Garden will bloom (1983)

Documentary №40864, 1 part, duration: 0:09:55
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Lober

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscape - coniferous forest, winter, snowing.

Drifting snow, the setting sun over the snowy plain.

Bushes are shaking in the wind.

Wasp on a flower.

Flowering fruit trees.

PNRM. the garden on the slopes of a small mountain.

The view of the river.

Landscape with green mountain.

Photos gardener Bulgakov Lisavenko.

Multrabota about the weather conditions in Siberia - the pendulum swings from -50 to +40 degrees.

Photos gardener MA Lisavenko.

The dedication MA Lisavenkoo from IV Michurina.

Photograf Michurina.

Photos gardener MA Lisavenko.

Building Research Institute of Horticulture Siberia behalf MA Lisavenko.

In front of the monument of the Institute MA Lisavenko.

Foyer institutes, laboratories, staff at work.

The experiments in a chemistry lab.

Gardener on the experimental plot is studying the flowers of fruit tree.

Split screen - the work of scientists, breeders in the garden.

Drive past the apple trees with ripened fruit.

Woman tries to pluck the fruit taste.

Hands breaking an apple in half.

Large - red apples on a tree.

Woman tries to pluck the fruit taste.

Apples on a branch elongated.

Wind, apple bobs.

Apples on a branch diseased.

PNRM. ripped off by different varieties of apples.

Female breeder works with apples.

Tractor removes from the garden unfortunate crabapple tree.

Landscape with mountains and river Katun.

Buckthorn trees on the banks of the river.

Garden of buckthorn trees planted in rows.

Split screen - bunches of seabuckthorn fruit grown by gardeners.

PNRM. buckthorn trees with bunches of fruits.

Gardeners harvested sea buckthorn.

Cans, bottles with products made on the basis of a garden of sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn oil.

Buckthorn berries on the entire screen.

Gardeners hand harvested sea buckthorn.

Mechanized collection of sea buckthorn - shaking the tree, berry crumble.

PNRM. the garden - trees in neat rows.

Bunch of black chokeberry.

Garden with rows of bushes chokeberry.

Breeders are working in the garden with Aronia.


Picking strawberries in the beds.

The berries of garden strawberries.

Gardeners have honeysuckle bushes.

Berries of a honeysuckle.

Grapes on a bush viburnum.

In a greenhouse - beds for growing horticultural planting material.

Automated process of watering the garden.

The map on the wall shows where to send stuff Altai yard breeders.

Building Research Institute of Horticulture Siberia behalf MA Lisavenko.

Meeting breeders tasting apples and other horticultural products.

PNRM. on the table, where laid horticultural products of different varieties.

PNRM. on the table, where laid horticultural products in canned form.

Gardening Agriculture - drive past the rows of trees.

Garden view from the top point and other general plans of different gardens.

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Locations: Altay region [758] Barnaul [934]

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