront "gifts of nature."

View of the church across the field.

Rural landscapes.

On the suspension bridge is a woman, her dog runs.

Lone passersby on a city street.

Older women stand near the house.

Red flags on balconies.

Traffic lights on an empty intersection.

Train at dusk.

Asphalt regional road.

On the road passing car.


Russia [1] GDR [849] Hungary [100] Bulgaria [34]