With the ball on the ship (1987)

Documentary №40861, 1 part, duration: 0:09:15
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Potravnov



The film in a grotesque way warns drivers about the consequences of drinking spirits.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A large-scale police siren.

The crew members of the ship on the ship.

Large-the sea.

Close-up-the faces of the sailors.

Large - the face of a traffic police officer.

A seagull over the water.

Young people in civilian clothes go ashore.

On the shore - greeters.

Young people meet with girls, get into cars and drive away.

Cars are driving on the highway.

Large-speedometer, speed 120.

Large-the wheels of moving cars.

Cars on the highway, girls waving from the window.

Large-speedometer, speed 140.

A traffic police officer on a motorcycle, brakes on the highway, goes out with a baton on the road, tries to stop cars, gets on a motorcycle and rushes in pursuit of violators.

The general plan is two cars and a motorcycle with a traffic police officer on the highway.

Large-a car, the driver hugs a girl on the move.

The general plan is a highway, a traffic police inspector is chasing cars.

In the interior of the cars - the faces of drivers and passengers.

A traffic police inspector rides a motorcycle.

The girl in the car.

Large-traffic police inspector.

The general plan is a chase.

Cars are driving along the highway, entering the streets of the city, they are being chased by a traffic inspector.

Large-people clink glasses.

A feast in the apartment, the company drinks at the table.

Large - champagne is poured into a glass.

The company drinks, clinks glasses.

Large - vodka is poured into a glass.

Large - open a bottle of champagne.

Different plans with drinking people.

Large - the face of a traffic police officer.

Large-a young man drinks from a glass.

Large - vodka is poured into a glass.

Bottles of alcohol on the table (the image is split).

Different plans of the feast - people drink, have a snack, pour alcohol into glasses, laugh, talk.

View from the street to the window of the house, silhouettes of people are visible.

There are cars parked near the house.

A drunken company goes down the stairs, dances on the street.

A traffic police inspector on a motorcycle enters the gateway.

The company is dancing on the street, young people are standing near their cars, a traffic police inspector drives up to them.

Rewind - the traffic police inspector goes back.

The girls disappear.

Large-imported cassette recorder.

Drunk young people are talking near the car, getting into the car, driving through the streets of the night city.

A truck is driving down the street, the car of young people slows down sharply.

Large-traffic light.

The car stops abruptly at a traffic light.

Drunk passenger and driver in the car.

Large - the face of a traffic police officer.

The car is driving through the streets of the city.

Suburban highway.

Large-speedometer, speed 140.

The driver is driving, the highway, the tunnel, the streets of the city.

Large-a sign on the road turns into an image of a feast.


Large - there is a cassette recorder with cassettes on the paving stones.

The wheel is rolling.

Large - the face of a traffic police officer.

The crew members of the ship on the ship in the cabin.

Greeting people on the shore with flowers.

A young man wakes up his colleague in the cabin.

A girl on the shore waves her hand.

Young people on the deck wave their hands in greeting.

Young people with girls are driving in a car.

A large-scale police siren.

Key words

Traffic police, inspector

Seasons: Summer [824] Night [830] Day [828]

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