Components of Success. (1979)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: A.Morozov

Script writers: D.Radovskij

Operators: A.Telyatnikov, V.Kireev, M.Silantjev, S.Pogorelov


The film tells about the experience on "Uralmash" in terms of the integration of science and production.

Industry | Science

Reel №1

Working in the shop.

Kola GRE (Geological Expedition).

Engine room.

Drilling deep wells.

drilling control instrument.

Drilling operations.

rock sample.

Material samples.

Working raises tray with samples in the truck.

Type drilling rig outside.

Sverdlovsk Streets.

SRI Tyazhmash ON "Uralmash".

View of the plant from the trees.

Factory shop.

Split screen: agitplakaty.

Creation of heavy machinery, factory workers.

Split screen: factory workshops, Research Institute employees.

Design engineers at work.

Computing Center.

Ticker: The text on the computer screen.

Pattern shop.

Shop welded metal.

SRI specialists.

Sheet metal on the suspension.

Automatic pattern details on a computer.

Cutting of metal parts.


Ticker: The text on the computer screen.

Design department.

Split screen: drawings settlements in Western Siberia.

Split screen: design engineers, engineering models.

Drawing rig.

The tower in the forest.


Work on the rig.

The operator receives a message.

Work watching techniques.

Split screen: recording equipment, work processes in the shops.


Walking excavator works in Nazarovo coal cut.

Says Director of Research Institute Tyazhmash B.D.Kotelnikov.

Excavator bucket.

Work on the boom of the excavator.

View of the hall from above.

Operating pilot plant, test equipment.

View of the hall from above.


Sverdlovsk [876] Krasnoyarsk Territory [762]


Winter [823]

Reel №2

Tells V.M.Niskovskih.

Photo of a pilot plant. V.M.Niskovskih.

The continuous steel casting operation.

The movement of freight trains.

Factory construction.

Melting metal in blast furnaces.

Rolled metal.

It turns on the scoreboard with a picture of a world map and photos of enterprises.

Split screen: map with names of cities, Uralmash Engineering.

Dissolve: UZTM emblem, residents of Sverdlovsk.

Stela depicting orders.

Alternation: production processes in the shops of the plant, the work of design engineers.

Split screen (in credits): workers, machinery, drawings.


Niskovskih VM - The chief designer of continuous casting machines, Ph.D., Honored Inventor of the RSFSR.


Sverdlovsk [876]