Impeller - my plant (1973)

Documentary №41183, 1 part, duration: 0:09:42
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Camera operators:Shapiro
Sound mixer:Erikalov G.


A film about the Ural Turbo-Motor Works(Turbinka).

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Old b/w photo - Ural Turbo Engine Plant, 1941, group photo of workers at the turbine.

Chronicle of 1941-1943 - German planes are in the air, bombs are dropped, villages are burning, workers are coming, workers in the workshops of the factory, the production of tanks and military equipment, a cargo train with tanks is traveling, tankers in a tank, tanks are attacking, workers at the factory, guns, tanks are firing.

Panorama of the monument, the plaque says "Eternal glory to the fallen in battle", there is an honor guard.

A solemn rally on May 9, the management reads out an appeal at the microphone, veterans, factory workers are standing.

The workshop of the plant - the production process is underway, workers are working.

The workshop produces motors, diesels, and turbines.

Various frames of the production process.

In the office at the intercom console, the head communicates with subordinates.

The workshop of the plant, worker Blagodarev at the control panel, works with equipment.

The general plan - the machine is spinning, Blagodarev is standing at the top.

In the frame is a worker Grigory Ivanovich Blagodarev.

Factory, welders are working.

An elderly worker at the machine.

Large - hands grind the part.

In the frame is a worker Leonid Petrovich Yukhimenko.

A workshop, a giant machine works in the center.

In the frame is a worker Sergey Vasilyevich Mikhailov, together with a young colleague, assembling a turbine control system.

Plant engineers in the shop are looking at drawings, calculations, discussing a new unit.

The process of assembling turbines in the workshop - various production stages, workers work, etc.

The control center at the factory - employees work at the remote control of the intercom.

The head is at the console - talking, taking notes.

Large - the face of a worker.

Factory workshop - the production process is underway.

Panorama of two employees of the plant with a large sheet of paper.

In the frame is the turbine rotor.

In the frame is the cylinder of a steam turbine.

Mikhail Mikhailovich Kovalevsky, the former designer of the Turbine Plant, walks along the alleys of the park.

The workshop of the plant, workers at the assembly of parts for a steam turbine, check the blades.

Kovalevsky is in the park, walking, talking to a correspondent.

Close-up of the turbine.

The numbers on the instrument panel.

Close-up of the turbine.

Workers in the shop - check the details of the turbine.

Kovalevsky and the correspondent walk along the alleys of the park, communicate.

Group photo of the factory staff, in the center - Kovalevsky.

The laboratory of the plant, employees in white coats at the control panels of devices and equipment.

Close-up - hands switch toggle switches, levers, a panorama of employees' faces.

Panorama of the devices.

Large - Rotor.

The employee at the selector gives instructions.

The rotor leaves the workshop on a special machine.

The rotor on the suspension device moves around the shop.

Work on the installation of the rotor.

Workers are coming from the factory after a shift.

Dmitry Petrovich Buzin, chief designer of steam turbines, is in the workshop of the plant.

Buzin and his colleagues inspect the turbine, which is being assembled for the Moscow CHP. View of a giant turbine.

Buzin and his colleagues inspect the turbine.

The general plan is a turbine (different angles).

The equipment is being started - the turbine operation is being checked.

Employees at the control panel.

Different plans - instruments, equipment, a working turbine, etc.

Group b/w photo - factory workers against the background of a giant turbine (panorama of people's faces).

The building of the Turbo engine plant

Key words

Turbo engine plant, WWII chronicle, workshop, machine, worker, turbine, rotor

Calendar: 1941-1943

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Spring [825]

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