The secret of success (1975)

Documentary №40893, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:04
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:A. Menickaya
Screenwriters:A. Menickaya, M. Petrovskaya
Camera operators:H. Lober
Sound mixer:L. Vinokur
Other authors:M. Golubev


The film shows how the organization of all production services for the stable production of furniture, skis and plywood is being established using the example of two enterprises - the Viisnurk dock in Pärnus and the Kostroma Plywood Plant.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the building of the central pavilion of VDNH.

People enter the pavilion.

Samples of furniture-walls, guest and bedroom sets, upholstered furniture in the halls of the pavilion.

Samples of skis produced by industrial enterprises of the Estonian SSR.

Brand names and quality marks on skis.

The ends of skis sliding on the snow.

Athletes-skiers pass the distance.

VDNH visitors inspect new furniture samples.

A sample of a living room set with a quality mark.

Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen sets produced at the enterprises of the USSR.

Visitors inspect the kitchen set.

Demonstration of the functions of the cabinet-wall "Pärnu 4-74", produced at the woodworking plant "Viisnurk" in Pärnu.

Product reviews in the Book of reviews and suggestions.

Type of cabinet-walls.

The text of the order on the state quality certification plan for 1974.

The director of the plant Weizenberg holds a meeting with employees.

Weizenberg speaks about the high quality of furniture and skis produced by the plant, about the prospect of producing a cabinet-wall "Parnu-4", about the conditions for approving a product sample by the state commission, about the composition of the commission for preparing the enterprise for state certification (synchronously).

Type of cabinet-walls.

The participants of the meeting listen to the director (panorama).

Employees of the design bureau of the enterprise at work.

Production processes of wood processing and production of individual parts of products.

Designers are discussing a new type of cabinet-wall.

The work of the plant's divisions on the production of a new cabinet-wall (storyboard).

The chief engineer of the plant, S. F. Sinani, holds a production meeting with the heads of departments and services.

The participants of the meeting discuss and adjust the documents and instructions.

The title of the Plan of organizational and technical measures for the production of the cabinet-wall "Parnu 4-74".

The face of the chief engineer.

The chief engineer approves the plan.

The approved technological regime at the stand in one of the workshops of the plant, the production process.

Employees of the technological department of the plant post plans and instructions in the workshops.

Diagrams with an example of differences in the rhythm of output at ordinary enterprises and enterprises with a quality mark (animation).

The chief engineer of the plant speaks about paying special attention to complex automation and mechanization of production (synchronously and behind the scenes).

The mechanized production process is carried out by water from the plant's workshops.

The work of a semi-automatic line for the production of panel parts.

The process of automatic painting of boards on the line created by the innovators of the plant.

The chief engineer talks about the introduction of equipment for the paint filling machine by innovators (synchronously).

The work of the paint filling machine.

The work of a new multi-spindle drilling machine created by the innovators of the plant.

Carrying out three simultaneous operations during the manufacture of a ski on a milling machine.

Coloring of children's skis and applying the brand name of the combine to the skis manually.

The face of one of the workers.

The mechanized process of painting skis.

The chief engineer talks about increasing labor productivity at the plant thanks to the implemented rational proposals (synchronously).

Checking the equipment of the ski shop for the technological accuracy of the staff of the chief mechanic's service.

Sharpening of milling cutters and teeth of a circular saw.

Checking the parameters of the cutting tool.

Processing of furniture parts, checking templates for the manufacture of parts.

A mark in the log about checking the template.

Placing a stamp on a template.

The master puts the template in the cabinet.

Calendar: 1975

Locations: Moscow [820] Estonia [70]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A worker of the Pärnus woodworking plant "Viisnurk" checks the first processed part with a caliber at the beginning of the shift.

Control of the accuracy of calibers in the shop and OTC.

Psychrometer on the wall of the workshop.

The process of manufacturing panel furniture parts, thermometer scales.

An employee of the technology department takes readings of temperature and humidity control devices.

The process of processing panel parts.

Transportation of finished parts by truck.

Checking the moisture content of the veneer and bar parts by the employees of the OTC of the combine.

Quality control of varnish and resin in the chemical laboratory of the plant.

Quality control of product processing in the laboratory of the Kostroma plywood Mill.

Checking the strength of the gluing of products.

Testing equipment and control and measuring devices of the laboratory.

Checking of control devices by employees of the metrology service.

Schedule of inspection of control devices by State Supervision.

Images of devices for checking the accuracy and cleanliness of the processing of parts.

The production process of manufacturing plywood slabs.

Stages of plywood processing, quality control of processing.

The process of peeling and cutting veneer.

Sending plywood sheets to the drying machine.

Pressing of plywood slabs.

The surface of the finished plywood sheet.

Checking of plywood sheets and affixing the stamp of the enterprise.

The detected defect on the plywood sheet.

Inspection by workers of products before delivery to the OTC.

The production process in one of the workshops of the plant.

The process of assembling furniture.

Installation of accessories.

Classes at advanced training courses.

A young worker at the blackboard answers the teacher's questions.

The best production workers of the Viisnurk combine pass on their experience to young workers.

The face of one of the mentors.

The pennant of the Communist Labor workshop.

Veneer processing.

The leader of the plant, M. Cedrik, speaks about the reconstruction of the plant, about the care of the management about the rest and life of the workers (synchronously and behind the scenes).

the workers of the combine are playing checkers and reading magazines in the recreation room.

Pupils of the younger group of the kindergarten of the combine are preparing for the holiday, the faces of children.

Residential building for workers and employees of the plant.

Types of the territory and buildings of the recreation center of the combine, vacationers go on a ski trip.

View of the foyer of one of the buildings.

The dining room of the recreation center cafe.

People are resting, sitting by the fireplace.

M. Sedric tells about the staff of the plant, about the transfer of his experience to young workers (synchronously).

Portraits of the plant's leaders on the Honor Board.

The board of labor indicators of the plant's employees.

Diploma of the enterprise of high culture, awarded to the combine.

Types of parts of the main building of the plant, cars in front of the entrance.

Employees of the plant pass by the Board of Honor and the board of production indicators.

The dispatcher of the plant on the speakerphone announces the beginning of the work of the State Attestation Commission for assigning a quality mark to a set of furniture "Parnu".

The workers in the shop are listening to the message.

Type of cabinet-walls "Parnu 4-74".

The text of the commission's decision on assigning a quality mark to the cabinet-wall.

Panorama of the cabinet-wall "Parnu 4-74".

The production process in one of the workshops of the plant.

Calendar: 1975

Locations: Estonia [70] Kostroma region [782]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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