UZTM (1989)

Documentary №41200, 3 parts, duration: 0:09:33
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Director:Partigul L.
Screenwriters:Efimova T.
Camera operators:Nasrullaev I.
Sound mixer:Zatulovskij E.


The film tells about the famous heavy machinery plant - Uralmash. The narrator is the actor Mikhail Gluzsky

Reel №1


Reel №2


Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The workshop of the Ural Heavy Machinery Plant (Uralmash) is a continuous casting machine.

The face of a worker.

There is a process of casting blanks, the machine is working.

Large - the emblem of "UZTM".

The equipment, special machines are working.

Various frames of the production process, a panorama of the continuous casting machine, the factory workshop.

The presenter (Mikhail Gluzsky) in the office, with photos, talks about various types of excavators.

Large - giant excavator bucket.

The bucket of the excavator scoops up the soil.

In the frame - a giant walking excavator.

Large -moving excavator, view of the cabin.

An excavator operator works in the cab, controls the machine using levers.

View from the excavator cab to the quarry.

Large - the earth is poured out of the bucket.

The general plan is a working excavator.

Various parts and details of the excavator are shown in close-up.

Excavator bucket, a bus is passing by.

The bucket of the excavator scoops up the soil.

The work of an excavator in a quarry is shown.

Panorama of a working excavator.

The excavator is working, the earth is pouring out of the bucket.

Different plans with excavators working in the quarry.

The bucket of the excavator scoops up the soil, pours it into the body of the dump truck.

The general plan is that the excavator is working in a quarry.

Panorama of magazines, brochures related to the Uralmash plant.

The leader in the design bureau of the plant, talks about the successes of Uralmash, demonstrates the award - the international prize "Golden Mercury".

Large - a statuette of the "Golden Mercury".

In the frame of the building - "Niityazhmash.

The emblem of "UZTM".

A statuette of the "Golden Mercury" and the inscription - VTF "Uralmashexport".

People at the negotiating table, representatives of the plant receive the Japanese delegation.

The Japanese are studying papers.

Large - a contract is signed at the table.

Representatives of the Uralmash plant sign the contract.

People at the table applaud, shake hands.

Leading on the square of the 1st five-year plan near the Uralmash plant, a monument to Sergo Ordzhonikidze is visible from behind.

Panorama of the factory building and the UZTM logo.

Collages of various photographs of workshops, plant equipment buildings, manufactured products (excavators, drilling rigs, hydraulic presses, blast furnace equipment, etc.).

Collages with photos of consumer goods - lawn mowers, household appliances, etc. are also shown.

Photo - view of the square where the factory is located.

Workshops of the Uralmash plant - various production processes, operation of machines, equipment.

Computing center - an employee works at a computer.

The general plan of the computing center.

The workshop of the plant is a giant machine.

Excavators are working in the quarry.

Collages from videos (polyframes) - excavators are working, a delegation at the negotiating table, factory workshops.

Key words

Uralmash, plant, workshop, excavator, dump truck

Locations: Sverdlovsk [876]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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