Fizifov work - Chronicle of an object 108. (1996)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: G.Chumachenko

Script writers: Chumachenko

Operators: Yarmoshenko

Composers: Suslov


The film covers the problems of nuclear physics and tells about the dismantling of the last experimental nuclear cartridge in Kazakhstan.

Science | Army | Defense and internal security

Reel №1

On shafts passing trolley.

All on duty at the hangar at the Semipalatinsk test site.

The officer sends a signal using firecrackers.

A soldier stands in a cordon in the mountains.

People go to the place of the dismantling of the nuclear charge.

Participants go to the dismantling of the mine.

Entrance to the test tunnel.

Over camper flying the flag of the Russian Federation.

The officer asks people not at work, leave the dismantling.

Soldiers commit bypassing perimeter of a nuclear facility.

The plate with the inscription forbidding.

View gallery entrances to the test.

All the entrance to the tunnel.

View from the gallery.

Changing the time on duty.

All at the barrier.

Residential garages personnel.

Soldiers inspect a car at the entrance to the site.

The soldier blocks a passage steel cable.

The emblem of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center.

Head of the Institute of Technical Physics (VNIIEF) Shcherbina A. gives interviews (synchronously).

Map of the territory of the nuclear tests.

Shcherbina gives interviews (synchronously).

Issue of "Kurchatov conduct".

Shcherbina gives interviews (synchronously).

All on duty at the gallery № 108. Working unwound connection cable.

Minister of Atomic Energy V. Mikhailov talks about the problems of nuclear tests (synchronously).

Plans and documents on the table Mikhailov.

Mikhailov gives interviews (synchronously).

All the entrance to the tunnel.

Index with the inscription "In Moscow."

The soldier in the cordon.

Entrance to the tunnel.

Forms part of the polygon.

View of the steppe.

The plate with the inscription forbidding.

The pit in the ground.

Horses graze in the steppe.

Soldiers bypass perimeter of the object.

There is a regular changing of the guard.

All on duty at the entrance to the tunnel.

Residential garages personnel.

View area of automotive engineering.

A fallen electrical pole, passing by the bus.

The bus goes on the road.

Monument to Kurchatov IV Meeting nuclear experts of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The texts of newspaper articles about the derelict nuclear warheads.

Those participants.

Professor Matuschenko AM gives interviews (synchronously).

View of the track in the tunnel.

Waving the Russian flag.

All on duty at the entrance to the tunnel.

Engineers and workers during the destruction of the concrete wall, behind which there is a nuclear warhead.

People view diagram of the tunnel.

Destruction of a concrete wall using a drill.

All on duty at the entrance to the tunnel.

View of the lake in Kazakhstan.

The national flag of Kazakhstan on the balcony of the building.

Joint meeting of nuclear experts from Russia and Kazakhstan.

Those participants.

Newspaper articles about the violation of ecology of the area.

Object schema.

The texts of expert opinions on the possibility of the elimination of nuclear charge.

Entrance to the room where the meeting was held.

Prairie grass sways in the wind.

All on-site railcar.

All on duty at cars.

Officers at the car.

Steppe landscape.

Reel №2

View of the snowy steppes.

On the way, moving column of military trucks.

Herd of horses in the steppe.

Passing convoy of trucks.

View of the car park.

A sign of the General Directorate of Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan.

Shcherbina gives interviews (synchronously).

Entrance to the tunnel.

As part of the tunnel passing trolleys.

People go out of the tunnel.

Safety hammer hammer concrete wall.

The holes in the wall insert explosive charges.

Exiting the tunnel.

Mikhailov gives interviews (synchronously).

The texts of newspaper articles about the nuclear charge.

Mikhailov gives interviews (synchronously).

Exterior and interior views of the mansion of the first nuclear project curator Beria LP, turned into an Orthodox church in the city of Kurchatov.

People pray at the temple.

The priest at the altar.

Women in the church.

The interiors of the church, burning candles, a crucifix.

Winter evening landscape of steppe.

Drifting snow in the desert.

Sunset in the steppe.

Winter steppe landscapes.

In the tunnel trolley rides.

Workers go into the tunnel for the dismantling of the nuclear charge.

People examined the wall, take samples.

Measurement of background radiation.

Documents on the dismantling of the nuclear charge.

Chief designer Boris Litvinov VNIITF gives interviews (synchronously).

The text of a newspaper article.

Litvinov gives interviews (synchronously).

Tea on the tile.

Type part of the site.

People walk past the hour in the tunnel.

All the post in the tunnel.

People go to the location of a nuclear warhead.

Representatives of Kazakhstan visiting the place of work.

A general view of a container with nuclear warheads.

The Commission examines the container.

Engineer tunnel gives interviews (synchronously), the officers go.

People inspect the condition and tightness of the container.

The face of one of the engineers.

Checking the status of the container.

Kind of out of the tunnel.

Reel №3