The Russians 1993 № 4 White arrows Burin-Haan

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: Boguslavskij I.

Script writers: Boguslavskij I.

Operators: Denisov V.


The plot revolves around a Buddhist lama healer and activist M.R.Choybonov.

Reel №1

A quote from the Buddha's teachings.

Types Borgoyskoy steppe.

Burning fire.

Buddhist monks around the campfire.

Monks bypass Buddhist shrine.

Street lamps.

Borgoyskaya steppe.

On a tree branch tied strips of cloth.

Prayer on the hill.

Monks among the trees. M.R.Choybonov in the woods at prayer, in the hospital, at home. M.R.Choybonov clothed in traditional Buddhist clothes.

Horseman galloping across the steppe.

A man looks into the distance out of hand.

Elderly woman. M.R.Choybonov with villagers.

The prayer at the graves of their ancestors.

A statuette of the Buddha on the rocks.

M.R.Choybonov completes the ritual.

A fragment of an interview with M.R.Choybonovym.


Table of human anatomy. M.R.Choybonov receives patients in hospital, colleagues watching the work of a doctor.

The monks are on a slope.

The monks stopped at the stone.

The monk prays sitting on the grass.

A fragment of an interview with M.R.Choybonovym.

Climb the stairs of a woman with children.

The woman with the child on reception at the doctor M.R.Choybonova.

Patients in the hallway.

The shelves of the bookcase. M.R.Choybonov reads and translates into Russian verses.

The strips of cloth on the branches of a tree.

Alternating prayers of Buddhist monks and local residents.

A quote from the Buddha's teachings.


MR Choybonov - Religious and social activist, professor and master of traditional medicine, Buddhist Lama, the abbot and Ivolginsky Sartuul-Gegetuyskogo datsan emchi Lama (the doctor of Tibetan medicine), poet, Colonel-General of Cossack troops.


Republic of Buryatia


Autumn [826]

Russian cities and regions; Religion