Chemisation farming in western Siberia (1974)

Film №41265, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:56
Production: Sverdlovsk newsreel studio
Screenwriters:I.Vasiljkov, V.Nikulin
Camera operators:M.Silantjev, V.Kolmogorov



The film shows the best practices of scientific analysis of soils in farms and the preparation of a plan for the scientifically based use of fertilizers.

Reel №1

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Panorama of fields in Western Siberia.

A field with ripe wheat.

Maslyaninsky district of the Novosibirsk region is defined as an area of complex chemicalization.

Plots with wheat samples.

In the Maslyaninsky district, scientists of the Siberian Research Institute of Agricultural Chemicalization and specialists of the Novosibirsk regional agrochemical laboratory conducted a large number of field experiments with fertilizers, conducted a survey of the soils of the farms of the district.

The selected soil samples were subjected to chemical analysis for the content of nitrate nitrogen, mobile phosphorus, exchangeable potassium, soil acidity.

According to these data, agrochemical cartograms were compiled.

Cartogram of phosphorus content in the soil of the Maslyaninsky state farm.

Based on the cartograms, a plan for the use of fertilizers was developed.

In the Maslyaninsky state farm, a five-field grain field crop rotation and a three-field feed crop rotation have been mastered.


Preparation of the land for the next year's harvest begins in the autumn at the same time as harvesting.

The straw is removed after the combine.

In time, the array is released for fertilizing and lifting the finches.

At the same time, mineral fertilizers are prepared.

Fertilizers are applied in accordance with the developed plan, the main dose of fertilizers is applied under the chill.

Early chill and fertilization give a good increase in yield.

Preparation of seeds for sowing.

Snow retention on the field.

Pre-sowing seed treatment.

Preparation of the etching solution.

Work with solutions is carried out using personal protective equipment.

Key words

Agrochemical cartograms.
Crop rotation.

Locations: Novosibirsk region [792]


Maslyaninsky state farm.

Reel №2

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High water.

While the soil has the maximum amount of moisture, it is necessary to feed perennial grasses and winter crops.

Application of nitrogen fertilizers according to the plan of application of fertilizers in this field.

Harrowing of the earth after fertilization.

Application of fertilizers by spraying from the air.

The effectiveness of fertilizers increases when the soil has a good supply of moisture.

Pre-sowing treatment.

When sowing grain, granulated superphosphate is introduced into the rows.

The agronomist checks the planting.

With the onset of the tillering phase, crops are treated with herbicides.

Top dressing of corn with nitrogen-phosphorus mixture.

Crop growth is achieved by the rational use of local organic fertilizers.

Lowland peat is used for the preparation of enriched compost.

The peat bog is plowed with a special plow and loosened with a disc harrow.

Liquid manure is introduced into the prepared peat crumbs.

Then the mixture is enriched with mineral tuks.

Peat with additives is thoroughly mixed and stacked.

The finished compost is taken out to the fields and scattered by a rotary machine.

The scattered compost is immediately sealed to a depth of 15-18cm.

Ears of wheat.


The machines carry grain, vegetables, as well as technical and fodder crops.

A field with flax, corn.

Combine Field.

Map of the Novosibirsk district with photos of agricultural work.

Key words


Locations: Novosibirsk region [792]


Maslyaninsky state farm.

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